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  1. Blimey...I thought Ayr was an absolute dump (Pies and Bovril good though), though I liked the town. Thought both St Mirren and Falkirk were decent Stadia. Hoping to do Morton, Raith and Hearts this season
  2. It's an interesting idea...since I live in South London, I was thinking about donating a season ticket, not quite sure how to do this or in what way, probably need to discuss with Ticket office
  3. I'm kind of hoping we get Hearts away twice, as it means I might actually get the chance to see Caley play in Edinburgh....last time I tried this our match against Hearts was postponed because of high winds, and my eldest daughter had come up for the match. An October restart feels like such a long time away, and it'll be worse if the games start off behind closed doors.
  4. Yes OK... I forgot about the new Sky TV deal I'm already more optimistic!
  5. Much as I would like to see Caley back in the top tier, I fear it would be a one season wonder, given our extremely limited resources, and a squad that is somewhat piecemeal, and arguably shorn of some of it's better players since the start of the season. We'd certainly need a more prolific striker, and I would argue a top class central defender. And we can't even say the income will be much improved if we can't get people through the turnstyles. I'm always an optimist (I'm a Palace fan for heavens' sake I have to be) but we are likely to be weaker in strength than our last relegation season, and a season getting stuffed could leave us worse off than restarting in the Championship (and all to keep Hearts happy).
  6. Yes...but I might treat you all to the famous diagonal sash on white. I wore my 2010 CPFC to the Celtic Semi in 2015 😊
  7. I bloody well do! Rather hoping to get one of these so I can wear it at Selhurst Park! (when we can actually go to football) It was seeing that Caley wore Red n Blue stripes that was the icing on the cake that I had chosen ICT as my Scottish team
  8. I still think back to Austin's game against Dunfermline in the last home game of the season in 2018, he was outstanding, and should have scored more...then he got injured and went off, and we weren't the same team after conceding a gutting last minute goal against our play-off rivals. That was Austin at his peak for us, but I reckon he knew his limitations and wisely decided to combine a career with football
  9. To be fair thes guys get paid bugger all for playing, yet Keatings, Storey and Todorov, have all scored more goals than Christian Benteke, who plays for my other team, over the last three seasons, in that time Benteke has been paid, as a conservative estimate, £15million pounds... for 5 goals in three years...he makes Jordan White look positively prolific. As most Palace fans will tell you, CB has only looked like he could give a sh#t in the last dozen or so games since Christmas. £15million pounds, imagine if Inverness had that to spend on players and wages over three years...the EPL is like on another planet entirely.
  10. So our current pssible squad consists of GK; Ridgers Defence; McHattie, Toshney Midfield; Vincent, Carson, Welsh, McGregor Attack: Storey, Todorov, Keatings, Mackay...and Shane Sutherland Obviously we are in survival mode at the moment, and there probably be a few decent players to pick up, and yes we don't know when the new season will start. I reckon September with no League Cup, and restrictions on crowd. I would still retain Tremarco, but he has had quite a few injuries and that probably determines it (think he could be a decent back room presence though) I would also retain Doran, and I think he would stay. Walsh too, despite injuries last season (he'll have had plenty of time to recover now) Stating the obvious, a lot of work to be done for the defence (to think when I first started coming to games we had a backline of Shinnie, Meekings Warren and Raven) There's the basis of decent team I reckon (two fast full backs who can cross please!), and with Hearts currently down (awaiting fudged SPL review from Budge) and Raith up, a few decent away days for me.
  11. With some of the crowds we had this season, we could manage to have two seat gaps between ST holder quite easily...I would imagine family member could sit together...but what if over-70's are not allowed in, will that affect the size of the crowd? Stick a few cardboard cut-out fans on the gap seats and the place will start to look a quite full! We could even see some fans in the mini stand on the west side (give them all megaphones to raise the volume of noise) A slight issue might be congregating to use the toilets and snack bar (or perhaps only outdoor food facilities will be allowed, so now is the time to market that ICT Thermos)....Survival physically is the goal for the moment, in whatever league.
  12. So am I, and travel restrictions permitting already have away trips to Morton and Raith Rovers on my radar. This weekend I was due up for the Dunfermline match (last match of the original season) with my wife....since Easyjet are kindly converting my flight tickets into vouchers (rather than cash back) I'll be looking forward to seeing the wonderful Inverness again too. Scotland could be one of the few place i can fly to in the next year.
  13. Blimey ..this was the game when Caley first came to my attention and which would eventually lead to me following the team and planning trips up to Scotland to watch either at home or away. I was driving back from somewhere and was listening to the Sports on Radio 5 Live and getting the updates...it came across as a big deal down south What I hadn't realised was that Ian Wright, a former hero at my other club Palace (but now at Celtic, at the end of his career) played the 2nd half against Caley! A comment on the programme noted that Wright had probably never been involved in such a shock..which had me thinking about when Palace beat Liverpool 4-3 in the FA Cup Semi Final the year we lost to them 0-9 at Anfield in the league. Interestingly John Barnes was involved in that match as well playing for Liverpool, a match as set in folklore as the Celtic-Caley match, I was getting congratulations from all and sundry for days after. Palace lost the final against Man United that year (and again against the same team in 2016, bugger!), whereas I was privileged to watch Caley beat Celtic in the Semi and then Falkirk in the Final in 2015, which stands as the pinnacle of my personal football supporting life thus far. And yes tonight's programme was a bit about how that game changed Celtic, but I felt we got a fair share of the coverage, and allowed me to get a bit closer to a key date in Caley's history
  14. Watched the Scottish Cup Final last night...fantastic, what a rollercoaster of game! Was so happy that I was there for the game.
  15. It'll be interesting to see how long this suspension will last, reckon it'll be longer than people expect, could be in the very interesting situation of players who have been injured being fully recovered countered against players at the end of a contract not being available. Club could be quite vulnerable financially as well if things go on for a long time. I was booked to come up for what was the last game of the league season with my wife in May and to enjoy a bit of the loacl countryside....seems like a long way away now, and possibly a forlorn hope....but largely irrelevant now Keep safe everyone