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  1. Eagle4Caley

    Brian Rice

    Where's the fun in that?!
  2. Eagle4Caley

    How many more needed for 18/19 season?

    https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/1498242/caley-thistle-bring-back-celtic-defender-jamie-mccart-on-two-year-deal/ I wasn't expecting quite such a quick response by the club to my comment! He obviously enjoyed his stay up here even though it was a difficult period Caley doing some good work early in the close season, on paper, hope they all work out
  3. Eagle4Caley

    Irn Bru Cup 18/19

    It will be kind of ironic if the chance of seeing Caley play Sutton Utd 3.35miles down the road from where I live, actually turns out to be a home game for ICT!
  4. Eagle4Caley

    How many more needed for 18/19 season?

    We got off to a bad start.....but in 29 league games from 30th Sept we lost just 6 games out of 29 with 3 of those when down to 10 men. Robbo had to pretty much rebuild the team, especially the striking element, from a budget that only allows out-of-contract and free-transfer options. It was clear from early season that morale was bad and team spirit broken. But Robbo forged a team that became an effective defensive unit, looked creative in midfield and eventually found a scoring touch. Not the finished product perhaps, or maybe we had just a bit too much to do. People tend to think a relegated side has an advantage over the other clubs in the league it has fallen into, rather forgetting the reasons why the team got relegated in the first place, and the parachute money in Scottish football is pretty insignificant as to be no advantage. The Irn-Bru cup is a 'Mickey Mouse' cup, but everyone enjoyed winning it, and our league form did not suffer. Cup games are lotteries, Falkirk knocked us out of the League Cup when we were at our weakest, as for the SC we lost to a Premiership club after a replay, hardly a soft exit. In terms of the overall thread, we seem to have done our business early, acquiring a proper right back, a replacement for the largely ineffective (and disappointingly so) Mulraney, a (perhaps) stronger replacement for Bell giving us a decent forward line up, and a midfielder in for Vigurs. Obviously it remains to be seen how big a loss Vigurs is next season but there are useful combinations from Trafford, Polworth, Beith, Calder, Chalmers, Doran. I'd suggest we are one short in the defence, even before we discuss Warren staying or finding a new home
  5. Eagle4Caley

    Irn Bru Cup 18/19

    Just two miles away from me! And plenty of pubs nearby.
  6. Eagle4Caley

    New Board Member

    Crucially we need to know what CaleyD thinks!
  7. Eagle4Caley

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    He did plenty in the first half of the season, but lost out as Robbo tried different combinations, particularly once Austin got himself fit, struck me as being the sort of player who'd get in just the right positions to score simple goals, and seemed a hard worker. Why do we write someone off for a because a loss of form/managers selection choice, but not consider the previous good form. Bell is someone who could benefit from strength training in the gym and building up stamina levels , and building on his experience...there is definitely a decent player there.
  8. Eagle4Caley

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Bell had a very good start I thought, and he scored 7 goals up to the New Year and he was getting a fair number of plaudits from posters on here (he was one of the bright spots in a poor start)....sure, he went off the boil a bit, but he'll only be 22 in July and has plenty of development to go, surely we don't write someone off for a temporary loss of form, when the overall signs are good
  9. Eagle4Caley

    New kit?

    Really like both kits, but especially the home kit. Palace did something similar when we got promoted to the EPL, but the blue and red are better tones (richer) on the Caley top. If you only want stripes this may not be for you, but I think it's classy and distinctive, and the black trim sets it off well. Defo on the 'buy' list
  10. Eagle4Caley

    Liam Polworth - One Of Our Own - Take 2

    Personally I think Polly does a pretty good job, he works hard and tries to be creative....He's not the finished article, and some times he gets frustrated, but as I always say (for both my teams), if a player was perfect would he be playing for us? But he is one of our own, and I reckon he'll push on next season
  11. Eagle4Caley


    I'm sorry to see both Vigurs and Mulraney go... but we'll get over it, Vigurs has obviously been offered a better deal and he lives in Dingwall, so good luck to him. However can it be said that either Draper or Tansey have pulled up trees at RC? Angus Beith could be a canny move, and Trafford/Chalmers/Polworth/Calder are a decent mix as well Mulraney is more of a player who didn't really perform at the level or at a consistency I felt was in him....but we'll get to see more of Elbouzedi, and Doran is a more effective and potent player than Jake.... plus Walsh seems highly rated. We seem to have pretty much sorted things out good and early...bodes better for next season, compared to the shambles last year. BTW 50p says Vigurs gets sent off at least once against us!
  12. Eagle4Caley

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    I picked my wife up from a local station just now and told her County were down....she cheered! Supporting Caley is clearly infectious
  13. Eagle4Caley

    New kit?

    Caley and Palace have certainly come up with quite a few variations of the red and blue and stripes over the years...here's Palace's new kit, the white 'sash' kit also appears every so often, and always has our fans dribbling with desire. The yellow trim on the home kit is somewhat controversial, although the history of it goes back to the 60's. I liked all of Caley's recent home kits.
  14. Eagle4Caley

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    For once I feel better that the English aren't to blame for everything Anyway .... When I was up recently with my wife, we took the train to the Kyle of Lochalsh as a day trip, and of course when past Dingwall and RC's ground, it was a nice sunny day and Dingwall looked quite pleasant, so when I noted to my wife over the weekend that RC might be coming down to the Championship she said that it would be a good match to go to (see... she's hooked now as well!) ..........But not in the middle of winter
  15. Eagle4Caley

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    Yes Draper, Mckay and to a lesser extent Tansey have done a good job for us!