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  1. Approaching 3,000 ticket sales according to my HOM contact. Unbelievable. Hope other clubs can do this.
  2. Not posted in the forums for yonks. Life gets in the way i suppose. I'm still Edinburgh based so know a lot of Jambos. Phone has been pinging all day with messages about this. Well done Hearts FC and their supporters for their efforts. Hope every one is safe n well.
  3. Edinburgh evening news repirting the Bily King deal is all but confirmed. He's out of contract at the end of the deall too.
  4. I asked a few days ago. See link in this post for the publisher
  5. really? The Highlights are there but i want the who bradcast Thanks. I couldn't find that at all
  6. Seeing as i was at the game I would have liked to have seen the match build up and the post match interviews etc. Any reason the game isn't on Iplayer?
  7. i was a tad disappointed when i got to my seat and no card! I was in the South stand so not part of it. But when I saw the display across from me i was glad. Well done to all involved in its making. It looked fantastic and added to a great day
  8. on ebay for £8.99 but unsure if official
  9. I'm not really a programme buyer but a jambo mate suggested that i could order one from the publishers. Means it won't get all bent and messed up in my jacket pocket. Anyone know who prints these so i can contact them?
  10. Definately this club has surpassed my expectations. I always knew Caledonian & Thistle when we merged, were far superior to the then 2nd and 3rd division teams; so as far as dreams were concerned it was to play in the top division which we achieved in no time at all. Yes I always had dreams of winning a major trophy or playing in a European competition but these were pipe dreams. Credit must go to Butcher & Malpas for installing the "I believe" ethos in the team and the fans; and i'm happy that that has been strengthned with Hughes et al. What would it mean to me? Well some
  11. Nerves be kicking in now! Especially since my dream the other night about a 3-1 win for the Bairns.
  12. I could have done one but i think its a little too late now. I did think about one using samples from the truly awful "Bring it on home" but I'm not sure the club or Mr Balfe would have endorsed such work
  13. Falkirk Fan at work says their initial 10,000 allocation is sold out and they club have asked for a further 2,000 tickets. Gulp!
  14. Great Idea 12th Man! Im sure there is a community liaison person at the club who might be able to work with the schools. Make is a great community project
  15. I recall around the time of last years LC final a lot of people on here agreeing to take part in a huge ICT display with cards etc. Sadly it didn't happen for what ever reason. How do we go about doing one for the SC final?
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