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  1. Thanks Laura The Juanjo Away boys will miss your help in getting us the best seats and keeping us together at away matches. Enjoy whatever the future holds.
  2. Ryan Christie ya wee dancer:):):)
  3. Gutted! 1st half shocking, 2nd half amazing.
  4. This is not good. Yogi needs to work some magic at half time
  5. It wasn't yesterday that cost us Europe, only winning 1 of the last 5 games did that. At the start of the season I don't know a single ICT fan who didn't want us to finish above C*unty . We achieved that With 1 of the ugly sisters binned from the league, I recon most thought top 6 was a real possibility. We achieved that. League cup Semi-final, great achievement (even though we blew it and should have been in the final ) Very proud of the team this year, a couple of decent signings and we're in for more of the same next year Bring It On!!!
  6. You mean we're going to bribe someone to get there? Buy, Bye, By, Bi
  7. Would there be the same complaints about a neutral ground if we had drawn Celtic and had to play them at Hampden? I doubt it. Be proud that we've made the Semi Finals (and you never know, we might get a buy to the Final)
  8. Bring on the other half of the grimm bros Do the draw tomorrow there's no need to warm the balls to keep the infirm apart now.
  9. Ian Black booked Shockeroony
  10. The question was just put on radio scotland" game over?" and they can't bring themselves to say yes! 3rd division bias
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