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  1. We did well agianst a strong side...first 25minutes most impressive I was impressed with Duffy, and the entire back line, good to see Danny D get BBC's MOTM. Carson looked pretty busy, and Sorey had a good game We did miss someone like Kennedy or a properly fit Doran though.
  2. I got my tickets yesterday, and letter, all signed by Robbo, and I have to say, in his current circumstances, I am rather in awe of the man, and a tad emotional about it too. I hope he is getting the support he needs now and comes back when the time is right, because it's been such a difficult year.....it would be helpful if Hearts rolled over for us tomorrow as well, or at least share the points.
  3. Gosh ..what a topsy-turvey game, following it via the BBC website I had us down for an irritating defeat with 15mins to go, was over the moon with 10mins to go, went 'oh-no' to see we missed a penalty, and had my head in my hads with that late equaliser from Alloa....so it felt a bit like a defeat. Not sure what went on over the penalty miss, but if you grab the ball you need to make sure you don't give the keeper a sniff of a chance by blasting it. We have had problems with penalties recently. Still, on the good news front, it has to be so that we came back with two goals from behind, a
  4. Todorov comes across as a half decent player, who would benefit from more regular starts. If he is struggling against a particular opponent there is no shame in then swapping him out, at this level no one will be a 'world beater' game after game. When I saw Carson play in the corresponding fixture in January last year he really did look a good player at this level. We've never lost this season when Daniel Mackay has scored 😊, so good to see him, Harper and MacGregor stepping up well
  5. Life always feels better when the team wins! Always felt Carson could be crucial for us, so hopefully he stays fit Can we build some momentum? Hopefully some of the injured will be back before the end of the season
  6. Following Caley is like following Palace, sometimes the similarities are too much [though not the money] Palace have 10 players out injured, one (Wickham) has played just 50 games in 5 years, ...most of our CB's are crocks [Tomkins has barely played in two seasons, he came back for 5 games, injures his eye socket in training, Sakho was injured when he signed 4 years ago and has barely played in the last two seasons, seemingly gets fit and then tweaks a thigh muscle that sees him out for months as he flies off to Dubai) We signed a rookie right back who had already been injured for 5months when
  7. I'm guessing Saturday will be off as well looking at the forecast, heavy snow showers following sub-zero temps. At this rate what are the chances of having Toshney, Deas, Devine, McHattie back fully fit for a busy spring run in? And we could have a full midfield and attacking cohort to pick from 🙂
  8. I'm a South London based ICT fan and I've twice unsuccessfully tried to come up to watch Caley play at your ground, last autumn because of Covid [I was a bit optimistic] and in December 2015 when the match was called off due to high winds [when we landed the night before I don't think the plane was horizontal until we touched down!] Edinburgh is one of my favourite places in the World [after Inverness of course] so I will still keep trying. Interestingly I am also a Crystal Palace fan and we both shared a manager in Craig Burley, who experienced torrid times at both clubs..Palace virtually end
  9. Blimey, lot's of people trumping my crowd figure! However I wasn't referring to finals (I've seen Palace at Wembley a few times) or Internationals! This match could end up being the highlight of our season, can we beat Hearts in front of a virtual crowd of 16,000, more than double our actual capacity...it could happen Now if we see the 2019/20 Challenge Cup Final played finally before this season is out maybe we can do the same thing, and set a record for that match!
  10. Good to see that this has got on to the BBC sports website.....I reckon we could see a 5 digit virtual attendance come the matchday. The highest club attendence I've been part of was 51,482 in 1979 when Palace got promoted..... I wonder?
  11. Seem to remember seeing McDonald coming on as sub away to Falkirk. Hope he gets up to speed and has as bigger impact as Kennedy.
  12. Bought mine [2] and spreading the word! I think there must be a chance we can exceed our real capacity!
  13. Actually if the SFA could extend the seaon to the end of June, I have booked a hotel up in Inverness for my 40th wedding anniversary, so would be nice to include a game...and before you say it my wife is also a big fan of Caley, so she would love to see a game too...as long as she gets a proper meal after!
  14. That sounds a fair summary and quite good, we have to remember that we have had a lot of games called off since Christmas, and we had a slow start because of injuries, (and judging from Wednesday the CB positions look under pressure still), so we haven't really built much momentum, and we are kinda starting again. Losing Kennedy, without a replacement was a blow, but not the biggest surprise. However we have only lost one game in the last seven, and as the old saying goes if you cant win the game, don't lose it. We have games in hand, and yes we do need to get a run going. JR needs to find th
  15. Disappointing I guess....mind you playing against 10men, seems to be a surprisingly difficult thing for teams to do, certainly ones that I support. Palace have only once beaten a team with 10men, and recently Aston Villa smashed us 0-3 despite having 10 men for the entire 2nd half, on the other hand I've seen Palace win more games with 10 men than lose. Not sure what the reason is Obviously having not played for a while that could be a factor, but we have hardly been setting the league alight before then, and maybe Kai Kennedy is a bigger loss than we realise. We need to get a format than
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