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  1. If he has applied, then that's on him. I wouldn't advocate for him being pressured into taking it for the reason you give.
  2. It seems that Ryan Esson has thrown his hat in the ring for the Manager's job. I think we could do worse than give him a shot till the end of the season, with an extension if he earns it. He already knows the players, is one of the most qualified coaches in the country, and has been performing well with the U18s. He also wouldn't cost us anything on the compensation front and if Kellacher becomes his assistant, then we could also save a wage or two over bringing in a new management pairing.
  3. He's so out of touch that he doesn't even realise that his drivel only serves to confirm what many already know, and that is the fact that he thinks fans are stupid, and that he will direct all fault for fan discontent to on field performances to try and deflect from the larger, ever growing, discontent for how the club is failing off the pitch and at the highest level of management. Unfortunately, work will prevent me from attending the fans meeting, but if fans stream from there to the game afterwards, then he will only view that as vindication for his view that fans are fickle and they should/will just suck it up. Furthermore, I'm becoming increasingly disappointed in our local journalists who are doing nothing to challenge him or ask the questions that need asking. I'm sure they all read these forums and social media and know that fans are questioning Gardiner's position as much, if not more so than We did Dodds', yet not a single mention of that in these articles. It's weak and pathetic.
  4. I can't speak directly for Kellacher, but I doubt so many successive managers would have held on to him if they didn't value his input and contribution. You don't coach at a club for 17 years (and, FYI, that HAS included promotions and cup wins) if you're not good at your job
  5. STFU

    Dodds Sacked

    The reason Pele is remembered so fondly, for me, is that he truly believed that his team could beat anyone, and he had the players believing it as well. That meant that win, lose or draw, the football was always exciting to watch. Unfortunately that became harder for any manager to maintain as we progressed through the leagues and the cost of failure brought with it a fear of losing. Focus then shifts to being defensive and the priority being to avoid relegation. It also becomes more expensive to just stand still as a team/club and whilst we've been blessed (for the most part) with people willing to throw money into the club, the returns diminish. I have no issue with us being a Championship level club, or even a league 1 or 2 club, but it scunners me that we no longer have that sense of community and the entertainment has totally gone from the football.
  6. What we need right now is a strong experienced head who will get the best from the players, protect them to allow confidence to be regained and not take any nonsense/interference from above. Unfortunately, there's not a hope in hell that our current CEO/Chairman are going to employ anyone other than another buddy/yes man. They're certainly not going to risk employing a manager that might call them out on the BS way they're running the place.
  7. STFU

    Dodds Sacked

    Just another indicator of how out of touch the CEO/Chairman are with fans views.
  8. STFU

    Dodds Sacked

    You cannot solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that got you in to it.
  9. STFU

    Dodds Sacked

    Gardiner/Morrison will be hoping that takes the heat of them for a bit. We can't let it. The club is rotten to the core and whilst Dodds needed to go, so do the aforementioned.
  10. I didn't say fans shouldn't do anything (have you read any of my posts on here recently?), just pointing out the mentality of the kind of people we've got running the club just now.
  11. Not convinced it will register with decision makers. They already have money from Season Ticket holders and home walk ups are/were minimal anyway. Not showing up away makes no difference to us financially, and as we're easy points then it may actually encourage larger away support at our place which, bizarrely, will be more financially beneficial in the short term. Not suggesting this is a deliberate move by the club, just posturing on why they may choose to continue ignoring fans and fan actions.
  12. I agree. My post was not intended as any kind of defence of the situation. If anything it further highlights how far out of his depth Dodds is.
  13. Our goals conceded record in the league isn't terrible, and I think we're focusing too much on the wrong end of the park. Just a quick napkin calculation, but if we'd scored about 1 in 5 of the chances created, we'd be doing pretty well.
  14. You're probably right. 5 years of refusal to communicate isn't really giving them a fair chance.
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