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  1. There's a ceilidh band from Inverness playing the Park Bar on Saturday night before the game. They're called Hò-rò and are very talented. I'll be going, anyone else?
  2. As much as I'd expect from a Hanovarian garrison town
  3. All the goals from Billy McKay in last years SPL
  4. Please admin move this to the correct place... Thankyou 5pts- Chief of Police, for still being able to stand 3pts- Red Card, for being told I am more handsome 1pt- Mrs Seoras for telling Red Card the truth xx
  5. Apologies if this has been asked before, but what bridge? In my mind its always been the Greig St bridge aka the Bouncy Bridge
  6. I think Doofers Dad has nailed it. A lot of these fans are elderly and it can be hard going for them at the final whistle especially in the North Stand where fans are exiting by both exits and walking into each other
  7. Maybe McGlynn hasn't got us down as being in the same bracket as Kilmarnock and St Johnstone and sees us being better than them and is actually being respectful to us?
  8. well, the tickets that are left for public sale will be available AFTER the Old Firm replay so expect the usual appearance of filth in the home end. an opportunity missed I feel to give as many ICT fans (regulars or otherwise) a chance to get their hands on a ticket instead the queue on friday morning will be a mixture of genuine fans and the scum that heads down the A9 to Glasgow every second saturday
  9. add me as a friend numbnuts

  10. Is it possible to sell tickets for this game now? Before the scum play each other in the replay? Inverness CT v Rangers/Celtic on 12th/13th March (delete as appropiate) I reckon this would keep the number of old filth fans in the home end to a minimum
  11. seoras


    fosters haha or a flaming sambuca
  12. Wiki Journal written by the team he was climbing with. A couple of articles which tell more of who Peter was, and the circumstances leading up to his death. The journal gives incredible insight into what happened. Much much more than anything the newspapers printed. I would call on anyone that has been critical of the rescue effort and the decision to leave Peter on the mountain to read this.
  13. Can I have Lorne, instead of bacon in my roll please Sarah? And brown sauce?