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  1. It's all photos of our U18s
  2. The club are kicking up a stink about not being able to bring back the loan players and having to play U18s. A wee reminder that ALL the loan players are part of the U18 squad! Just another moan to distract from the reality that is the shambles we have become.
  3. Dare I suggest a call to bring back CaleyD, wherever he is?
  4. STFU

    New ICT Podcast

    Really disappointed in this podcast and how the guys allowed it to turn into the Scot Gardiner Show, in particular the guy who does the press conferences who seems to like tickling Gardiners balls as much as he does Dodds' balls. The stink of lads culture eminating from everything to do with the club just now is extraordinary. Is it really worth selling out for a few comp tickets and free shirts? We learned nothing about the clubs involvement in the battery thing. It's nt being built at the stadium, the club are not running it, the club do not own the land it is being built on, so why are we involved and how do we benefit financially? Are we just whoring out the club name to try and soften public opinion on a potentially controversial project? Similar to the Red John park and ride deal. The club do not own the car parks, so if they are being rented to this company then any income for the club is at the gift of those who do own the car parks, and those are the people who will have negotiated the contract. On both of the above, it seems that Gardiner is doing a lot of taking credit for the effort of others. In regards to the roof on the West Stand. If it is so important, and worth so much to the club, that Kindergarten 94 are there creating an atmosphere over there, then make the investment yourself. You don't see Tesco building grocery aisles in the car park and then telling customers that if they want to shop in the dry then they have to pay for a roof! Why does Nessie need a PVG certificate? They're not being left alone with kids. Every child or vulnerable person in the stadium has to be accompanied. Calling BS on his excuses here. Similar with the holding a Xmas Party. We have a community organisation where most staff will be PVG checked and who you'd think would be charged with the organisation of such an event, so calling BS on his excuses for not doing this as well. Reluctant to criticise the Supporters Trust rep as she didn't really get a chance to say much or question answers given. In regards to the concert stuff. He seemed to suggest that the club had been paid by the concert company for the services they had supplied. If so, then the club HAVE benefited to the detriment of all those who haven't been paid either in part or in full. Disgusting and it's no surprise we can't get local companies to take up things like matchday hospitality. Problems about increased utility prices etc are the same for every club, why would they impact us more than others? The cost of scans, surgeries etc for players would only be a problem if we weren't insured. Is that the case? Somehow the podcast to answer all the questions fans had/have seems to have created even more questions!
  5. Seems they haven't bothered coming back for the second half!
  6. Was late finishing work, and we lost a goal while I was on the way to the match. Changed my mind and headed for home. Can't even torture myself on Twitter updates as we've only had 3. Kick Off, conceded goal and HT. You know it's bad when even the club's own social media can't muster anything to post about. Anyone at the game want to tell us that it's not that bad and we're unlucky to be losing?
  7. Thank you for strengthening my argument. I love that your snowflake comment makes you the very definition of a snowflake
  8. 2 points from 18 and we have some fans trying to tell others that they have no cause for complaint? Can I also highlight that we started the season with only 5 points from the first 18 and that was before the "injury crisis". Not suggesting that injuries aren't having an impact, but there's evidence to show that we are just as capable of poor form when we have a mostly intact squad. Can I also echo what was said above about the worry that we are playing players who aren't fully recovered. That is irresponsible. What is even worse is the admission from our Manager that we are utilising players when he has identified that it is detrimental to their mental health. Has he forgotten the events that caused his predecessor to stand down and open the door for him to get the job? It's just a game of football. It's entertainment. We should not be consciously and deliberately subjecting anyone to undue physical or mental risks. What's just as bad is that the club, including the Sports Director who suffered from mental health issues, is allowing this. ....or it's purely soundbite to support his outrage that the SFA/SPFL didn't allow him to recall loan players? Either way, it's just another matter that shows the utter shambles that is the running of ICTFC these days.
  9. 2012-13 when (from what I can see) we had a smaller squad and were playing in a higher league. We had an awful pre-season with injuries and started the season proper with 4 or 5 lads on the treatment table, and it only got worse from there. Somehow we still managed to finish 4th
  10. You're trolling me, right?
  11. Uncomfortable viewing of a man who clearly doesn't want to be talking to the press.
  12. Not sure the St Mirren scenario creates any precedence (one was caused by a global pandemic, the other by our inability to ensure players are match fit and manage their rehabilitation) and, when our request is denied, I await the cries of how SFA/SPFL are biased towards teams outside the central belt and how they will do anything to stop us being promoted back to the premiership. Also hearing that at least 2 players are sidelined due to injuries to Dodds' ego and not to themselves.
  13. No post match video from Dodds or a player and now Barry doing pre-match for Ayr. Will let people insert their own conspiracy theories.
  14. How can you call someone misinformed and then confirm that what they said was correct and a window was damaged?
  15. The comment Dodds made following the hooking of Ridgers is what fuelled the speculation. If the decision was based purely on performance, that's all he had to say.
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