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  1. Eagle4Caley

    Inverness CT -V- Edinburgh City

    Well it was nice to see that result after my other team got stuffed away to our main rivals (Brighton, if your asking). It may only be the Cup and it might only be against a lower league team, but the score-line is enough to get a bit excited. For a guy of seemingly limited ability and mobility White does keep scoring! It's as important to stick the ball in the net against the lowly teams as the better, and is a sign of a decent player IMHO. Walsh is in a purple patch at the mo as well. Have to agree with the comment on Rooney, as a defender I think he below average, but going forward he seems a different player, shame we released Seedorf because I thought he had the makings of a decent RB (but then I would also have kept Bell) Good to hear the youngsters doing well. Lets hope we can carry a bit of confidence into the game against the might Ayr this week (Just tap Shankland's ankles a few times, just make sure it's not the same player doing it!)
  2. Eagle4Caley

    Inverness Ct -V- Falkirk

    Seems a fair assessment, and as Broonerz has mentioned we are lacking in pace, Mulraney, Seedorf and Calder have all gone in the past few months and erratic as they were they did provide pace. Likewise in midfield creativity we have lost Vigurs and not replaced him, in theory Beith was his replacement, but he's looking like a permanent sick note (and to think it was not so long ago that we had Christie, Watkins and Tansey). We have got down to bare bones a bit too quickly and the defence does look unbalanced. That said from the highlights we looked decent enough, and whilst there were a lot of draws in the run, that 25 game run is still impressive enough. The lack of a really good striker might be affecting us, but Austin was good enough towards the end of last season, and Oakley seems to be doing alright. I guess we were hoping for a more certain run to promotion and I think that somewhat sways peoples views as to how we are really playing....be interesting if we were to clog Shankland out of the game on Friday for a few matches and see how Ayr get on without their key man! We just need to stay in contention until January, and hope the board can find some money for a couple of reinforcements
  3. Eagle4Caley

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Given that Elbouzedi came off the books at the end of August, and Calder had his contract terminated just recently, we are a bit short numbers-wise, but it must have released a bit of money in wages...Owain Fon-Williams contract runs out in May (?) next year, but he seems to be having a decent time in the US, so maybe another loan to see him finally off the books, might release a tad more cash. Personally I think we still need to replace Vigurs, and we need another right back (one with a decent turn of speed and cross). I guess we all want another striker, but that maybe un-obtainable cash-wise, whereas being able to deliver better balls into the box, might get more out of the four strikers and two wingers we already have.
  4. Eagle4Caley

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Extraordinary! When we went 0-3 down I though that it was the unbeaten run over! Can't wait to see the highlights
  5. Eagle4Caley

    Partick -V- Inverness CT

    Feel's like the last two matches have seen to very decent performances, is there an upward curve in our overall performance level? Small squad could become an issue for us though...will need Tremarco back, and this guy called Beith Anyway loved the three points, has raised my spirits given my other teams unlucky defeat (again!) Looking forward to the Ayr away matchearly December...could be season defining for both teams
  6. Eagle4Caley

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    Blimey; who'd run a football club! After what appears to have been an excellent performance suggesting we might have found the key to unlocking a few more wins, the club have no option but to forsake the services of the same player. And entirely understandable! And if Tremarco is still injured the impact on the club could be more challenging still.
  7. Eagle4Caley

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    Have to say Rooney took his goal well! That's three for the season now (better going forward than defending perhaps?). Given how things started last season it's good to see how Ridgers, Oakley and Calder have grown in the fans affections as being decent players. Donaldson has questions marks against him when he first came but dispelled that pretty quickly...I still rather wish we had been able to keep Bell as I think he did offer something different up front.
  8. Eagle4Caley

    Scotty ~ A Personal Statement

    Sorry to hear this, but best wishes with your upcoming treatment.
  9. Eagle4Caley

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    Very encouraged by all the positive reports from yesterday's game, Calder seems to have been the catalyst for some good stuff, maybe when Tremarco is fit he should be played further forward. Oakley has clearly been missed because there is a sense of a collective sigh of relief that he's now available...not sure whats happened to Austin, he looked so good at home to Dunfermline last season, but he rarely gets off the bench.
  10. Eagle4Caley

    Alloa -V- Inverness CT

    Is this linked to the loss of Vigurs with his apparent 'ahem' replacement being a sick note?
  11. Eagle4Caley

    Inverness CT - Morton

    Mind you that was two very good saves from their goalie to deny us the win! Absolutely terrible play that led to their goal!
  12. Eagle4Caley

    Inverness CT -V- QOS

  13. Eagle4Caley

    Inverness CT -V- QOS

    Well, a bit of a long day for me. up at 5am for the long hike up and back down South again at 1am in the morning. Arguably the game didn't justify the effort, but any opportunity to see Caley live, is one I enjoy! The weather made the whole game a bit of a lottery, and I don't think some of the people around me appreciated that! But other than the free kick we kept Dobbie quiet and hence ensured the clean sheet. At the other end though we didn't really threaten, although we dominated the game for much of the first half. Second half QoS came into it more, maybe the wind was in their favour, but we eventually got more control. Of the new guys Welsh impressed me a fair bit, and Walsh looks like a more consistent version of Mulraney. Watching Rooney, the word that comes to mind is 'solid' ....not necessarily in a good way! He seems dangerous rampaging forward in a straight line, but anything that involves a change in direction, or quick reactions seems beyond him, and watching him try to shimmy past a defender, well his brain might be telling him he can do it, but his talent doesn't extend that far! Not convinced he is an upgrade on Seedorf or better long term propect, but hey we got a clean sheet against Ayr and he's scored two goals so what do I know. The rest of the defence did a fine job with what they were facing. First time I've seen White, and he looks OK as a target man, winning the ball and laying it off a few times, but doesn't look like the man to score many goals, not without a second foward next to him. The last time I saw Austin was in the late season game against Dunfermline, when he was brilliant, then got injured and we lost our momentum....so it was good to see him back, and he had a few moments that were encouraging, along with Mackay and Calder, which was good to see, as it feels like there were options on the bench. Doran was possibly a contender for MoTM for us, much of the good stuff came from him, and to think of all those months when he was never fit, it's great to see. Polly was busy but quiet at the same time, whereas Chalmers looked like he is a decent footballer, but his touch was off....to progress this season we need to move away from two deep lying midfielders to one with the other much closer to the front man. Which brings me to Angus Beith...what the hell has happened to this guy? No appearances, no subs bench, is he injured or what? I was hoping he was the new messiah to replace Vigurs. So not quite firing on all cylinders, not a match to linger long in the memory, but at this early stage of the season we are well in contention, so still happy.
  14. Eagle4Caley

    Queen of the South - 29th September

    I saw Dobbie play for Palace in our first game back in the EPL in 2013...he was as slow as anything then, but has a decent footballing brain and obviously a decent shot on him, just needs someone to keep a tight rein on him. I'm up for this and looking forward to seeing some of the new guys in action