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  1. papalazaroo

    Falkirk (A) Preview : 27/01/18

    Nick Ross as trialist ? Is he still training with us ? Is this possible?
  2. papalazaroo

    Ex-ICT players' news

    Campaign on twitter for ex player Chris Finnigan to get Gary Barlow to play at his wedding this July .Gary will play at a wedding whom he decides has had the best social media campaign #getgarytobeauly. Used to work with Chris after he got released and a more genuine guy you could not meet. He even borrowed the Nessie mascot costume to surprise my daughter on her 2nd birthday and arrived unannounced. I'm sure he would appreciate the support. He was never a regular, but was with ICT since youth.
  3. papalazaroo

    Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd

    Above is correct as I was at at 1 off the venues and players informed venue last week they would not be available so nothing to do with result. As a result of the confusion the club have agreed to send players to schools on Thursday. We all know the club is good in the community and nothing has changed.
  4. papalazaroo

    Aberdeen V Inverness C.T.

    On at 11 ??
  5. papalazaroo

    Aberdeen roll call

    Me and Kyle (4) both looking forward to Caley away . My first game this season due to work commitments. 5 sleeps.
  6. papalazaroo

    Mike Smith

    genuine post,but sadly on this site thats not allowed nowadays.a point of view is subject to suspicion or ridicule,god forbid a discussion.
  7. papalazaroo

    Mike Smith

    Glad he has decided to stay,have found him to be a very dedicated guy,and someone who is respected my many others.Regardless of title/pay think he is a vital part of the club.note the poster.
  8. papalazaroo

    Neil Lennon interviewed for Managers Post

    done deal,or a very good cover?
  9. papalazaroo

    Neil Lennon interviewed for Managers Post

    heard it this afternoon ,so maybe not a done deal ?
  10. papalazaroo

    Neil Lennon interviewed for Managers Post

    smokescreen ?any official anouncement. ?
  11. Heard it on the grapevine - any views? :symbol_question: