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  1. Scott Gardiner being no longer required saves the club a reported 100k a year . It’s not rocket science to anyone that he needs to go . It’s been one disaster after another for our much disliked CEO . How can the club expect any sponsor to inject cash into the club when money like this is squandered on paying his wage . Has he actually achieved anything significant since his appointment or was it just jobs for the boys act with Ross Morrison ? Seems to be more clowns about the club than Billy Smarts Circus .
  2. Please at least make sure Gardiner goes in first ! Certainly not in the recycle bin just common trash .
  3. Let’s just all get behind the team on Friday and act as the 12th man . More important we all keep the positives for now and put this play off spot to bed .
  4. That will probably be the end of that friendship then ! Too little too late . Get SG has left the club and I’ll donate a fiver .
  5. Scot Gardiner Ross Morrison 2 of a kind and not good for the club . Grassa at least has a bit of love for the club
  6. Ferguson was a big name ( nice guy ) but Not a manager . Yet Another Scot Gardiner disaster as his recommendation . And man has he had a few . Everything this guy has anything to do with the club is a disaster and about time he is shown the door . Club is in a very precarious position financially so why are we still paying this clown ? ( Reportedly well over 90k a year when we should immediately have been looking to save money ? Far too many loan players ,It rarely works and clearly hasn’t worked . I’d have Charlie take the last few games with some fresh ideas as obviously Ferguson is way out of his depth .
  7. Even more reason to really ramp it all up full volume . Ross Morrison and Scot Gardiner have a hell of a lot to answer for .
  8. Using the club for his financial gain ?
  9. Someone corrupting and it’s nothing to do with SG ? Having this guy at the club until any appeal would be heard is disaster itself . The club and fans cannot continue association with this guy any longer than is necessary . Waiting a year or even months with this clown running things down will just finish the club totally . Things are as low as they need to be and we all need a lift . Getting rid should be the start of the way forward . Should never have been employed in the first place .
  10. When Caley and Thistle were going through the merger big numbers like this 3.4 million were repeatedly mentioned to woo the fans to get what they required . Funny how these promises fade once the chairman gets what’s needed . Sack S.G and that annually will save a hell of a lot of money.Funny how the club can continuously pay huge wages to someone that has been nothing but a disaster for the club. Or am I missing something ? Surely if you’re running on losses you look at where you can save money . So what does the club benefit having this CEO ?
  11. Wonder what the next failed plan will be from Scot Gardiner ? Soon be looking at plan C then plan D as we already have had plan A and more likely Plan B nonsense . Trying to involve fans to save your bacon is laughable . Tonight is going to be very interesting Standing room only tonight if Scot Gardiner was organising the seats . Couldn’t organise a **** up in a brewery let alone a concert .
  12. They need pushed out , One especially who has done hehaw for the club but cause financial problems and leaves a trail of destruction behind him . Board need to waken up and get rid . SG you’re not worth a minimum wage to this club . Never seen such a hated board director which in itself says it all . Majority of fans surely cannot be wrong . He’s holding on hoping the Battery project goes through and even if it did , Majority of that money will be sucked up pretty quickly lining his pockets . You won’t see him out of pocket that’s for sure .
  13. Most problems at the club have come via Gardiner . He is the root of the problems at the club and if Morrison keeps backing this guy then afraid he needs to go too as between them are ruining the club and only pulling it backwards .
  14. Been so many bad games lot of nominees for worst game lately
  15. How bad a watch was that ?? Embarrassing game of football .If anything it’s getting worse .
  16. So not good enough if we cannot pick up a win playing a part time bottom of the league team it says it all . Where are the points going to come from unless Ferguson changes tact.
  17. Gardiner killing our club through his **** management and decisions. What a wonderful appointment he has made to manage the club . Sooner this unpopular Hearts reject is shown the door the better . A lot of turmoil this club is in has a hell of a lot to do with him . Enough is enough GTF
  18. Club are also forgetting thousands of people and of which I am sure loads are fans of the club , live around the area earmarked and do not want this near themselves or their children and schools alike . It’s funny how our chairman ( who funnily does not live in Inverness ) is making such a loud noise when he wants to . When you’re looking for a football voice of him or his CEO they go back in to their shell . I was beginning to think he couldn’t speak or didn’t understand our highland twang. Run the club in a football manner like it used to be . Stop paying excessive wages to Gardiner would be a start . Jobs for boys becoming tiresome and wasting so much money no wonder the club is in a mess . It’s been run by amateurs .
  19. Exactly .The land is green open space which Inverness is vastly running out of . Messrs Cameron and Sutherland knew when buying this land the restrictions of which the land had . But no they think they are bigger and better than anyone else and can do as they please .Not seeing them donating it to the community for parks , walks etc . Putting a battery project near hundreds of houses and schools is Insane . if our chairman and CEO did a fraction of work in promoting our club instead of trying to do a quick fix . Like I have said many times SG is so unpopular in our football community that it’s near impossible to gain much support by public and businesses alike . Are the rest of the board blind into what’s going on . We are an Inverness club representing the Highlands not bloody Tayside or Glasgow
  20. Only 5 councillors voted . Why would u abstain from a vote of great importance? something smells so bad about all this . Another great SG flop maybe which we are getting so used to it shouldn’t surprise us .
  21. But as SG would have said Dougie Imrie has no connection to Rangers so canna happen .
  22. Most teams in our division would love to have a Roddy McGregor. Why would you not play him ? Been on that bench apparently fit so why is he not getting a game ?
  23. This will be where the money goes again shortly . Paying off another flop taken in by a dodgy money grabbing CEO
  24. Certainly not liked by many a supporter . I certainly would not invest money that would benefit towards him getting a fat wage . Maybe the club wouldn’t have been in such a precarious position by paying folk like this . Also stops a few bums on seats for sure as many have said he’s so not good for the club .
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