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  1. We also need Sean Welsh to stay clear of injuries.
  2. We did well to recover a point even though only played with any purpose in the last 10 minutes. Carson Sutherland and Walsh were the main culprits in the first half. Duffy was actually playing okay. Interesting that Dodds at long last resorted to 3 at the back. Broadfoot was also playing left midfield before our goal. Have to win next week to restore confidence in the team and faith of a lot of our fans. Any word on ticketing arrangements for the QoS match?
  3. Yes, extremely annoying that most of us missed our best spell. I kept getting the message from Arbroath TV that they were trying to address the outages. I never got back on to the match stream, only the chat. After 20 minutes of changing settings I eventually got on to the Vimeo. I left several messages on the chat asking for a refund before I was given an email address to claim. Still no explanation of what happened though but I received an email about 1pm yesterday advising that I had been refunded the £13.
  4. Official attendance 494. Where are the other 6? Are they the ball boys they told not to turn up?
  5. No spare balls or ball boys wasting a lot of time. We've wasted our wind advantage in that half.
  6. Complete shambles. Poor show directing us to Vimeo. Had to change my settings to get it.
  7. Very funny - not. BT broadband has just come back so no need to engage any further. Enjoy the rest of the season.
  8. Happy New Year to all to all CTO posters. Thanks for the pre-match preview - classy as ever. I had hoped to watch this on the Arbroath TV ppv service but there is a major fault with our wider BT broadband service. The BT recorded message says the estimated time for fixing this is 6:07 am on Mon 3 January!! 🤬 I'll just have to try and tune in on the old radio.
  9. Could be quite a queue in the morning. 1 m distancing to be applied whilst lining up?
  10. Just noticed that once I clicked on to the Pars TV link. At least a chance of getting more players back for the Arbroath game.
  11. The words "ballot" and "on line streaming" expected to feature prominently again, just when I was getting used to living without them. 🤪 Hopefully the chosen 500 will hear from the club tomorrow.
  12. This is the hiding of another team we've been threatening all season. Great stuff! Killie and Plastic Whistle losing too but we'd prefer draws in both.
  13. Yes! At least still some daylight between us and them. Hoping for more in the second half.
  14. Predictable 4-4-1-1 formation again. No mention of MacGregor in the squad. Is he injured, suspended?
  15. Shoot me down in flames as usual, but is this the time to play a 3-5-2 formation? Broadfoot, Devine and Deas at the back with Carson and Harper as wing backs? MacGregor, Allardice and MacDonald in the middle with Sutherland and McKay up front?
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