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  1. Andrew

    Old Kits

    Just wondering, has anyone managed to collect all our shirts ?
  2. Now the stripes are back we’ve got to keep them forever, love it
  3. Looks like Mccarts off to St Johnstone
  4. Carl Tremarco’s goal line clearance was something else
  5. Hopefully the result we needed to get us going again
  6. Probably thought they were at the pantomime, because that just about sums the game up
  7. Quite simply we have got to get our act together
  8. The total shambles of the catering situation for the north stand fans needs sorted out. Not only do you need to queue in puddles of water and mud, if you ever get to the front (provided you are willing to miss half the match) there is nothing left ! re-open the main stand doors to allow access for food and drink until it's sorted out.
  9. Andrew

    New Kit

    That’s fine then, if they are not the limited edition they said they were they can exchange mine for one that fits me when they get more in, since they said they didn’t have my size
  10. Andrew

    New Kit

    Don’t think you can order the limited edition one that comes in the presentation box, but they do have the strip in the shop in bigger sizes minus the box
  11. Andrew

    ICT jigsaws

    My son has a Dougie Imrie jigsaw and honestly I’m not a bad parent!!
  12. Totally agree with Kingsmills, refuse all tickets until this shambles is sorted out
  13. Fair and neutral venue is the biggest issue for me, it has to be Aberdeen
  14. The ICT stall in the eastgate centre has 8 tickets left