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  1. Someone's getting their panties in a bit of a twist
  2. Lizi's line at the end of her post saying that we had "once again" been let down by poor officiating did prompt my question, but I'd also just listened to Ferguson's post match interview and seen the twitter posts by the club yesterday which come across as an attempt to distract attention from the long term issues. Terry Butcher was very good at getting everyone fired up on the back of any injustice, but never blamed it for our league position or cup performances etc. He was also one to call out our own poor performances. Under Dodds, and now Ferguson, it's all about how great the team were and lack of luck or poor decisions being what's cost us. Deflection from the real issues.
  3. I didn't accuse anybody of anything. I asked a question in order to open it up for discussion. Given the club's social media posts from yesterday it seems to be a mindset they're trying to encourage. As you are someone who tends towards defending/supporting all the club do are you in agreement with them? I'm all for calling out poor refereeing, but I don't buy into the intimated (by some) conspiracy that they're out to get us. These things tend to even out and the biggest factor in us being where we are in the league is that our football just isn't very good.
  4. Do some people really think that we are the only team on the receiving end of inept officiating and that we find ourselves where we are as a result?
  5. I agree with many things you've posted, dougal, but your comments on this thread are nothing but bigoted nonsense, and have no place on here or anywhere.
  6. So having risen as far as you believe the club is capable, you find it acceptable that we now slide back to....where? It's the desire of those running the club who seem to have delusions of grandeur, not the majority of fans. It is they who openly admit that they are running the club in a manner that requires Premier League income. It is those egos that are chasing ill thought out money making schemes to support that (all the while alienating fans and local businesses) while we play in the Championship, and in doing so are threatening the club's very existence.
  7. We're bleeding like a stuck pig, but we're not dead yet and Scot Gardiner is hatching a plan to save us. What's not to be upbeat about?
  8. On the plus side, Ferguson can't being on 3 extra defenders to sit in after we go a goal up.
  9. ...and there's more creativity and ability in Mckay and Doran than the rest of the squad combined.
  10. I'd like to see us come out flying, run Arbroath ragged and then bring in Mckay, Doran and Samuels to exploit tired opposition. We're almost at the nothing to lose stage, and I'd rather see us going down fighting than whimpering.
  11. Alan Savage waiting in the wings to buy the club for a quid.
  12. Or it gets passed back to planning with instructions that the rest attend a site visit before another vote. Kicking the decision further down the road.
  13. The club are acting as rent-a-stooge. ILI knew they'd need an angle to get around the use of protected green space and the club is being used to play the "won't someone think of the children" card to add pressure for approval. Messrs Cameron and Sutherland would have known the same. Donating a worthless bit of land (without planning consent) to the club that could potentially be turned into a 7 figure windfall makes some sense if they want any chance of getting back money they've loaned. If successful, it also sets a precedent for development on the rest of the old golf course.
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