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  1. DWH

    The Pre-Season Thread

    I always feel we should play stronger teams pre season. Invariably ICT do a Highland tour : other teams are playing teams a few levels above the HL (no disrespect). Surely puts us at a wee bit of a disadvantage and perhaps contributes to our far too often slow start?
  2. DWH

    Championship 2018/19

    Potentially a very competitive Championship : ICT, Arabs, Thistle, County, Dunfermline and Falkirk : all desperate to return to the top league (not discounting the others given Livi's back to back promotions). As others have said, essential we get off to a strong start and are not left playing catch up again which cost us dearly this season.
  3. DWH

    Morton -V- Inverness CT

    To summarise, as a team over the last couple of months we've regained a lot of pride. Very much looking forward to next season.
  4. DWH

    Morton -V- Inverness CT

    Well done to Robbo and the team for a great run in : just ran out of matches as I suspected would be the case (I know about last week but we should have been comfortably in the play offs long before then). Hope most of team are retained with the addition of a couple of new faces and we can carry on where we left off in August(?). Really enjoyed the cup win : great to experience that winning feeling again. Here's to another trophy in a year's time!
  5. All we could hope for : win on Saturday and hope for a minor miracle at East End Park. If we were to make it, our momentum is by far the best of the contenders. What a difference in a couple of months. Lots of things crossed between now and 4.50pm on Saturday......................
  6. Ha ha ha.................Spurs are just far too inconsistent : at their best when they play with a fast tempo. Onwards and upwards next season.....................
  7. Let's pray for 2 wins and for Dunfermline to crumble against Dumbarton. Failing that unlikely scenario, let's be positive and look forward to 18/19 with positivity and a return the top division. I am also a long time Spurs fan, so it hasn't been the best of weekends.........................
  8. Water under the bridge I guess. As I have said before, apart from St Mirren, none of the other teams are any great shakes. We should have been comfortably in the play off positions long before our late late run. Hope we get our act together over the close season in preparation for a title winning season...................
  9. DWH

    Dennis Wyness

    Yup saw ICT rise from 3rd Division as it was to the SPL (as it was). Suspect the teams of the late 1990s / early 2000s would have thrashed the current team. No matter who the opposition were, you always felt the team had goals in them.
  10. Agree with all of the above : a good win on Saturday and I'll be at Livi next Tuesday!!
  11. With the gap that exists to fourth (even allowing for games in hand), we need all the points we can get (and others need to drop points). It's a big difference with matches rapidly running out.
  12. To have any chance, we need three points on Saturday. Other results going our way on top and you never know.......................
  13. Yup : good result on the back of the cup win. The Arabs are pretty poor along with most other teams in the Championship and the really frustrating thing is that we have failed to take advantage of that. Overall a good run in and we can look forward to next season with optimism.
  14. Having witnessed some shocking and depressing ICT performances recently, it was great to experience the feeling of winning a trophy.again! On this season's form (re-inforced by the first 92 and a half minutes), no way we will put a winning run together over the final stretch.........so it's a case of get the season over with and get ourselves in a position to mount a real challenge next season. Well done to all again.
  15. For 92 minutes, that was the worst game of football I had ever witnessed : no shape, skill or much resembling football. Overall we deserved it because of the negative approach of our opponents. Great to have another piece of silverware for the collection : now we need to set our thoughts to next season............