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  1. I still think we are short of a central defender. We need cover for injuries and suspensions.
  2. Yes, of course and why not? Will welcome the opportunity to buy a coffee too. Then perhaps when we play our next again home game v Ayr the sports bar will be open again.
  3. Yes, sad indeed that ST sales are down. It could take a long time to recover, if at all, back to where things were even just 2 years ago. Email received from the club about 2:45pm today with details of arrangements for attending this Saturday. Strangely, the one about live streaming access for ST holders was sent out more than an hour before that.
  4. With up to 2000 now allowed in the stadium season ticket holders should expect information early this week about detailed arrangements for seating etc for the Raith game. If we have no where near that number of ST holders then expect some away fans too.
  5. Some glimmers of hope for the season ahead? I see that Carson never made the squad though. Hoping this is only a short term injury.
  6. I suggested a couple of times last season that a 3-5-2 formation might work better for the style of play and attributes of Carson (when fit) and Harper. Play them as wing backs with Fyffe, Devine and Deas as the back 3. More support going forward and cover when defending.
  7. I turned up at the game on Saturday full of hope after the win over Peterhead. Now after the Stirling and tonight's results I'm utterly disillusioned. I think I'll be doing something more interesting like watching paint dry or washing my hair between 5:15pm and 7pm this Sunday.
  8. Just have to go and beat Cove and Hearts to qualify. After that performance against Stirling I can't see us getting any more than 3 points though.
  9. Cheers SteveA and Old Caley Girl. Will aim to get there early.
  10. I never made the game myself but heard good things from those who were there. Great to get a win from the the first competitive game and create loads of chances. Is Scott Allardice being used sparingly as he is due to serve a suspension for the first two league games? I have a ticket for the Stirling Albion game but not with a proper seat number. It just indicates GA123 in the North Stand and a note to say stewards will show you to a seat. Did that arrangement work okay on Tuesday? Looking forward to it and a few beers in the Phoenix after.
  11. If we move to Level 0 in mid July will the attendance maximum not be increased to 25% of our capacity? That would help boost sales and before the 30 July deadline for the season ticket renewal discount.
  12. So who gets the No.9 shirt, Mckay or Duku? Billy might go for No.7 though.
  13. I know from a mutual friend that James Vincent was told weeks ago by Robbo that he wouldn't be offered a new contract. That was before Billy Dodds was appointed.
  14. Apologies for going a bit more off topic. Planning permission announced earlier this week for the Red John pumped hydro scheme (from Loch Ness) after appeal to Scottish Government. Park and ride from the stadium car park for construction workforce part of it as IBM said. A9 Longman junction grade separation works will see the trunk gas main relocated from the back of the West terrace to accommodate a slip lane on a widened embankment. This will result in the landscaping of intervening land and could offer stadium development potential, but not until the junction works are finished around
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