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  1. Then god only knows what state the club will be in by then . I Think a lot of truths about SG will emerge after he is out of office . Certainly a lot of rumours going about and it will be interesting to see what emerges . The damage he has done and is currently doIng To the club is unbelievable .so I’m with withholding season ticket until such times .
  2. One thing for sure it’ll be the last Scot Gardiner ordered shirt and his input into how it was designed . If they arrive that is .As he has a habit of forgetting to order things .
  3. I’d like to know how they got a player for the strip photo . Did someone actually speak to a player ? Wow that must have been hard .
  4. Would that be a Mrs G by any chance ?
  5. To think we waited for such a poor statement . Then again it’s been a while since SG wrote one so maybe lacking in ability to communicate these days .
  6. It would be nice to know how short is short Has there been any official statement on his resignation ? Be nice to know as us as fans can get back behind the team and support our team . I for 1 like many would not trust SG with anything after his past record with us and his previous clubs . I’d have everything overlooked in what he does . I think he talks a good game . Knowledge I’m not so sure .
  7. And on it goes yet again Gardiner still running the s**t show so no point releasing season tickets whilst majority want him well shot of beforehand . Resigned means Resigned au revoir, chow , good riddance. Would an employee and yes just an employee in any other job continue as before after failure after failure and not be told to just go now ? Unbelievable silence yet again and getting boring . Would any other club in the uk treat fans in this way ? NO ICT board , Playing fans like fools where the biggest fools are the current board. Embarrassing .
  8. We have to wait for Mr Resigned to issue the statement .
  9. Wonder how grassa would have felt if the shoe was on the other foot seen as he seems to be heavily involved in things the now . The board really are as bad as it ever has been . Morrison and Gardiner have handled things so bad it’s been unbelievable . As for the rest of the board they really are just as bad, Certainly proved that the last few weeks . Only hope is some neural investor would come in and clear out the whole lot of them . It’s been disgusting how players and staff have been treated. We have spent 30 years of been proud of what we achieved on the park . Now the board and ceo have turned us in to a laughing stock.in less than 30 days
  10. Smells again of yet another SG f••k up
  11. With Gardiner still here . Good luck with that one . He needs to be miles away from the club before I contribute anything that helps to prolong him being here .
  12. Nothing ! Couldn’t even resign properly
  13. Maybe it will be a half season ticket this year if it takes that long for the club to let Gardiner go . Does resigned not mean resigned as in HE resigned ? Would you really want him to work his notice ? Would the board trust this guy after his continuous poor management.? I’d have thought Not but then again it’s Caley .Even the circus will probably pull out of using the car park this year knowing we have our own one going on at the moment .
  14. Resigned but still employed at the moment by the club !. Something smells bad about this to me . Needs to leave before I commit to buying this seasons season ticket . No way am I buying whilst the club are still paying this guy wages . An official statement by the board would be a start but not holding my breath . Same old boardroom antics it’s getting tiresome .
  15. Tying up loose ends ? Laughable truly laughable . I’d not let him into the stadium again. it would be collect your belongings at the door and go . Trust him I would not .
  16. Edited wouldn’t want to call Mr Gardiner anything un toward would we
  17. And you wonder why he has failed in EVERY CEO job that he has managed to talk himself into . Someone on minimum wage would do a better job and have a better personality . ( That wouldn’t be hard )
  18. This is what an amateur £100k CEO gets u ! what a complete ****** of a guy that thinks he is better than everyone else . How professional that you can’t even get the basics done first . Morrison and Gardiner looking more like the chuckle brothers with every passing minute . wonder what’s next on his list of failures ?
  19. Doubt there will be much revenue there at this rate
  20. Ross Morrison says today moving to Kelty would save the club 300-400k Ditching Gardiner 100k Ditching Ferguson 300k Not rocket science is it
  21. Grassa resigned now charlie ? domino effect happening ?
  22. Apparently has but not been accepted !
  23. And did Ross Morrison or his puppet not say some weeks ( 2 months ) ago that the appeal was in ?
  24. Still showing as a Director on company’s house .
  25. Figures plucked out of the ground by Gardiner . He’s just desperately hanging on as he knows he is finished in football . He thought a minority would be against his plans and wasn’t expecting the vast amount of a backlash that he is now getting and its only building and building . He is a guy that is only interested in himself and not the club. It’s about time someone from the board stood up against him . Some must really have the club at heart and a mind of their own ???
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