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  1. Row S

    Inverness CT -V- Dundee

    I said it many times last season and I will keep saying it until Yogi gets the message, why is Vincent in the team ahead of Watkins? Once again Vincent was ineffective.
  2. Row S

    New Home Shirt 2014-15

    Big disappointment IMHO. A poor imitation of an old PSG top that looks like a giant zipper up the front. I hate striped socks and there is no black in it.
  3. Row S

    New Home Shirt 2014-15

    What is it about manufacturers of sports kits taking ages to deliver their products to the customers. Whether it's football, rugby or bowls tops they all seem to be the same. Our bowling club started discussions with Kukri in July last year about new club tops. It then took them until the first week in May this year to process our order, manufacture and deliver the shirts - 10 months ffs and for an order of only 28 shirts! The other problem we still have with the shirts is that the sizes are two sizes smaller than they should be. That goes for most kit suppliers, particularly Errea, Diadora, Macron and Kukri.
  4. Row S

    Forres Mechanics v ICT

    Good result but looks like Forres a bit rough on us again - three injuries! Billy really has to re-learn to take penalties or give them to someone else.
  5. Row S

    Season tickets

    Well done to the young winner. I noticed that under that announcement it says "The first 1,000 season ticket renewals were immediately entered into the competition............". Does that mean that if there were more than 1000 renewals before 7 June those who were not in the first 1000 were not entered into the draw?
  6. With Yogi in charge we will be lucky if we avoid 11th or 12th place.
  7. Row S

    10 years ago

    At the Clyde game Partick manager Gerry Britton was sitting next to us in the back row of the away stand at Broadwood. He told me he had to do that as he had been getting abuse from the Clyde fans around the back of the main home stand before the game. He left just after Clyde equalised from a dodgy penalty as he probably thought that they would be promoted. Then up popped Stevie Hislop.
  8. How many times have we said that in this last half of the season?
  9. Row S

    Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd

    Injury and illness is the official line Rumour has it Warren and Meekings have finally given up on the tippy tappy passing across the back that Hughes keeps asking them to play. Plus they were at the heart if the defence that shipped 6 goals last week. The team today impressed in the first half especially when moving the ball forward at pace. Unfortunately they were pinned back for long spells in the second. Happy with the point despite chances to win.
  10. Row S

    Should Hughes be SACKED?

    Does he know how to keep things tight when going to places like Celtic Park? I'd sack him tomorrow before we are on the end of three more humiliating defeats in the next three games. Otherwise, on this run of form it's a relegation survival battle next year.
  11. Row S

    Inverness CT -V- Aberdeen

    I keep asking the same question and still don't get an answer but why does Hughes keep playing Vincent? Within 3 minutes of Christie coming on he'd done more than Vincent in the time he was on. If Ryan had been on from the start we could have won easily. Tansey also disappointed me tonight. A pity Doran and McKay squandered those chances too.
  12. Row S

    Should Hughes be SACKED?

    If he is I won't be there. I said from the time he was appointed it was a cheap and wrong option. Pay peanuts you get monkeys. The Board would have been better leaving Shearer in charge on a temp basis till the end of the season.
  13. Row S

    Inverness CT -V- Motherwell

    Change the system now or we won't win another game this season. It was clearly evident tonight that we only started to make telling passes to players moving into spaces when Christie and Watkins came on. Draper also found more room when we started using the wings. Shoddy defending also caused us to lose the game. Motherwell only seemed to have the two breakaway chances the whole game and scored from both. I'm regretting buying a ticket for Friday now. After that though I won't be attending another game this season and unless I see a change of style or manager I won't be renewing my season ticket for 2014/15.
  14. Row S

    No more slip ups!

    My odds are on us finishing 6th.
  15. Row S

    Team for Midweek v Motherwell.

    Any eleven players, except Vincent.