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  1. Are we going to have another season like we did when Robbo constantly played Baird when everyone could see he was Utter mince .Why oh why are we  playing whyte week in week out . Robertson’s team selection today was hard to fathom . Was that actually our best 11 that started ??

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  2. Dundee and Motherwell acted and sacked their manager When they knew things were desperate ! 

    Funny really how BOTH clubs are now safe !!

    At least they don't have a clueless board of directors that just don't act or say nothing to fans hoping it'll all work out .

    Still time to get this idiotic management trio out of this club once and  for all. 

    For me and many it can't happen soon enough . Little chance left but leaving it to Ritchie he will prob yet again end up playing the majority of players out of position and ruining that very very small chance . 

    Totally new board and coaching  required and not puppets run by others.

     It's not a Highland League club anymore its a Scottish league club Sirely it's time for change .


    Hopefully rumours of Mr Ambitious coming back to the club and running it like a football club . End of the day "it is a football club" , It needs ambition ! Fans like ambition and that itself takes fans through the gate .

    Change ?? Heres hoping !

  3. 4 hours ago, caleyboy said:

    Simple. If directors or owners of a business make poor decisions it costS them money. It is now time for our directors to PERSONALLY PAY for their decisions which have placed our club in this position

    Should they decide not to - they shoukd step aside NOW.


    Well done CC for speaking the truth but I sincerely hope they don't punish you for telling it.

    Well done Charlie ! Some one with balls .Time for the club to move to that new level , club is Totally run amateur and run like the old highland league days . 

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  4. 58 minutes ago, Potandbrush said:

    Only one man to blame and he knows it.


    The quicker he goes the better . One word best describes him. USELESS


    52 minutes ago, davieB said:

    Ach, we just need to win our last 4 games. 12 points still available. 4 cup finals etc etc etc etc...... 


  5. Too little to late ? Hope not! but suspect so . How Foran is keeping his job is unbelievable . Wonder what Kenny Cameron can see ? Well something NO body else appears to be seeing . Absolutely clueless manager that would be lucky maninging in the Amateur league . 

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  6. If the board are going to back him for next season ??? Wake up lol. He has to go now along with the other clown that gave a rookie a four year contract . I'm afraid our chairman Kenny Cameron is as clueless as Ritchie in the running of the club and both should be embarrassed to still be here and taking a wage . Get Charlie in there now until the end of the season and hopefully give us back a little pride in the break if nothing else

  7. 26 minutes ago, Kingsmills said:

    I would like to think that the club does not wash it's dirty linen in public but I sincerely hope that, after the discord that was evident on Saturday, has been dealt with by a clear the air internal meeting involving directors, manager, coaches and senior players with a view to pulling in one direction to try to escape relegation.

    The club, no doubt, has a big decision to make but, not having made that decision in January or February at the latest, that decision needs now to wait until the end of the season so that all the focus for now is on the challenging but not impossible job at hand.

    It needs doing NOW! The team itself are really not a bad set of players it's just leadership that's never been there from day 1. Act now and at least we've given it a shot. Leaving him there is just a disaster

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  8. Well truly thought by Monday we would have seen the last of Foran as manager . We obviously have a chairman with not big enough balls to admit he has got it wrong and at least give us a lift and some hope going into the last 6 games . Seemingly manager and chairman are as bad as each other and have not got our clubs best interest at heart . Sad really !

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  9. Don't usually post but a bit peed off , older fan who's seen it all .

    I Reckoned Doumbouya would have cost Ritchie his job had he persisted playing him week in week out , Yes like any striker he'll score you the odd goal whenever but this guy is as clueless as the manager at the moment ( it's like playing with 10 players most of the time  ) Worst Caley displays I've seen in many a years and if not sorted this is going to cost the club financially and their premier league place . It's not going to change unless Mr Cameron and company act and sort this out !! 

    Enough is Enough it's embarrassing to watch 

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