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  1. Not guilty M'Lud. That's quite shocking and irresponsible. Surely there would be plenty Inverness based stewards to avoid rule breaking. Apart from anything else, there have been no sporting events with spectators in the Glasgow area in the last 9 months for them to have experience of stewarding during the pandemic. One of the stewards in the South Stand wasn't even wearing a mask and displayed no exemption badge.
  2. I sent an email to the club on 26 October, following the Ayr United game, expressing my dis-satisfaction with the stream. In addition to the numerous technical issues with the live stream, I mentioned that I had watched the highlights of the game from Caley Jags TV, which was far superior to what I watched live on the Saturday. My question to the club then was, as the whole game would have been recorded by Caley Jags TV, could this platform can be used or adapted for live streaming purposes for the rest of our home fixtures. Now 4 weeks on I have still not had a reply.
  3. Quality highlights from Caley Jags TV of the impressive performance on Saturday. In light of the latest issues with SPFL etc live stream I decided to reply to the email sent out by Luca Rossi at 15.55 on Saturday. Below is the correspondence. Luca, Sending this at 15.55 on the match day was a bit late to say the least. Fortunately for me I was at the match in person, otherwise I would have been sending angry emails like the other season ticket holders shut out of the system. When I have managed to watch other games I have been hugely disappointed with the live stream on
  4. I can't help but echo all the positives from being in the stadium to watch the match. Kennedy, Allardice, Keatings and MacGregor were particularly good in an all round great team performance. Hopefully we now kick on for the rest of the season. I too needed a winter warmer to celebrate when I got home but won't say which malt to avoid a debate about its merits. From photos I took on my phone I counted 80 folk in the North Stand and we were about 10 shy of 150 in the South Stand. Given the live streaming problems it must have been even more annoying (understatement) for those at home tryi
  5. I was one of the lucky ones to get a ticket (and via email). No need to faff around with my lap top and try to watch the stream for this week. The instruction on the ticket is to print it and take it with you plus your photo ID. Some of the times listed to get to the turnstiles and seats are quite early. 13:45 being the earliest means those fans being in their allocated seat for at least 3 hours up until the match ends. My given time is 14:15, which is usually the time I leave the house to go to a game. Does anyone know how many season tickets were sold? If it's 1,200 or more then i
  6. Row S


    Hopefully the ST holders will know early enough this week whether or not they have been successful in the ballot. The way the fixtures have fallen there only 3 more home games after that before the end of December. So we might only get to attend 1 game up until then. Let's hope that situation and the poor quality streaming won't have dampened our interest by then.
  7. Row S


    I'm not pleased with the quality of the stream anyway. I can't get it to link to my 4k smart tv either, so limited to the 15" lap top screen. If I can't make out who the players are and the commentator doesn't know either, little point in making the effort. Plenty Autumn Nations rugby to watch on Amazon Prime tomorrow afternoon.🏃🏉
  8. I've just read the bulletin from the club and the FAQs. There is no mention about when the ballot will take place. Those who are successful are to be notified by e-mail. Let's hope that works for all involved. Parking at the stadium confined to South/away cp only. The North one is still full of building materials. No refreshments available and only paper cups allowed if you're taking your own drink.
  9. Row S


    Free because it's a dead rubber? Otherwise there wouldn't be much interest in subscribing. I'd already decided not to bother before the announcement.
  10. Some good play from the guys in the second half. Couldn't hold on to the lead though. Yes, penalty practice much required. Can we get the Raith TV stream for our next home games? I'd use their commentary team too.
  11. Quality stream. Better than anything seen so far this season. Team in the pink tonight.
  12. Thanks for checking that, Scotty. My partner called me earlier to say that my two copies arrived in the post at home. She opened the package and the copies are unscathed. It's strange (but I'm happy) that they were posted out when had indicated that I would pick them up from the shop. Saved me a trip down there this lunch time. I'll now look forward to reading through when I get home tonight.
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