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  1. Row S

    New Kit

    New first choice top is overwhelmed by the size of the McEwan Fraser writing. That and the pattern put me off buying it. I'd much rather have the 25th Anniversary one , if available for sale, but not until August apparently. Once again the late availability meant missed opportunities to sell to the youngsters who wanted to wear them when away on their hols these last two weeks.
  2. At the risk of sounding like a stuck vinyl record, we desperately need an experienced and specialist right back. Shaun Rooney's injury should surely justify such a signing.
  3. Some players seem to get crocked every year against Forres. About time we stopped playing them?
  4. No sign of a decent right back yet? Maybe Robbo wants to play JV in that role so as he can bomb forward and score late winners like his cup final goal in 2015. 😂
  5. Row S


    You can't play football on a bowling green as it would cut up within the first 2 minutes. Nor can you bowl on a football pitch as the grass is too long.
  6. Didn't know about that. Was there no opportunity for fans to attend? 😠
  7. Yes, but missing it as I'm still on holiday in Canada. Will be back in time for the play-offs though.
  8. Bombskares the two of them, McKay and Rooney that is.
  9. A decent right back. Not had one since Raven departed. Unless one of the youngsters can fill that gap.
  10. Short, to the point and absolutely how I felt too.
  11. Row S

    Semi-Final Poll

    From memory our semis in 2003 and 2004 had low crowds. I think it was just under 8,000 v Dundee on a Sunday at 3pm then 13,500 v Dunfermline with a 3pm kick off on a Saturday. So less than 20,000 v Hearts with the game live on TV doesn't seem all that bad for creating an atmosphere. The lower gate money from this is a bit of a bummer though. I also think that most of the Jambos would more easily get to Hampden from Edinburgh for a 12.15 ko than our fans. 1.30pm at Tannadice or Dens on the Sunday might work better but the other semi ko time would have to be moved to avoid a clash for TV.
  12. Was it not this time last year that we started that impressive unbeaten run? Here's hoping that can be repeated to see us safely into the play offs.
  13. Get a couple of dozen volunteers to unfurl it on the pitch in the pre-match build up at the Global Energy Stadium on Monday night. Then keep it for our next cup final appearance this May.🎺
  14. As said so many times this season, our lack of finishing was our undoing again. Then County did a Dick Turpin on us to steal the three points they didn't deserve. Subs should have been on earlier to give fresh legs.