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  1. it's great that for once we've actually announced our fixtures rather than finding out about them through the other clubs. credit where it's due for this one, great communication, it's what we've been wanting over the years.
  2. i would like to see us offer mchattie a year but with an extra year option, and another year extension for donaldson and walsh would be good
  3. he was actually offered a new contract by us, but i am glad he has gone. he was rubbish
  4. a disappointing end to the season, but overall a good season
  5. Brad Mckay has the be the worst defender to ever play for us. mistake after mistake after mistake.
  6. this has the potential to be a huge siging for us.
  7. you can access twitter without having an account, just search up ictfc twitter on google and you should be able to find it, hopecully you can access it this way and get the commentary
  8. doran fans poty and walsh fans ypoty
  9. got my letter through yesterday, i will get mine at some point although it won't let me buy it online for some odd reason so i'll just phone up this week
  10. i don't want Austin regardless of what division we're in.
  11. county having 900 season ticket holders in inverness cant help. there must be a reason why people are going to see county and not us. they have more season ticket holders than we have attendance most games, including away fans and as much as it pains me to say it Mcgregor is doing things the right way for the club as a whole and the community aspect they have is a lot better than ours has been in a long time. i understand he has a lot of money but it feels as though we just can't get the basics right, and that is an issue.
  12. i wonder why there is a list of 5 this year unlike previous years. no Polworth on the list either, he has been a standout player for us this year imo.
  13. red and blue stripes on our home top should be part of our identity.
  14. personally i would put him third, unless another name is escaping me but i would definitely put Graeme Shinnie and Ryan Christie ahead of him. For now though, Polworth is a cruicially important player for us and i can't help thinking that he has signed a pre contract with St Johnstone and the club just haven't announced it yet, if he was staying it would probably have been announced already that he had signed a new deal.
  15. have we now lost the extra profit from the tv money? missing out on hospitality money tonight and giving people discounted packages for our other home games. tv wins again.