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  1. Great to see another away win. If only we could get anything like the same results at home, we'd have little worries about automatic promotion. Our main problem in recent seasons has been our pretty poor home record.
  2. Losing 2 late goals against a HL team doesn't look good. Need to get a winning run going in the league : no outstanding teams but we really need to be looking to win a home and pick up as many points on the road as possible.
  3. There has been no leadership (or shape) on the pitch since season 2015/16.
  4. Not good at all : already playing catch up......................
  5. You were talking nonsense at the start of the thread, and yup, you are still at it............... A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
  6. I'll stick my neck out and wager STFU is talking one load of horse manure.................
  7. Just watched the clip v St Johnstone from 2004. Great memories. Would be good to see a crowd of that proportions filling the stadium on Friday evening.....
  8. Fantastic, absolutely fantastic!! Atmosphere was brilliant. Really hope we can finish the job and see off St Johnstone. Collum is a disgrace and I really hope someone took note of his totally inept performance last night. Never been prouder to be an ICT fan.
  9. Absolutely fantastic!! Hope we can finish the job on Friday and move on to Arbroath which will be tougher than Partick. The Lichties always look organised and have a good shape. We need to play along the ground a lot more : when we did we looked a lot more dangerous and had 2 or 3 great moves when we did.
  10. I know, I know : we'll beat 'em!
  11. Will be at all the away play off matches! Really looking forward to it! Arbroath will be the toughest one!
  12. The way I look at it, winning breeds confidence and is a great habit!
  13. Seven wins on the bounce will do nicely!
  14. Five wins and see where it takes us!
  15. Agree : the first 89 minutes were torture (again). We have no shape and certainly no plan in matches. I really hope consecutive wins give the team a bit of belief for the run in.
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