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  1. County look to be in freefall again anyway, just like they were before last season was put on hold. They were saved from plunging further and possible relegation by Covid 19. Perhaps they'll need a second wave and lockdown to save them this season.
  2. Pre-ordered 2 copies today and made a donation. Will look forward to reading it in due course.
  3. Anyone else hear about the premiership players drinking in the Heathmount whilst watching Aberdeen v Rangers on TV on the opening day of the season?
  4. I agree that not having a Premiership team in our section will help. There was always the concern that being so far behind one of these teams in terms of match fitness we would get absolutely pumped. Yes, "North" is a joke. We are the only team north of the Tay. I also don't know why there are three Championship teams in our section. If Brora draw Hibs at home that will be interesting. County also have a reasonably easy section with only Arbroath as a bit of a hurdle.
  5. All three strips still look good though.
  6. 😱 Roll on October when we can get back to talking about playing football again.
  7. My good lady and I held back from booking holidays that summer until we found out the opposition. We would have been very happy with a trip to Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Croatia, etc and would have happily gone for a week or 10 days. When we found out it was Romania we thought okay that sounds awkward and hoped for a better place in the next round. It was once we started checking out flights by our favourite airline, KLM, the trip all fell into place. Aberdeen-Amsterdam-Bucharest was a doddle and only 3 hrs 40 mins in the air in total. The hotel in the Bucharest Old Town and the airport transfers by private hire car were also booked through KLM, and combined with the flights worked out at £375 each. With the well organised buses, the match itself, the camaraderie with other ICT fans and locals we met, the cheap food and drink, all the sights and fabulous weather, we had one of the best holidays ever over the course of our 5 days and 4 nights trip. It was so memorable and we look back fondly on it, even although my other half doesn't care too much for football.
  8. I hear that Loch Ness FC have managed to sell over 800 of their new shirts with the Nessies on them. Selling that many of our new home shirts would be a major achievement.
  9. So is the red and black striped top with black shorts etc the third choice kit?
  10. Not a squeak as far as I know. Perhaps you have to ask for one. With no guarantee that the new season will start in October or if it does and matches are behind closed doors, I imagine there won't be a mad rush for season tickets.
  11. A excellent statement from the club. Hopefully most clubs will stick their heads up above the parapet and back it. It's quite amusing to see the Sellick trolls on Twitter thinking it's part of the conspiracy to stop them winning 9 in a row. 😴
  12. Perhaps so and might explain why #OfficialICTFC follows them on Twitter.