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  1. Bloody government! Who do they think they are! Trying to save lives! I hope they find out how much they've cost you.
  2. He's hanging on to his job by his fingernails. Looking for any excuse to take the focus of himself!
  3. Was the email signed at the bottom Anonymous?
  4. He's not the only one who doesn't learn from past mistakes!!,
  5. When you say cutting about, does that mean the sleeves and collar???.🙂
  6. Somebody just told me if they'd seen covid19 a year ago it would have been followed by Fort William nil!!😁
  7. Come on folks. Surely somebody has something negative to add!🙂😉
  8. How has the team been playing? Not too much of a clue from the twitter feed.
  9. Last minute goal gave us 3 very important points. The only win in the league tonight!
  10. Half time score 1-0.Jordan White header.
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