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  1. I'm still trying to understand why this venue has been selected and what facilities will be available to those who won't wish to pay £1000 for 10 people for entry to the game, pre-match drink, half time pie & pint, full time stovies and meet the players in the "exclusive hospitality suite". The facilities at Canal Park are excellent for Highland Rugby Club's needs at present and a crowd of 500 to 600. More than that and they are a bit stretched all round, which I know from attending a few of the Highland RFC games this season. Part of that experience also includes being able to drink alcohol before, during and after the game, and outside as well. Will that be allowed for at Ryan's testimonial? I'm sure this aspect will suit a number of our hardy fans. I would hope that at least our regular home crowd will attend to honour Ryan. So 1500-2000 or more will not be catered for by current facilities, unless of course these are to be supplemented by temporary toilets and food and drinks serveries. In addition, there are no seats or a covered grandstand to watch the game from. The only elevated view of the pitch is from the first floor level balcony in front of the bar. Otherwise it's a free for all around the pitch-side barrier on two sides only. More information on the arrangements would be welcome therefore.
  2. Or we get James Keatings masks with captions like "innocent" or "Greg Aitken is a w#nker".
  3. Another trip to Mcdairmid Park for the final then.
  4. Yup, fecked over by the SFA and BBC yet again!! Guaranteed low turn out from away support and I'm not even able watch it live on tv due a long standing commitment to another event that night.
  5. Row S

    Goal scorers

    From the highlights I've just viewed of yesterday's game most of the best chances we created fell to White. Sadly he fluffed his lines with all of them. We definitely need a more prolific striker if we are to stand any chance of promotion.
  6. All credible suggestions. These need to be relayed to the Board to consider acting on together with those outlined by the Chairman and CEO at the open meeting last year.
  7. WtF? I can't understand why. Our back garden well up the hill in Scorguie is playable after all the frost. So no scheduled games at home in January. More reasons for folk to get out of the habit of going to watch.
  8. Christophe Berra!!!
  9. Christophe Berra and Craig Wighton from Hearts reserves on loan would be my guess.
  10. If we can get Walsh and Welsh back match fit and playing their best before the end of January they will seem like new signings.
  11. That sums it up for me as well. There were long periods of the game that were pretty gash to be honest. Oh how we could do with a 19 goals striker. We'd probably be a lot closer to the Arabs than 13 points.
  12. Perhaps the players were too busy thinking about their Christmas bash in Dublin, which they set off for after the game. Once they have that out their system here's hoping it's back to winning ways next Saturday.
  13. Yes and a lot of them resident in Inverness and the surrounding area too.
  14. 4-3-2-1 formation for me Ridgers Rooney/Mckay, Donaldson, McCarthy, Tremarco Carson, Trafford, Vincent Walsh, Keatings Todorov
  15. On Saturday there were four people serving in the West Terrace stall that covers both home and away fans. For about 15 minutes in the run up to kick off three of them were serving the United fans and only one was serving the home fans. I wasn't aware of the shortage of pies as I only had a rather tasteless white coffee. Nevertheless this set up gave the home fans had a lower chance of getting a pie.