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  1. STFU

    New kit 2024

    Given the need to save money it makes sense to have a kit made up of left over bits.
  2. To be announced on Monday that the first 15 people to buy a season ticket are in the squad for 2024/25.
  3. They've let the ICTFC badge expire so I'm guessing others may have also. Hopefully the noted status isn't foreshadowing.
  4. Just been told that we were previously paying in the region of £50k a year for player medical insurance. Decision was taken to bring in a sports science to try and prevent injuries and insurance was cancelled. Another decision that's worked out well!
  5. That depends on the definition and context of the 'good news'.
  6. STFU

    Aaron Doran

    I did hesitate on contributing as it feels like it is letting the club avoid their responsibilities. However he needs his op and I'll just deduct the amount donated from anything I might give the club in future.
  7. I am more than happy to hear different narratives/perspectives and made no suggestion to the contrary. I simply offered my perspective on you constantly making excuses for things that others find inexcusable.
  8. You may not be trying to justify the club's actions but you are trying to excuse them in the same way you have done constantly every time they have screwed up.
  9. That's fine unless you operate in an environment which relies heavily on reputation, goodwill and common decency. Treat others how you wish to be treated yourself and all that.
  10. If fans were to put anything in just now it would be spun to look like a show of confidence in those still at the club and nothing could be further from the truth.
  11. There's nothing in any of this that surprises me other than the scale of it.
  12. There's a good article covering it in the P&J https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/highland-league/6373182/spfl-rule-creates-another-barrier-to-highland-league-clubs/ I can only think that the Turkeys voting weren't fully up to speed on club licensing requirements and were more interested in self preservation by making it harder for Highland and Lowland league teams to come up. This is covered in the article.
  13. Having spent a chunk of the evening reading up on it the rule requiring all 42 teams to have a bronze license was voted in unanimously by all SPFL clubs last July. If clubs felt the rule or penalty was draconian they had the opportunity to vote it down or have it ammended. That also means this is not a penalty being applied to anyone after the fact and all clubs had a year to get their house in order. The need to be insolvency event free for three years to obtain a bronze (or above) license is not a new thing. I also see within the licensing criteria that the club will have had to submit audited accounts last month in order to maintain a bronze (or above) license.
  14. Yeah it's terrible that football clubs should be forced to operate in a financially responsible manner
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