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  1. roarer

    Summer transfer targets

    Too ? And ?
  2. roarer

    Ryan Christie

    For those of a certain vintage what about the New Christie Minstrels.
  3. roarer

    Competition - Post Split Points

    A real buzz winning something though. If even only temporarily.
  4. roarer

    Competition - Post Split Points

    Fair play Yngwie I did specify 5 draws so its only fair that a redraw takes place and Wanderer's lovely wee girl picks another name!
  5. roarer

    Motherwell -V- Inverness C.T.

    Sorry I was trying to go easy. I really meant roar with laughter.
  6. roarer

    Motherwell -V- Inverness C.T.

    You've got at least one friend in George the exiled eagle!
  7. roarer

    Motherwell -V- Inverness C.T.

    Mahonio don't go. I love your posts. When things are not going well football wise, you always make me smile.
  8. roarer

    Parkhead yesterday

    There's something very familiar about George to the eagle eyed among us.
  9. roarer

    Derek Adams tactical genius

    Agree Missus. I'd rather see a rumour along the lines of Arquin isn't really missing. While Deeks been out looking for him Arquin's been helping Mrs Deek realise the pleasures of a French union. Would that not make a better story than one where Hamill plays a game of skittles? Arquins in the attic. Or is he under the bed? Does Mrs Deek know? Has he gone to her head? She needs someone strong who can stand on his feet Not a seething wee wimp who falls down at a bleat. You're becoming a bit pimply Alex!
  10. roarer

    Competition - Post Split Points

    Five draws. Five points.
  11. roarer

    Last nights singing

    Everybody has their own view on what is offensive. I think yours is very different to mine. Do you believe you crossed the line?
  12. roarer

    Richie Foran great restraint shown

    When did I say I was outraged ? I said if you were outraged you ought to take the matter further. You seem upset by the court ruling!
  13. roarer

    Richie Foran great restraint shown

    DALNIEGHCALEY I wonder if the others involved in this case were just happy slappers! Do you really believe that you or anyone else would have been treated differently? I suggest you contact your MP if you are outraged by this miscarriage of justice. You seem to know a bit more than the JP did. If you have any facts which were not presented in court please tell us now. You seem to be somewhat perturbed by the fact a hefty punishment was not involved. I wasn't there when the incident occurred, were you ?
  14. roarer

    Last nights singing

    No, just a soggy mess!
  15. roarer

    Last nights singing

    He actually gave back a sarcastic clap back to them to say "Aye, good one" etc. Still he heard them so if he was bothered by it then he could have easily complained and got it stopped I wouldn't make any more comments on this if I were you. You are starting to appear quite foolish.