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  1. White looked like a traffic cone today, he was rubbish. the game completely changed once storey came on and we started to play a lot better playing the ball on the ground and doing some nice passing moves. Also a deserved motm for carson
  2. I do like the idea of what they are trying to do and i appreciate the effort. they are trying to engage with fans, albeit a minority of them. In practice though, will lgbt people be more likely to attend and give a huge boost to the coffers? probably not. we need to follow this up with other community engagement now and help create a stronger, brighter future for the club. this is a good starting point for something that has been lacking.
  3. why no red and blue stripes? disappointed.
  4. also why do they get free tickets for signing up? what about everyone else?
  5. my dream team would be the team that won the scottish cup
  6. tough to tell with new signings and the season not started yet. we have signed many duds before, and we have also unearthed many gems that we had never even heard of previously. on a whole though i'm looking forward to the new season starting and hopefully we can improve on last season, but i would definitely see promotion playoffs as our minimum aim this season.
  7. it's great that for once we've actually announced our fixtures rather than finding out about them through the other clubs. credit where it's due for this one, great communication, it's what we've been wanting over the years.
  8. i would like to see us offer mchattie a year but with an extra year option, and another year extension for donaldson and walsh would be good
  9. he was actually offered a new contract by us, but i am glad he has gone. he was rubbish
  10. a disappointing end to the season, but overall a good season
  11. Brad Mckay has the be the worst defender to ever play for us. mistake after mistake after mistake.
  12. this has the potential to be a huge siging for us.
  13. you can access twitter without having an account, just search up ictfc twitter on google and you should be able to find it, hopecully you can access it this way and get the commentary
  14. doran fans poty and walsh fans ypoty
  15. got my letter through yesterday, i will get mine at some point although it won't let me buy it online for some odd reason so i'll just phone up this week