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  1. Joe DiMaggio


    Last season...
  2. Joe DiMaggio

    Inverness CT -V- Partick Thistle

    Do we really need 7 stewards standing all round 20 kids, half a metre from their faces because they are singing at a football game. Why don't the club just ban all singing and kids from the games.That'll ensure we have no future support...
  3. Joe DiMaggio


    How many have we sold so far?
  4. Joe DiMaggio


    Still think we'll have over 1k?
  5. Joe DiMaggio


    I very much doubt we'll take over 1k
  6. Joe DiMaggio


    Not quite filling the away end with 2,000 as some from Elgin remember...
  7. Joe DiMaggio


    Lol total nonsense. The stand holds 2,200 and it wasn't anywhere near full. Elgin had a good support yes but the stand wasn't even half full. The attendance for that game was 2,800 and Elgin had 2,000 aye.... 900 is more like it.
  8. Joe DiMaggio


    Filled the away end lol. No they never
  9. Joe DiMaggio

    TCS to be owned by club

    What rent were we paying?
  10. Joe DiMaggio

    Red Dots - Change to System

    Who. Really. Cares. This site has progressively become poorer over time for a number of reasons and as a result I hardly ever visit it. Other forums I still use quite regularly.
  11. Joe DiMaggio

    New Manager Thread

    Hard to disagree with that.
  12. Joe DiMaggio

    Anti-Offensive Behaviour at Football Campaign

    Someone said fuc*ing Rangers and has their door kicked in 5 months later and spent 4 days in jail. That story sounds like a complete load of rubbish!
  13. Joe DiMaggio

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    John Hughes said the fans and noise was fantastic. John Hughes is never wrong. Case closed.
  14. Joe DiMaggio

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    Only in the hope that one of them has his precious
  15. Joe DiMaggio

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    Yes but there are some on here who will complain about them no matter what and it's pretty continual from certain posters. It's pretty simple if you don't like that noise sit elsewhere. The over exaggeration and dramatics here from some is pathetic. One person went through a gate and that equals a pitch invasion? There were also plenty of police about who didn't arrest anyone at the game so the behaviour can't have been as criminal as some here are making out. If it was the police would have intervened. If you think the behaviour is excessive then leave it to the police. We have had people on here wanting to report our own fans to get them banned and wishing these young boys would not come back. As mentioned if they attended a game in Europe it would probably be enough to send them over the edge. You then get clowns like bannerman who look down their noses at them and judge them, call them stupid and has said countless times that they are so stupid they will kill themselves. And he is the last person that should be looking his nose down at them as anyone that has met him or been taught by him thinks he's a total bell end.