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  1. You've obviously missed that we are supposed to use three word slogans these days...lets hope it's at least "Mckay. Scores. Another" Was a bit despondent losing Toddy after Daniel had gone, but Walsh, McKay and Duku are all welcome replacements.
  2. i want him at Palace...especially with Eze out for 9months. it wont happen of course 🥺
  3. This seems like a decent move especially because of his involvement towards the end of the season, which saw a much more confident and effective team switch from looking over their shoulders at a relegation battle to narrowly missing out on the play-offs Just need to find a couple or three players now to turn us from play-off favourites to proper candidates for automatic promotion. It'll be interesting to see if Kilmarnock can recover quickly from the shock of relegation and whether Partick Thistle will do a Raith Rovers or better next season (and can Raith repeat their form for a 2nd sea
  4. He always seemed to do OK in games I saw, but I think he had a very poor run last year? I don't think he let us down too much this season, did he?
  5. Hmm..according to https://www.spotrac.com/epl/payroll/ Palace have the 7th highest wage bill in the EPL ...only the 'Big 6' have a higher wage bill, it has certainly limited who we could bring in the past couple of years, but in theory, we are not a team of donkeys. It certainly is interesting to see Caley assemble teams on a shoestring on a regular basis, that at least entertain [some days], and put the effort in [most days] and vie for the top places or play-offs.
  6. The main thing about the Championship, is that it's a lot better than being in League 1! It does strike me that there tends to be one really strong front runner most seasons, with nearly everyone below fairly even. Had we retained Dan Mackay for next season and if we Todorov, I would have felt quite confident we could be the front runner, especially if we could sort the wing position, as midfiel, defence and goalkeeping all look strong, or strong enough. Not too much for the next manager to resolve hopefully if there are any funds
  7. Good grief no! He's a lovely man and all that, but Palace have conceded more goals this season than virtually anyone bar the relegated, and our forward play has been pretty dire!
  8. I'm gutted, as I saw him a big part of a promotion push next season, but it's the way of the world unfortunately, and he deserves it. At least we got a fee, and given how tight finance probably are, that's a good thing, hope it means we can secure Toddy for another year, and Miles
  9. I think the high turnover has played a big part, especially with a small squad. However we seem to have the nucleus of a really decent team, with three youngsters coming on strongly (Daniel in particular). One or two players like Toddy need to be signed up for next season, and one of either McHattie or Brad (because retaining players with known strengths/weaknesses is probably easier than searching for new). We need a decent winger signed, then we decide on either Aaron or Miles to be retained Not getting into the promotion play-offs is a blow, but would be a huge ask to go all the way, f
  10. Fabulous news.... Another illustration of the Club doing a good job, in what has been an incredibly challenging year and a bit
  11. I'm rather hoping that Hearts, having secured promotion, will gently roll over for us!
  12. What a great result! Following via various apps is hard work, especially as it seems Morton came on really strong after half time. The corner count is widely in their favour! Fortunately Toddy was on fire tonight...I'm think of adopting him! And Daniel did it again..... Hopefully Storey will be spurred on to go on a scoring run for himself. McCann and Dodds seem to have worked out the right combo's, but the bench looked a wee sparse tonight...hopefully guys like Welsh, were given the night off to be ready for Saturday, and we'll need contributions from guys like Duffy, McHattie, and
  13. Yes....I saw that, incredible really. I am falling in love with that guy!
  14. I can't believe he is only 19, he is the sort of gamechanger that every side needs [certainly at this level, and eventually at Premiership level], he'll have off-days of course, but he has been very influential this season. As someone else said, Devine has done well this season, and has been under-rated. Strong performances all round, but Toddy is surely becoming a bit of a cult figure.
  15. We're saving it for the play-offs..the best time for it
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