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  1. Yep. he's a waste of space if he has time to think.
  2. Perhaps he's bought CO11 NTY ??
  3. Happy with the point, we again lack a bit of composure up front, Shane is looking a bit out of his depth I'm afraid as is wee McGregor. However this will give us confidence and give some needed belief.
  4. Yeah, he needs to use a bit of savvy rather than go for goal, that header was an example. Mackay that is 🙂
  5. Oh dear.. after a great first 20 mins we've lost our way! Cmon ICT !!!!!
  6. Fecks sake!!!!!!! Harper !!! what the feck were you doing?
  7. Looks like we haven't learnt ! another ball through the middle when the defenders are ball watching, Slow to react, then pay the price. What is it with us at home these days?
  8. Jeesuz, need to sort the passing out, spoiling what was a great result on Saturday!
  9. Mediocre performance by mediocre players with mediocre tactics and management, But we've got games in hand!!!!
  10. HT.. Not a great deal of goalmouth action, Our only chances were long range stuff which reflects Queens tactics really. Need to do better in their last 20 yds.
  11. Alas we find ourselves second bottom of the championship ( albeit with a good few games in hand ) But any manager will say it's safer to have points in the bag ( Look at Hearts, Partick last season), I wonder if any of our stato's can tell us when we were last in that position? Anyway, we certainly have a lot of work to do in order to catch up with the play-off hopeful! And i'm sure Robbo has his concerns too, To me they are goal scorers. At the moment, Our top scorer is Shane who is sitting at 26th place in the Championship scores list with a total of 4 goals. Storey will pop up no
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