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  1. So who gets the No.9 shirt, Mckay or Duku? Billy might go for No.7 though.
  2. I know from a mutual friend that James Vincent was told weeks ago by Robbo that he wouldn't be offered a new contract. That was before Billy Dodds was appointed.
  3. Apologies for going a bit more off topic. Planning permission announced earlier this week for the Red John pumped hydro scheme (from Loch Ness) after appeal to Scottish Government. Park and ride from the stadium car park for construction workforce part of it as IBM said. A9 Longman junction grade separation works will see the trunk gas main relocated from the back of the West terrace to accommodate a slip lane on a widened embankment. This will result in the landscaping of intervening land and could offer stadium development potential, but not until the junction works are finished around
  4. Whatever happened to the much publicised loan arrangements with Sheffield United to give several of their youngsters first team football with us? I can't recall one player ever coming here to play.
  5. I agree that there is a need to allow attendances of at least 25% of our capacity to watch matches at the stadium. That would help make it attractive for fans to renew season tickets. I for one would otherwise be reluctant to renew for this next season. I couldn't bear the prospect of having to resort to watching poor quality streamed matches ever again.
  6. Moving to Level 1 this weekend should allow up to 1000 fans to attend the home games.
  7. A bit late for this. I also hope we won't need it next season assuming fans will be back in the stadium.
  8. I was thinking along similar lines. Perhaps we got a good bit more than peanuts for Daniel Mackay
  9. Speaks volumes. 12 draws and if we'd won half of those games we'd have finished second.
  10. My nerves are really jangling now. Silly free kicks not helping.
  11. Sloppy start. Must try and keep the ball away from Adam.
  12. Yes, it will be making McPake frown even more.
  13. No sound on the stream, or is it my system again?
  14. Def need to use a couple of subs. Story and Allan firing. Close, off the post with Ridgers beaten.
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