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  1. We've lost players in the past and will again in the future. Let's concentrate on the play offs and see where that takes us.
  2. He would still be with us for the play offs.
  3. All but guaranteed to be in the play offs . Hope Robbo has the guys at peak fitness levels for potentially six matches over a short period. With the proviso we can last the pace, no reason we can't beat any of our rivals and get back to the top league.
  4. Fair play : yes, I guess I am both pretty angry and frustrated at the relatively low level of expectation I now have from attending (admittedly not that many) matches over the last three seasons.
  5. I get that but as I said in past seasons, when we were always very much the underdogs (against Hearts at Tynecastle and Motherwell at Fir Park for example ), we could always put up a fight with the 'bigger team. That was sadly never the case on Saturday.
  6. Sorry I have to disagree totally, and take no pleasure from it. In past seasons, no matter what division ICT were in, or who they were up against, I always felt we were in the match and capable of scoring and getting a result. That feeling was very absent on Saturday. If I hadn't had one of my sons and two of his friends with me, I'd have walked out long before the end.
  7. Never have ICT had so little skill, leadership or fight. The worst performance by far in any ' big' match I have seen going back to the 1990s (cup match v Dundee Utd) The match was never a contest : the first half in particular was all about about keeping Hearts at bay. Very difficult (impossible) to take any positives.
  8. Yup : good away win. Just keep it going lads : a play off spot is well within our grasp. The higher the better though. We are capable of grabbing second place which would be ideal.
  9. DWH

    Semi-Final Poll

    I reckon even if it turns out to be PT, they may well take at 15 to 20,000 so realistically Hampden is the only option.
  10. Did you really expect anything else? Scottish football authorities are largely clueless and Old Firm obsessed.
  11. Caught the final 25 minutes or so on TV (had been listening in the car before that). Played really well and fully deserved to win. Doran is still a great player : we are lucky he has stuck with us. Always good to see the Arabs put in their place : another club who seem to think their rightful place is in the top league. Assuming we make the play offs, we may we may well be playing both Dundee clubs and probably Ayr. None are great so becoming more optimistic as time goes on. Still ridiculous that the PL team gets a bye into the final : only the Scottish football authorities could devise such a crass system. Looking forward to Hampden!!
  12. A mixed bag looking at the comments but as they say a win is a win. Agree with the comments on not playing as a team : that has been very apparent since the slide began. Our aim should be to get as high up the table as possible. County seem to have top spot sewn up so the play off farce it is (not chicken counting).
  13. Good to see the guys hold their nerve for the penalties. Fancy us to beat the Arabs and get back to Hampden
  14. Yup we were fond of the long hoof upfield when Billy Mckay was our main attacker as well!! It was very noticeable County moved the ball on the ground and were so much quicker in getting forward.
  15. Just knew they were going to equalise...….ended up hanging on An old ICT characteristic : grab a lead and then invite the opposition onto them. Have lost count of the number of times we have taken the lead this season and then been pulled back. Good draw : let's hope we can win the replay. The Arabs are no great shakes and a semi final at Hampden would be at worst good for the coffers.