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  1. I wouldn't like to make a comment that may cause a Chernobyl style meltdown!!!😀
  2. Good to see you back.Flamingo among the vult..... I was going to write vultures but it wouldn't be true! Compared to other fan sites most posters are pretty decent .
  3. Good to hear from you again. I won't say the best of luck, we need all the luck we can get!
  4. Bloody government! Who do they think they are! Trying to save lives! I hope they find out how much they've cost you.
  5. He's hanging on to his job by his fingernails. Looking for any excuse to take the focus of himself!
  6. Was the email signed at the bottom Anonymous?
  7. He's not the only one who doesn't learn from past mistakes!!,
  8. When you say cutting about, does that mean the sleeves and collar???.🙂
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