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  1. Best ICT performance I have seen for ages : created lots of chances, good closing down / winning possession back and lots more. Keep playing like that and 2nd is the lowest we'll finish.
  2. They have their own camera for the highlights etc : so my simple question is why not use it 'live'??? The AI or whatever one was complete joke. Often instead of following the ball, it went in the opposite direction. Was it mote funny than embarrassing or vice versa??
  3. Saw most of the second half : as others have said an encouraging performance given Hearts infinitely greater resources and the penalty was very very soft. Lots of refs (especially in Scotland) seem to lack basic common sense in decision making. Didn' t create very much up front but the chance late on should have been taken
  4. DWH

    Hearts New Manager

    According to BBC, Levein interested in going back to Tannadice......................... Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! Has shown himself to be one of the worst managers ever.
  5. The basic issue here is the lack of money within the Scottish game. The premiership league teams are unwilling to dilute the available funds in any way and that's the bottom line : everything else is a side issue. The game up here is going backwards and has been for years. It needs completely freshened up but there are to many interests who are unwilling to let that happen.
  6. I'll be ok with : ICT going up and more fluidity between leagues and a fairer play off structure ie straight semis / final assuming 4 teams involved between each tier. Inevitably there will be winners and losers but if promotion / relegation is more straightforward / achieveable then that will be beneficial to the Scottish game.
  7. Two automatic promotion / relegation spots at least gives certainty. The current system is heavily weighted in favour of the 11th placed top league team in that they get a bye to the final . As an alternative I'd go for straight semi finals / final which at least gives a level playing field.
  8. As Barry Wilson commented, a lot of the aftermath was about how bad Celtic were (we certainly weren't given the credit our performance deserved). Still, great memories (it was made all the sweeter after the last minute call off of the originally scheduled match).
  9. Although going by the content summary, looks like it's going to all about 'how it changed Cellic' ............................there's a surprise!!
  10. The fact that Ann Budge is anywhere near this committee is, no matter which club you support, just plain wrong. Scottish football continues digging the hole............................. Really hope they get their arses sued................................don't care who by.
  11. Scottish football does seem to attract an especially incompetent and self serving type : both at an authority and club level (ICT excepted naturally). Along with the broadcasters and pundits : caught a wee bit of sportsound or whatever was on this afternoon : 100% garbage talked. Switched off after 5 minutes cringeworthy garbage.
  12. If we are promoted (by no means guaranteed), we will need to get some new blood in quickly : otherwise we may well become to the top league's whipping boys...........................
  13. Doesn't matter who has /hasn't voted : if 5pm is deadline then go on basis of those who vote by that time. Those who haven't met the deadline assumed to be in favour (assume they haven't thought of such a scenario................................).
  14. Given the history of decision making by the Scottish football authorities, I'm not holding my breath.................................
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