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  1. Stuck £10 on us to win after hearing how much we were dominating and I was very surprised to get 18/1! Definitely deserve atleast a point if we keep it up in the second half.
  2. Wtf is he doing... It looks like his hand is making his butt take a phone call at gunpoint. Good on him though and here's hoping he can go the rest of the season injury free and put in atleast few more scorchers.
  3. Double postponement! kind of glad since we can hardly field a full bench never mind a whole second squad.
  4. Not really a big storey since we secured a player for the rest of the season that is miles better... Alex fisher
  5. Thanks everyone! I will definitely be taking them to as many games as I can once they are a bit older and less prone to projectile vomiting
  6. I just became a first time dad to twins in December so I thought it would be awhile before I could justify the cost of me and my girlfriend going to watch a match. 2 happy supporters/customers 2 extra bums on seats £20 in the clubs coffer Win - win
  7. 18 points away from relegation 9 points away from a european spot Not bad considering our injury list and our inability to see most games out this season.
  8. I fell asleep just before the match and woke up and put the radio on with 5 minutes to go.... Am I still dreaming?
  9. I heard sho-silva watched the boxing the other night and he feels he can take a punch better than gary cornish so he is away to be a professional boxer.
  10. I want to see lopez come on for christie for the last 30 mins or so to see how he well he does when he has support upfront from storey. Jeez almost 2 - 0...
  11. Is he really that bad? Bad enough that we don't want a forward that we desperately need for free? (If that it is true)
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