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  1. i got a ticket aswell, i'm absolutely buzzing. although the email doesn't say that it's mandatory to wear a mask which is surprising. i'll be wearing mine but maybe a lot of people might not be?
  2. they seem a bit expensive for something that you will almost never see.
  3. has anyone been down to the ground to see if you can see the game from the layby?
  4. i was looking forward to watching the first home game in the longest time but i had to turn if off about 55 minutes in. the motion of the camera constantly moving was making me physically sick and have a sore head. needs to be improved a lot.
  5. i think that the camera thinks the linesmans head is a ball
  6. there are too many balls sitting on cones around the pitch that the cameea keeps trying to track them aswell
  7. half time. we have had a lot of the ball but not really done a lot with it
  8. i have a live link to the game pm me for it
  9. white is rubbish. worst striker that starts the majority of games that we have had in years.
  10. we have signed Shane Sutherland on a pre contract. i don't think he'll be good enough at this level or possibly in the prem. He's 29 so is no spring chicken and with all of the young players that we have on the books surely this is just a kick in the teeth for them?
  11. a great turnout at the supporters meeting tonight, a lot of good information was said with a lot of clarity. it definitely puts my mind at ease with regards to our financial situation and brought a lot more understanding to our youth setup aswell.
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