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  1. northstandfan

    U18's Season

    i'm really not sure, i had a quick search but couldn't find anything, it seems as though the squad themself don't even get to see it regularly by the sounds of it.
  2. northstandfan

    U18's Season

    20 points clear at the top of the league, incredible
  3. Just because we have a defensive error does not mean that the team has scored against us, and we have made quite a few. I do think Brad Mckay makes a few too many mistakes for a centre back. I think we are just a bit fortunate that a lot of times the team that we're playing has not capitalised on the mistake that we've made. I do agree with the lack of goals though, we could really do with more contributions from the team overall. For example none of our centre backs have scored from our set pieces, it would be interesting to see how many set pieces we score compared to the other teams and how many goalscorers other teams have in comparison to us.
  4. northstandfan

    Ross County - 22nd September

    Really looking forward to the game. It will be great to have the derby back this season and hopefully we can take 3 points back to the right side of the bridge.
  5. northstandfan

    Ross County - 22nd September

    after the performance yesterday we should keep the same midfield, having Doran and Walsh on the wing is a huge plus for us, also having the 3 centre midfielders gave us a number of options
  6. northstandfan

    Inverness CT -V- Alloa

    Poor result. pretty similar to the Dunfermline game. We started poorly, even when we were 1-0 up we weren't playing particularly well. When we were 2-1 up we still weren't looking comfortable. It when was Calder came on and provided width (similar to the Dunfermline game when Doran came on) that we started to look a lot better. Polworth was moved into a central position and rather than have one wide creative player in Walsh being easily marked we now had 2 wide players on the pitch that allowed us to be a threat down both wings rather than trying to play on one side of the pitch. The second penalty was disappointing, fair play for Donaldson for trying but as others have already said, a striker should be wanting to take penalties and increase their goal tally, are they not hungry for 3 points every game and a golden boot come the end of the season? Disappointing to only have 5 points from our first 3 games when we could have had 9.
  7. northstandfan

    Ex-ICT players' news

    i saw that Aiden Chippendale, we had him on loan, has signed for Osset United in England, a club recently formed from 2 clubs merging together
  8. northstandfan

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Polworth was played on the right side of midfield from the start and played horrible, as did most of our team IMO but as soon as Walsh came on we had 2 wingers, this allowed us to play with pace on both wings and Polworth moved into the centre of midfield, definitely his strongest position for us and this changed the game with his link up play. He is not a wide player. I'm struggling to find reasons why he is continually getting played out wide when it is clear that his best position for us is central midfield. Also a strong showing from Oakley and White, they linked up well on numerous occasions. potentially a different result if the changes happened earlier. Disappointing to exit the cup this early.
  9. northstandfan

    Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    2 clear St Mirren penalties. A few good saves from Ridgers. Great penalty save. It definitely feels like Ridgers v St Mirren
  10. northstandfan


    According to the SPFL facebook page the kick off is 4:15 Edit: misread a post and didn't realise someone had already put the KO time earlier in the thread
  11. northstandfan

    Falkirk (A) Preview : 27/01/18

    What about John Baird at centre mid? As hard a worker as anyone and maybe doesn't fit in the team playing as a striker
  12. northstandfan

    Inverness CT -V- Peterhead

    3-0 ft good for a young boy to get a goal at the end, maybe just what we need, someone that will have passion for the club?
  13. northstandfan

    Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Elsdon and Chalmers easily the worst 2 players on the pitch
  14. northstandfan

    Club Badge/Crest

    I agree 100%
  15. northstandfan

    Nairn County v ICT