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  1. Looks like more lost points from another game in hand. 😱
  2. I'm a lot happier with that point than Tuesday's one. If we'd had more penetration going forward and sharpness in front of goal we might have sneaked a winner. 3 points at Dundee in midweek will make things rosier.
  3. Were so toothless going forward. Long range shots desperate. Tody coming on now. I'd have taken off Sutherland or Storey, not Keatings.
  4. Never doubted his ability to score.🤪 Just dont let him take a penalty though.
  5. The picture and commentary are not bad tonight. Apart from Scotty and others in foreign parts, anyone else actually watching the stream tonight?
  6. Ditto what you guys said above. Does not auger well for the Hearts game. At least the second half commentary was a lot better. Just need to change the camera position to the west side and introduce replays and close ups. We'll have that on Friday though.
  7. Feels like a defeat after getting in front. So frustrating again.
  8. When we should have been 4-1 up we go and blow it. Tody is useless.
  9. Another attacking free kick into the hands of their keeper. We're getting nothing out of the high balls into their box.
  10. Ian Auld as main commentator now. No change in our style of play though.
  11. This is more frustrating than the QotS game. Nothing going right and no momentum.
  12. Were giving the ball away too often. Our defence looks shaky too.
  13. Yes indeed. It's Ian Auld. Hopefully he will keep Andrew right
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