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  1. Row S


    The ICA magazine usually distributed to Inverness residents by your local postie. Many recipients will probably just bin it as junk mail. I use it to find out about up and coming music gigs and other events. As you will see from the online version Don just provided the link to, it contains listings of arts, culture and sports events on in the area in the next 4 to 6 weeks and beyond. A scanned version of voucher is attached. There is also a spotlight feature on Charlie Trafford. I've just spoken to the lady in the club shop on the phone. If the voucher is presented in the shop at least 24 hours before the match in question and you ask to buy 2 tickets, 1 of them will be free. It doesn't work for season ticket holders though, i.e. you can't present your season ticket and ask for a single free ticket. ICT BOGOF voucher.pdf
  2. Row S


    Is it widely known that there is a match ticket promotion of buy one get one free for the QoS, Morton and Dunfermline games? There is a voucher for this in the latest ICA free magazine that we receive through the post. No info on the official club website about it though. Surely this is something that could be promoted from a pop up stall in the Eastgate Shopping Centre? 😣
  3. Row S


    Yes, they are obviously earning Tullochs money from use as parking for Thrifty Car Hire, burger van, car wash, contractor's compounds and storage of wind turbine towers, all without planning permissions too. This may be the pre-cursor to permanent development proposals, who knows? If we are to get back into the Premier League or draw one of the better supported teams in the Cup, I wonder how the greater demand for parking would be catered for then?
  4. Row S

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    Great stuff for 35 to 40 minutes - Robbo disappointed it was not more than 3-0 at half time. Then after Doran and Whyte were subbed we took our foot off the gas and Partick took advantage. The match officials were woeful. Always gave advantage to Partick defenders even when they were almost taking the shirts off the backs of Whyte and Oakley. The Storey penalty never was - not in the box or even a foul. Justice done with a great save from Ridgers. Despite the jittery finish I'm glad of the 3 points and top slot in the table. What a contrast to this time last season. Looking forward to an away day by train next week.
  5. Row S

    Come Monday Morning

    I hate to say it but I also think we are lacking leadership on the park. As captain Carlos isn't rallying the team. We had much more bite from Gary Warren in that respect and when he wasn't playing Ian Vigurs could whip up the rest of the team. The only one that looks like he can do this is Coll Donaldson.
  6. Row S

    What a load of rubbish.

    Yes, you are right. I got my Perthshire lowland glens mixed up. The potential stadium site by the Campus might prove more attractive for developers (including previous benefactors of ICTFC) to invest in given that the new road will open up potential for some 3000 houses and business land. Potential to provide a training pitch and share the UHI/College facilities too. IEDB Master Plan.pdf
  7. Row S

    What a load of rubbish.

    Here is the boring planning bit for any interested boffins (like me!): The application was for a Screening Opinion from the Council (as Planning Authority) and environmental agencies such as SNH, SEPA and Marine Scotland. This was required to determine if a full Environmental Impact Assessment is required to accompany a future planning application for the proposed development. The decision made on 17 July is that an EIA is not required but does not guarantee that there will not be environmental impacts or that the proposals will get planning permission. The land is currently zoned for potential waste management facilities and it is already licensed for this purpose. It is understood that the proposals are for further processing of waste already sorted that would normally sent straight to landfill (south of Perth near Glencarse I think). On the potential future location of a new stadium, there is still a lot of land adjacent to the UHI Campus and the future prison site (?) which could be used. It is also next to the railway where a rail halt could be provided and will be almost directly connected to the new East Link Road (A9-A96 Inshes to Smithton), which will be a possible future bus route with a separate dedicated cycle lane.
  8. Row S

    Ryan Esson Testimonial

    It kind of was for Russell Duncan and Grant Munro who both played for County in the first half of their joint one at the TCS.
  9. Row S

    Squad Numbers

    Full squad now updated at last and includes all the youngsters. Sean Welsh is no 15 and as Caley D said Angus Beith is no 8.
  10. Row S

    Bairns Away

    There's two big shiny water-horses not too far away to try and climb over.
  11. Row S

    Squad Numbers

    I see that both Angus Beith and Sean Welsh have not been given squad numbers yet. Is this because they still have to prove their fitness before getting a contract and a shirt? I also noted that Daniel Mackay was wearing the number 23 against Hearts on Sunday yet he is still listed as 27 in the official squad. Owain Fon Williams is still in the squad too.🤔
  12. Row S

    Hearts Game

    Too late for me. With uncertainty about tickets we decided to head straight back to Inverness from Ayr and not via Edinburgh. Will just watch it on BT Sport.
  13. Row S

    Hearts Game

    Yeah, sure. The last time I had one of these was 1976.
  14. Row S

    Hearts Game

    Bad crack that I can't be a "late" walk up to Tynie on Sunday to buy a ticket for the away end. I'm in Ayr on holiday just now and had a late change of plans due to an offer to stay with friends in Edinburgh on Saturday night before heading back to Inverness on Sunday. I had therefore looked into going to this game but with the ticketing set up it seems that I can't. It's not as if it will be a sell out at the home or away ends. How f'n annoying is that? Their loss! 😠😀
  15. Presumably Andrew Irving was registered before their game with Cowdenbeath. He started the game but was subbed after 35 mins.