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  1. Highlights of the 3rd round replay between Caley and Airdrie in 1990 is now available on YouTube. Many thanks to @TheMantis for providing the footage of the 2 goals - greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi @TheMantis, I'm hoping to get some of these old Caley/Thistle and ICT videos uploaded this summer. Now that the season's over, do you think there'll be any chance of searching for - and sending over - the Airdrie goals from Jan 1990 to put with the footage I have of the penalty shoot out? I know it all takes time to try and dig out old stuff like that but would be great to have it together in one video on YouTube. Thanks.
  3. Excellent, thank you very much. Did you get them from old programmes, newspapers or personal records? Been scouring ebay for years for old programmes but they don't come up very often.
  4. Inverness Thistle 1993-94 Is anybody able to put scores, scorers and venues to these games for Inverness Thistle 1993-94. Can only find list of games played but without the results. I've filled in what I can from old programmes. 4.8.93 Ross County HL Cup 7.8.93 Peterhead 14.8.93 (H) Keith 28.8.93 Rothes 4.9.93 (H) Caledonian Q Cup W 2-0 Callum MacLean, Watt 7.9.93 (H) Fort William D 0-0 11.9.93 (H) Cove Rangers D 1-1 Stevenson 18.9.93 (H) Clachnacuddin L 1-2 Davidson 25.9.93 Deveronvale Q Cup 29.9.93 Brora Rangers 2.10.93 Deveronvale Q Cup Replay 9.10.93 (a) Ross County Q Cup 12.10.93 (a) Deveronvale 16.10.93 (H) Ross County Q Cup Replay L 1-4 23.10.93 Forres Mechs 30.10.93 (a) Huntly L 2-4 2.11.93 (a) Brora Rangers HOE Cup W 3-2 6.11.93 (a) Lossiemouth 13.11.93 Nairn County 16.11.93 (a) Ross County HOE Cup W 6-3 20.11.93 Buckie Thistle 30.11.93 Clachnacuddin HOE Cup Final W 1-0 Polworth 4.12.93 Forres Mechs 18.12.93 Peterhead 15.1.94 (H) Clachnacuddin NOS Cup L 0-2 5.2.94 Rothes 12.2.94 Fraserburgh 19.2.94 (a) Clachnacuddin 2.3.94 Brora Rangers 5.3.94 (H) Caledonian L 1-2 MacPhee 12.3.94 (a) Elgin City 19.3.94 Fraserburgh 22.3.94 Ross County 2.4.94 Nairn County 9.4.94 Buckie Thistle 13.4.94 (H) Deveronvale W 5-0 16.4.94 (a) Cove Rangers 20.4.94 (H) Elgin City D 0-0 23.4.94 (a) Fort William W 2-1 Moir, Polworth 30.4.94 (H) Huntly L 1-4 2.5.94 Ross County 7.5.94 (a) Keith L 1-2 Bremner 11.5.94 (a) Caledonian L 0-1 14.5.94 (H) Lossiemouth L 0-2
  5. Highlights from the 1999 Challenge Cup Final v Alloa Athletic:
  6. Yes it does include the pitch invasion and yes it does include Hamish Morrison being raised aloft by the crowd. It looks like the cameraman was part of the pitch invasion. Seems to dash on and films from right in front of Hamish as he carried off the pitch. Can't believe the game went ahead that night looking at the severity of that blizzard. Tried downloading the Airdrie goals from the nostalgia page but it downloads as a .mov and says cannot play video due to invalid file format. Does anybody have the programme from the Caley-Thistle game on 25th April 1990 that might give the Elgin scorers from the week before? Will start putting Caley and Thistle highlights footage out from this YouTube account over the coming months:
  7. Perhaps it could have been the 18th April game then. Might make sense because the Elgin fans were singing championees. Does the paper have it down as 2-1 to Elgin with Wilson Robertson scoring on 75 minutes and Elgin getting the winner on 83 minutes? Do you know who got the goals for Elgin? Thanks
  8. Looks a bit dark for that time of year. Was there perhaps a North Of Scotland Cup game earlier in the season? I saw a North Cup game on the fixture list for the Saturday after the Airdrie replay but didn't know if it was this game or if it even went ahead on the scheduled date given the snowfall during the Airdrie game.
  9. Hi all, Another one for you here. Has anybody got any information on another game from 1989-90. Its another one that I've managed to get on dvd. The game is between Caley and Elgin City. Finished 2-1 to Elgin with Wilson Robertson getting the Caley goal. Anybody know the date of the game? I promise I'll get these games on YouTube soon. Also, got the full penalty shoot out v Airdrie plus highlights of the game but strangely not the 2 goals from the game. @TheMantis am I right in thinking you have the goals on video? Would be great to merge our footage for this game and upload to YouTube. Thanks
  10. This is great news. I'd be happy to help out with the data inputting.
  11. They said they don't have any videos for sale. Any match footage would need to be transferred onto dvd. Asked about discount for bulk purchase - they said they'd entertain £20 per dvd for a bulk order. Thought it'd be worth letting you all know in case anyone was interested in this old footage. I couldn't believe they had any at all after all these years. They had to go away and rifle through the vaults and came back to me about a week later. When they started going through the list I was hoping Caley 15 Golspie Sutherland 0 might be in there but alas not! Would it worth putting together fixtures, results, dates, scores, scorers between us for late 80's / early 90's either on this site or on Wikipedia? Could add to it over time. I'd be happy to scan pages from old programmes to verify.
  12. Thanks very much for that, very much appreciated. Spent the last couple of weeks scouring for results from those last few seasons but can't find anything at all anywhere online. Looked through a few old programmes. Caley's 1993-94 results are covered in the 'Farewell To The Highland League' booklet and the Caley programmes themselves are quite good for a particular seasons but need late season programmes to be anywhere near comprehensive and the programmes themselves are harder and harder to find on eBay etc. Sadly, the Thistle programmes don't seem to have much by way of a rundown of results for the season and seems to be more just match reports of the latest couple of games. Hi! Yes it is BMillsy that was buying doubles in Brechin about 20 years ago! You also kindly sent me some tapes of Caley / Caley Thistle footage from 1993/94/95 (news footage of the last ever derby, news report on the Caley Thistle 1st league game v Arbroath, North Of Scotland Cup Final 1994, etc). The Caley v Thistle game from 1990 is on dvd. I contacted HCVF a few weeks ago to see if they still have any of the old footage (and fully expected to be told that they don't). Amazingly they came back with a list of games that they are happy to convert to dvd at £24 each. For anybody that's interested, the full list was: 1. Inverness v Airdrie 2. Inverness v Elgin 3. Inverness v Deveronvale (1993) 4. Caley v Huntly (1993) 5. Caley v Cove (1993) 6. Caley v Thistle 7. Caley v Keith (1993) 8. Caley v Lossiemouth (1993) 9. Caley v Ross County (undated) 10. Caley v Ross County (Feb 1994) 11. Caley v Cowdenbeath (Oct 1994) 12. Caley v Albion Rovers/Forfar highlights 13. Caley v Clach (Apr 1994) 14. Caley v Ross County (Oct 1994) 15. Caley v Dundee (Sep 1994) 16. Caley v East Stirling (Oct 1994) 17. Caley v Forfar (Sep 1994) 18. Caley v St Johnstone (1994) 19. Inverness Th v Lossiemouth (1994) 20. Inverness Th Billy Wilson Testimonial 1994 21. Caley v Dundee (penalties) 22. Caley v East Stirling (Feb 1995) Will try and get this uploaded soon! Thanks for your replies.
  13. Hi, Is anybody able to direct me to the playing records for Caledonian Thistle and Inverness Thistle for the last few years up into 1994 eg dates, opponents, results, scores and scorers? Can't find anything anywhere and I recently came into possession of a match video of a game between Calet and Inverness Thistle but can't find the date anywhere for when it would have been played. Looks like 1989-90 judging by the kits and finished 2-1 to Caley (Charlie Christie and Billy Urquhatt for Caley and an overhead kick from inside the 6 yard box for Thistle) Thanks. Any help much appreciated.