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  1. If Grassa Fife etc have voted for this then I’m disgusted
  2. Was this the fantastic 30 year anniversary celebration ? Morrison is one pathetic chairman who clearly is beyond doubt out of his depth . You clearly have no idea how to run a football club and by does it show . As for Gardiner and Ferguson they both know they are finished in football anywhere else. It’s been one failure after another and I’d be surprised if they were ever employed by any other football club . The money these guys are taking out of the club in wages is absurd . In any other club they. would the first 2 cuts before all the other genuine staff that are losing their jobs Show’s just how corrupt the 3 are . SAD really .
  3. If our directors are all going for this then every single director needs to ship out . What an embarrassment you are all creating for Inverness . There is that much money in the bank between the lot of you .But no Too interested in yourselves than all getting together and making it a successful club . I’d say bin the lot of you your all a disgrace to the city . This should have been a statement saying that Evil Scot Gardiner was been relieved of his duties and brought a bit of harmony but No its all about Morrison and Gardiner . Get out of our city your a disgrace .
  4. Club Statement As one major part of our planned strategic restructure of the club, ICTFC are delighted to announce an innovative agreement with League 1 side Kelty Hearts which will see the club move our training base to the Fife club’s New Central Park Stadium. Shortened as whole statement already posted above
  5. Looking at the statement “Dear Caley Jags “ as the statement starts , does this just not smell of Scot Gardiner releasing this ? Certainly looks like something this fool would put out on behalf of his double act Morrison . Playing all iCT fans for fools they think .But fans have been bitten and will not lie down and forgive . Trying to save your battery farm Investment by trying to stay attached to ICT to try use the folk of Inverness will not work .Pair of clowns who between them are not fit to manage.
  6. What a pathetic statement and it took a whole 72 hours to come up with all that dribble .Great about staying full time Thats a plus but unless the useless failure of the CEO gets away from our club there is going to be a very empty stadium and following . Not hearing any support for Gardiner . He is the core of all that is wrong with our club and has to be pushed. Failure after Failure with him at the helm . What’s the next failure coming from him . Rumoured to be on 100k a year . At 10k a year it would be too much . Are fans going to renew season tickets knowing some of that money is going towards paying his wages ? Won’t be my money that’s for sure .
  7. It will be a cowardly statement just before 5pm so that they can then hide from any engagement that arises . Pretty pathetic but seen it all before .
  8. He is certainly not a leader . He employed his mate Gardiner as a way of trying to make a quick buck between themselves . The only times you get Ross Morrison opening his mouth is when he is looking for fans to get behind him Gardiner and Cameron to try go against Highland Council and approve his battery project so that between them they all can make money and use caley to try gain that support . Good riddance to them all majority of Inverness are well fed up of them all. Not one of them have any interest bar SELF interest .
  9. Between these 2 they have successfully taken the club back years . Chased the big money and were never interested in the smaller revenue .
  10. Ffs play Billy in the position he should be in or don’t play him . Surely Ferguson should know by now his best position and deep it is NOT
  11. A CEO that could actually do the job would help . Too much self interest in the present one . And he wonders why he is so unpopular
  12. Well firstly it’s usually to generate more money than you’re taking out of the club on wages . It’s clearly been disaster after disaster and looking like much more on the horizon .
  13. Huge few days for our club but think as we are a championship club then ticket pricing is not up to us ?. Being on Tv will have a massive effect on the gate but not the same as being there ( especially Saturday) Big changes are needed and Gardiner should only have 2 games left as he is doing nothing for the wage he is taking out out of the club . Anything more than those 2 games and he is still in employment then serious questions need to be answered . This should be the very first cost cutting measure implemented way before any youth cutting measure .
  14. Morrison who then employed Gardiner who then employed Ferguson win or lose playoffs they all need to go .
  15. Not really shocked by the result it’s the same old crap week in week out bar the odd lucky result .And by odd I mean ODD Simply not good enough. Can’t believe a former (striker) manager plays a team the way he does !
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