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  1. Just phoned stadium and they say it is still on . Told to phone later to check then
  2. thats because as I walked into bar at five to one i was told bus was leaving in five minutes. The bus eventually left at quarter past one as too many people had been told it was 1.15pm but some were told 1.30pm. Fortunately their mates at the pub texted them to get to the pub asap and eveyone caught it. Great match though and we all enjoyed it
  3. the bus is now leaving at 1 sharp
  4. Does anyone know what time the bus from dows is leaving on saturday. Lady who sold us the tickets was not sure so told us to check back later. Thought someone here might kmow thanks
  5. Highland times have altered the original item from when I first saw it on facebook to say parade rather than tour. All i know is that i will be down in town to see the boys and cup and to see some mates. See you all there
  6. according to highland times there will be a open top bus tour today from stadium to NMP http://www.thehighlandtimes.com/news/2015/05/30/open-bus-tour-of-inverness-for-caley-thistle-cup-heroes/
  7. Left claymore at home (no joke have one at home but too heavy and big to carry about). He wore sporran and kilt pin and the only thing that the security guard said that we were sitting in the snobby section I6 when he directed us to the right gate.No problem from anyone great atmosphere great game brilliant result
  8. Stupid question but are you allowed to wear a sporran into the football grounds as hubby is wearing his caley kilt but not sure if he is allowed in with his sporran? Dont want it confiscated or to pick it up later as we will be too busy celebrating (hopefully)
  9. No joke! just checked online not happy thought nothing could burst the bubble of going to the final but him to ref has upset me. Hubby just told me to calm down and to just hope he has a good game.
  10. My hubby didn't care how long the queue was for his tickets he would have waited any length of time (he waited from 9.50 to 10.45 at front of queue) as he has waited 21 years for caley thistle to be in the final. Nothing is going to stop him going
  11. Got tickets this morning all hubby needed was season ticket to prove who he was. He arrived at half nine joined the queue of twenty to thirty in front of him Door opened at 10.00 got served at 10.45am. When he left there was a much larger queue waiting to get served so hopefully tickets will sell well. He bought 5 but the guy beside him got 14. He has just got back from kilt shop with his caley kilt being fixed (made bigger for belly) so he can wear it to the final. It fits so one kilt ready for final
  12. Is there to be a limit of tickets that season ticket holders can buy on Monday as I want to take the family down to the game?
  13. Sent husband to stadium this afternoon with money for three tickets, no queue, no problems will pick up tickets when they are issued. Seemingly there was a queue this morning with up to 45 minute wait but quiet when he called past at two. Booked bus, paid for tickets. We're ready
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