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  1. Old habits die hard Sean 🐑
  2. roarer

    New ICT Podcast

    Loved it! Keep up the good work. A wee Connolyism now and again never hurt anyone.
  3. United have added to their squad,will be quite formidable and favourites to win the championship. Let's not get carried away.
  4. roarer

    Angus Beith

    So it was!! Sorry It's getting harder to tell you both apart!!🙂
  5. roarer

    Angus Beith

    Well said Pimple..😉
  6. He did Caleyboy and Peter played football for the High school I'm sure you'll remember him.Great lad.
  7. Way too much time on your hands!☺
  8. Thank you from Brisbane! Well done! You and the team 😎
  9. Seems to have an impressive resume. Looking from my remote viewpoint I think it is a sensible move.
  10. Never was when I played there.
  11. To be fair yours was hardly brimming with positivity ☺
  12. A moth eaten rag on a worm eaten pole. It doesn't seem likely to stir a man's soul. Tis the deeds that were done neath that moth eaten rag When the pole was a staff and the rag was the flag!