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  1. Gardiner will no doubt come out of the hiding when the new manager is in place and he thinks it’s settled down . His dog will either appearwith the new manager on a post thinking that’s all we need or some other pish stunt that thinks it buys some fans . Doesn’t buy it for me . Guy is a waste of our finances and needs to go , along with JR . Totally un needed at this size of club that we are nowadays . Spend the money generated and bring in a decent manager and coaching staff and bin this rubbish .
  2. Not popular by all by a long shot . Cracks showing
  3. Mine has to be 1/ Scot Gardiner I believe in all honesty he has NOT delivered anything that he said he was out to achieve for ICT and has just made our football club 10x worse through a lot of bad decisions . Bad egg on the board for me and a must to go . 2/ John Robertson I think he has had his day and couldn’t cope with it last time . Would truly be a mega cheap option but such a backward step and will not get fans returning . Average coach so how does he suddenly think he is a messiah now. Been more interested in his book , media roles and really anywhere but near his employers on match day . ICT is a football club that plays most games on a Saturday so why wouldn’t his job entail a Saturday at the game ?
  4. Certainly not a very popular choice by majority on here even if it’s on a temporary basis . For me it’s a big No. couldn’t hack it when things were going wrong and buried his head in his book
  5. There would be an uproar if that was to happen . His coaching wasn’t great neither it was Donald Park his number 2 who was the fantastic coach in that partnership
  6. That’ll be radio silence on that then !
  7. But he will be signing his book at half time if anyone is interested
  8. I think the club are missing the point here regards JR the majority of fans also don’t want him at the club as he really wasn’t there even giving his support to a club paying his wages ,whether he liked Dodds or not he was happy picking up his wages and disappearing to anywhere but where the team were no match day . Could be an interesting weekend
  9. He’ll probably head for Dingwall and go Fuk where am I going . **** wrong club
  10. Now for the third sacking ! Scot Gardiner !
  11. People finally waking up to these frauds
  12. Scot Gardiner is so bad for our club it’s unreal . This guy has a streak in him that likes to cause controversy and trouble . I wonder what sort of wage he is robbing the club for . Certainly never heard a good word said about him . Bad bad news of a guy and like u say if he wasn’t our ceo we more than likely would not be in this mess we find ourself in . This guy needs shown the door and take his controversy with him .
  13. Totally agree or we are cementing over the cracks only .
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