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  1. Extended highlights now available of the Partick Thistle Quarter Final in 2002.
  2. Hi, Prematch v Partick is here. The extended highlights of the game I'll get uploaded this week.
  3. An absolute classic available on YouTube from half 5 today. 8 goals, 2 penalties and 2 red cards, it's Inverness CT v Queens Of The South from 2002/03.
  4. Highlights now uploaded on YouTube from the abandoned game at Kilmarnock in 2001. Did any of you off here go?
  5. More ICT videos uploaded from 2000-01. Alloa and Ayr away from January and Livingston at home at the end of April.
  6. Saw mention of Ayr's ground on another thread and it got me thinking how it is by far and away the best ground in the country with all the old style terracing. Wish there were a lot more like that and hope they don't redevelop it or move out any time soon.
  7. Been adding plenty more of Mantis's old ICT videos to YouTube. Loads just gone up from 1999-00 and 2000-01 with plenty more still to come. Enjoy!
  8. Highlights of Caledonian FC v Elgin from April 1990 available from 7pm tonight:
  9. HCVF. Got in touch with them a couple of years ago to see if they still had footage from the early days. Didn't expect they would but they've got about 20 from 1990-1995. Bought them all, just takes time to edit down to watchable highlights. John Scott took the penalty in normal time. Not sure why he was taking it. Didn't look confident and with Mike Andrew and Charlie Christie on the pitch you'd have thought one of them would have taken it (both took very good penalties in the shoot out). Got a Highland League game from 1990 ready to upload but internet's been down all day. Do you remember the Dundee game?
  10. Rare footage. Match highlights from 1994-95. Caledonian Thistle v Dundee available on YouTube from 11:30 this morning. Just time to squeeze it in before ICT v Hearts on the official ICT channel at 12.
  11. Don't have highlights of Stirling Albion from 1990 I'm afraid but some very rare highlights uploading this weekend: A Caledonian Thistle game from 1994-95 and a Caledonian FC Highland League game from 1989-90.
  12. The cup tie against Aberdeen from 2000:
  13. It's not early 2000's and it's not ICT either, but here's Caley's last ever Cup Final. Anybody remember it? A magazine article from around the time said that some Caley fans organised a swearing campaign in protest at the merger aimed at disrupting television coverage of the game.
  14. Football Archives Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnmq6qdAYdKzfGF8sZoPMqw There's a few season by season playlists and one big playlist in chronological order from 1993 news items about the early days of the merger through to the championship win in 2004. Here's the Partick and Clyde games:
  15. Such a shame that Paterson left when he did. Would have been great to see him take the club all the way from the 3rd to the Premier with that brand of football. I always wished I could have seen the first half season that he was in charge when every other week was a 5-0 or a 5-1. And that Albion game when it was 6-0 at half time and he said the players let the club down when it finished 6-1. Always came across really well in interviews aswell. Have any of you guys ever met him?
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