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    I agree with all you say, but I am perplexed by the fact that you see all this, yet still seem convinced that the club will not also ignore the outcome of the fan survey
  2. Playing Devils Advocate...would it be harsh on the players? Why have they been able to raise their game for cup matches, but delivered mostly dross in the league? Cup "glory" will deliver a one off, relatively small, pay day in comparison to promotion and it will barely register in the black hole that is £2 Million of debt (not counting what may have been lost in addition to that since May 2022). It certainly doesn't equate to a good return on investment! With that in mind it could be argued that the players have failed the club, so are deserving of nothing. In saying that, and even though I am utterly disillusioned with the club right now, I still want us to make the final as the fans deserve it for having to put up with the soul destroying league performances (especially at home) over the past 2 seasons.
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    If you google it, the link is/was to the one I attached, unless it's been changed since then.
  4. I think a couple of players had it, but thankfully there's cream that clears it up.
  5. Do people really think Gardiner and Morrison are capable of fixing anything? If so, on what do you base that opinion?
  6. Nobody's falling for the "I was having a laugh" patter. You made a **** of yourself and everyone now knows, without doubt, that you're nothing more than a club lackey.
  7. Watching the club's pet podcaster losing his sh*t and challenging everyone who dared disagree with him to a fight was very amusing.
  8. 1 before 1 now Don't care enough to give any reason
  9. We caught a lucky break and have made the best of the opportunity. On 'merit' we should never have had that opportunity so, as I said at the time, we need to not be getting all Billy Big Baws about it. That's also not to say that we should accept being taken for a ride, but if folk are going to pay and go anyway, then any moans are pointless. All they're doing is showing clubs and football authorities that they will accept being treated the way they are.
  10. Aren't you a charmer! Many places, including Caley Stadium, have stopped forcing pity based concessions on wheelchair users and other non ambulant supporters at their own request. Concessions are instead given to any carer which may be required to allow them to attend games.
  11. People can moan all they like it will change nothing because clubs and SFA are exploiting the "it's all about supporting the team" lines that get thrown around when anyone objects. If people aren't going to take a stand, then they deserve this every time it happens.
  12. I'd given up attending league games, but thought I might go for this one, but not at those prices. Also, I thought the world had done away with positive discrimination? Maybe what I actually need to do is get myself a wheelchair?
  13. Not according to the Customer Charter !!
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