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  1. Yup we were fond of the long hoof upfield when Billy Mckay was our main attacker as well!! It was very noticeable County moved the ball on the ground and were so much quicker in getting forward.
  2. Just knew they were going to equalise...….ended up hanging on An old ICT characteristic : grab a lead and then invite the opposition onto them. Have lost count of the number of times we have taken the lead this season and then been pulled back. Good draw : let's hope we can win the replay. The Arabs are no great shakes and a semi final at Hampden would be at worst good for the coffers.
  3. DWH

    Worrying Low Home Attendances

    ICT have always suffered from poor home attendances. What I found particularly disappointing was the higher we progressed through the leagues, the lower the average attendances became! I suppose there was an element of the novelty factor wearing off, but even so it must have been galling for management and players alike. Having been to a few matches over the last two or three years, it is clear the quality of football played by the current team is poor compared to teams of the past (even in the then second and first divisions). If that improved, I am sure the punters would return.
  4. FFS : that's all we did in the ill fated RF season : you'd have thought someone had worked out it doesn't work...…….
  5. Hahahahahahaha………… I've only seen a handful of ICT matches since our cup win : each has been more depressing than the last (the cup win v Dumbarton being an exception albeit the quality was still pretty low). Looking at the posts, seems things haven't improved...………..
  6. We just can't get any sort of run going. Our home form is truly woeful.
  7. DWH

    Five years on

    Yup: great memories. Over the last few seasons we have lost that fighting spirit and never say die attitude. Let's hope for a good run in starting with 3 points today.
  8. DWH

    The Battle of The Jags

    Yes I heard that interview too : he was clearly not happy at his club's situation! Can't see him lasting long. Agreed we need to win on Saturday to keep a bit of momentum going Our home record is poor (2 wins in 11 games) and we have taken more points on the road (20 against 13).
  9. DWH


    Twelve so far out of 21 league games. I see the record for the SPL is 16 in a season : any idea of the all time Sottish record?
  10. Yup : good result. Every win instils a bit of confidence. The BBC report has EK with 56% of the possession?
  11. Beat Ayr at Somerset Park (assuming we beat Falkirk in the next league match) and I'll be even more impressed!
  12. From the several matches I have been to over the last 3 years or so, that sums it up perfectly. Just hope someone in ICT's management realises that one of these days.
  13. Spot on. I watched ICT from 1994 until 2008 when I moved to the Central Belt : have only seen a handful of matches since then. After Yogi's reign, I was shocked at how bad we had become during the ill fated Foran season : the matches I have witnessed this season give no cause for optimism. We have no leader, no shape and no passion : things ICT teams always had no matter what division we were in. ……. and again we are struggling to hang on to a play off spot. Something has to change but as one poster said, I guess we don't have the cash to ditch Robbo so alternative plans are needed.
  14. Going by the highlights, we had many more chances : most are right in front of goal where the player should at least hit the target / test the keeper. Too many draws will cost us : along with strikers who are pretty ineffectual. Even if we sneak into the play offs, can't see this lot lasting long. What with being a long time Spurs supporter, it's been a bummer of a weekend.
  15. DWH

    Greenock Morton v ICT

    Good win : need to get a few more and then who knows? County in drivng seat so if we can win on Saturday the race is, in my opinion, wide open.