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  1. Now we know the footballing philosophy Yogi and Latapy are introducing we can have a real debate about it. I'm not 100 per cent sure that playing it through the middle and not using wingers is going to work with our current squad of players. I love a winger and Doran is one of the best in the legue. Seeing less of him playing at his best is a big negative for me and Billy is not gong to thrive with this system. We may as well sell these two which will bring in some good money and buy what we need. I'm not happy with this but it's going to be hard going if we don't break up the team and kee
  2. This is a really good question, normally we all have fairly strong opinions, especially lately, but no opinions whatsoever on this. Itwould be good to know more about his day to day influence on the team and going forward how he affects the direction we go in. I have no preconceived ideas just curious.
  3. Maybe he has a major influence in training, anyone seen him coaching at all?
  4. that is pretty funny Mr Git.
  5. Glad Christie is starting and hope he gets a run in the team for the rest of the season. He has shown glimpses of being the real deal and deserves it.
  6. Been thinking about this and it is way too early for stay and go threads. Would be good just to talk about the performance of the team and the boss praise it or slag it off without people getting too chimpy (see Steve Peters' Chimp Paradox) and calling for the managers head/defend him keeping the job. End of next season is only fair, no more posting on any of these type of threads for me - for a year or so anyway.
  7. Football is a passionate game as you can see from both sides of the argument. Start winning, all is forgiven, keep losing and you'll be slated. 15 games with what will be next seasons team will see you judged, see IHE'S ex at Hibs and most of his team will be binned next year. It's not wrong to judge him now but he will be adored should he turn things around. And way too early for sacking talk but criticism is fair.
  8. Billy is having to work too hard as he is isolated and much of his chances are half chances. Lets get back to the counter attacking football which made Doran top of the assists league at one point and gave billy better chances to score.
  9. Good effort lads, Aberdeen losing both wingers and us only playing one meant it was never going to be expansive. Gutted but good experience for next years Scottish cup final.
  10. 90 minutes of my life I won't get back. Point is good enough. Now time to think about the final.
  11. Going to this . Hibs are low in confidence and could be a perfect match to regain some lost confidence. Tough to pick the team, just hoping its a strong one but could handle billy having a rest, he's looked jaded in the last few games. The midfield are all playing for their places so I expect a strong showing from them. Brill not esson but I suspect esson will get a run out.
  12. Hibs are poor this seasom and won't catch us in a month of Sundays. Much happier after the two wins before the Celtic game, we were sliding a bit which was concerning but those two wins have guaranteed top 6 for me. Winning is a habit and, Celtic game aside, the players look like they have found it again just in time.
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