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  1. The size of the sponsor ruins the top a bit. Who decided to triple the size of McEwan Fraser? If it had the same size sponsor as last year it would be a nice enough kit but I don't fancy walking about in a McEwen Fraser billboard.
  2. Celtic played home games at Hampden that season so they maybe played at Ibrox to make it neutral.
  3. Also we have played 6 games in the cup. Hearts/Partick have played 3. Much more likely for us to be picking up suspensions.
  4. Lost 2 Challenge Cup finals unfortunately
  5. @Stirling Observer Please be the Sunday...????
  6. We had been relegated with the highest points total in the SPL. Going into a lower league with weaker teams. It's pretty simple really and most people would have expected us to challenge at the top of the league, which we did.
  7. People expected us to have a successful season and bounce back up, challenge for title.
  8. Yeah. I've just seen the P&J article from today where it says we have only sold 700 tickets and about 4,000 have been sold in total. Ross County tweeted yesterday that they expect a sell out and have opened the new part of the stand up to home fans. So no idea where the P&J are getting such a low total from.
  9. Hope that is true. Where did you hear that. I have seen posted that it was in the P&J today that we have only sold 700 tickets which is just over 1/3 of the stand. Hope that is rubbish.
  10. How are our tickets sales going for this. Hopefully we can pack out the away end for this one.
  11. Do we really need 7 stewards standing all round 20 kids, half a metre from their faces because they are singing at a football game. Why don't the club just ban all singing and kids from the games.That'll ensure we have no future support...
  12. I very much doubt we'll take over 1k
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