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  1. DWH

    League Cup Draw

    ICT are notoriously slow starters : need to start on the front foot both in cup and league and not be left playing catch up. We always seem to stick to a Highland tour for pre season matches : maybe a step up in quality of opposition might help the team in these early games?
  2. As always different folks see things in a variety of ways. I feel we were really close to getting past the Arabs . A couple of dubious (that's being kind) refereeing decisions certainly didn't help but the bottom line is we failed to score a goal over 180 + minutes. A lack of creativity and sharpness up front is clear for all to see. We were on top for a lot of the time (especially at Tannadice) but didn't make it count when it mattered. Here's hoping we can solve this issue next season.
  3. As long as Utd fail to get up, I'll be happy. Need to be far sharper in the final third. Far too much long ball stuff instead of moving it on the ground. No goals in 180 minutes is the main reason we failed.
  4. DWH

    Play offs

    Which I guess reinforces the point the original and subsequent posters made. The dead wood self preservation types in charge of Scottish football need to be moved on . Let's hope ICT can make it a first..................
  5. DWH

    Play offs

    No, I was referring to the Scottish championship and the fact that should a 3rd / 4th placed team make it to the play off final, they would end up playing three 2 legged matches (in a pretyty short period), whereas the premiership team only have to play one 2 legged match.
  6. DWH

    Play offs

    As I've said before, only the Scottish football authorities could dream up such a skewed play off system. Would be interesting to know whether a 3rd / 4th placed Championship team has actually achieved promotion?
  7. Well done to all : third place is the best we could have hoped for realistically. Play offs will be tough given the 'only in Scotland could that be dreamt up' format but on the positive side, the opposition are no great shakes. Looks like St Mirren will be the PL second bottom team : would certainly prefer them to Hamilton
  8. DWH


    Had a quick look at the crowds for this season. Seem to be holding up pretty well in the circumstances (Championship and pretty poor fare): most matches over 2,000. Don't think they were much higher in our SPL days?? It always amazed me that the higher we went in the leagues (as well as gathering a few notable cup scalps), the lower the crowds became. A bit of it down to the novelty factor wearing off?
  9. We've lost players in the past and will again in the future. Let's concentrate on the play offs and see where that takes us.
  10. He would still be with us for the play offs.
  11. All but guaranteed to be in the play offs . Hope Robbo has the guys at peak fitness levels for potentially six matches over a short period. With the proviso we can last the pace, no reason we can't beat any of our rivals and get back to the top league.
  12. Fair play : yes, I guess I am both pretty angry and frustrated at the relatively low level of expectation I now have from attending (admittedly not that many) matches over the last three seasons.
  13. I get that but as I said in past seasons, when we were always very much the underdogs (against Hearts at Tynecastle and Motherwell at Fir Park for example ), we could always put up a fight with the 'bigger team. That was sadly never the case on Saturday.
  14. Sorry I have to disagree totally, and take no pleasure from it. In past seasons, no matter what division ICT were in, or who they were up against, I always felt we were in the match and capable of scoring and getting a result. That feeling was very absent on Saturday. If I hadn't had one of my sons and two of his friends with me, I'd have walked out long before the end.