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  1. I thought Brad looked very solid, and no hint of a mistake coming from Devine....Deas looks a very sound CB, and I have to say Harper really impressed me, as a full back who can actually defend.
  2. It was a shame that so many people missed the first half in a unforgiveable manner, and they missed two attempts for Storey who hit the bar...I thought he played pretty well, seems to be a different player when he plays for us, although he can be a bit hit and miss. Keatings frustrates me a bit as he is capable of great stuff, but gives the ball away far too easily
  3. Great result! Fully deserved that Lots of good performances....Macgregor and Allardice, the entire back 5, Kennedy and Storey Really enjoyed that, not quite as good as being there, but has given me a big boost
  4. I'm kind of surprised to see Sutherland playing so deep on the right...almost the 3rd midfielder
  5. Roddy Macgregor comes close....great work from Miles Storey (who does look strong today)
  6. Great move from a quick free kick...just as RR were showing signs of life!
  7. Blimey almost another goal for Caley ...from Kennedy
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