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  1. Enjoyed the game if not the result...the first 15 minutes or so were a bit of a worry but we got back into it well and in both halves dominated United for decent periods....Ultimately got done by a class act in Shankland, whose goal came against the run of play Overall I thought that both our centre backs did well and after last weeks performance by Toshney, it's less of an area of concern that I thought it might be with McCart and Donaldson going. I thought that Vincent and Carson were a great double act in midfield, and Carson in particular has become the stand out in midfield in recent weeks. White was much better in this game than the recent away game at Ayr...but he's not Shankland. As for our wingers, I may be in a minority in thinking that Storey was the more dangerous of the two, but he probably needs to be in the centre. However it does annoy me how often he pulls out of going for the ball in 50:50 situations It's all about securing 2nd place, which as the weather improves in the run-in (hopefully) I think we'll do.
  2. It was particularly impossible for those of us who had booked flights and an overnight stay expecting the game to be played on a Saturday, before it was re-scheduled for TV
  3. Really enjoyed that game, a bit of a roller-coaster, I was surprised the pitch held up as well as it did. No way was that a dive from Keatings, the Rangers player ran into the side of him. Thought Carson looked pretty good all game, Storey had quite a strong game, beating his man pretty often, got one or two decent crosses in, and generally looked dangerous. Rooney perhaps the pick in the first half going forward (which meant he was absent a bit defensively!) But the guy who impressed me was Toshney, looked strong all game and seemed to block and win various balls, and also decent enough going forward, and with McHattie looked decent enough as a back pairing. I'm in Portugal for the final damn it, not sure if I'll find any bars showing the game 🤣
  4. Given the weather forecast this weekend with constant rain and high winds around match time, this fixture must surely be in doubt? Think Raith would be a good game if we can get past this tie
  5. I think on their day...Doran, Walsh and yes, even Storey are capable of scoring goals from around the box
  6. Any reason Charlie Trafford can't play at CB, next to Brad? Reckon he would do OK there If Welsh is fit, then he's 1st Choice for Midfield, next to either Carson or Vincent
  7. Probably only a matter of time with the two CB's, but lets be fair whilst Rooney is Ok going forward, but defensively he's not the best... he can only run back at half the speed he goes forward. Mind you there seems be a national shortage of right backs!
  8. I see Palace have loaned Scott Banks to Alloa, just days after signing him from Dundee Utd, (our biggest fee of the transfer window if you ignore the loan fee for Tosun who is now injured)..... since he's never actually going to play for us, I give our players permission to kick the sh#t out of him if he plays, if it means we get the 3 points
  9. Surely you need someone in defence who can head a ball!
  10. Well there's old fashioned in terms of layout and the joy of being able to stand, and there's derelict and downright shabby! And my other club's ground Selhurst Park definitely sits under the 'Old fashioned' mantle and in parts is shabby, but Ayr takes it way down to a new level! I had to laugh as underneath some stairs was a piece of exercise equipment (1 piece), I wondered if I had strayed into the Gym!
  11. My second away game of the season up from London, with an overnight stay in Ayr (nice town) and the joy of the rail replacement minibus back to Paisley on the Sunday. I have to say that Ayr United's ground really is an utter dump, easily the worst I have been to up over the border, although the Bovril was good and I enjoyed the option to stand on the wee terrace below the seating second half. The crowd looked bigger than 1,602, and not just because the home fans switched ends at half time! The highlights suggest a close game, although I felt Ayr had more chances, but we hit the bar, and quite why our goal was disallowed is beyond me...White at no time is looking at the goalie only at the ball, and I'm not convinced he even touches him. Also Doran was clearly pushed over in the penalty area, and then next time he gets a booking for going down, when you can see he catches the defender legs and is trying to regain his feet. Their goal was a bit of a bummer, at first I thought that McHattie was at fault but credit to the Ayr player who actually closes Charlie Trafford down very quickly. I thought McHattie had a decent game, as did McKay...strange how quickly our CB pairing has changed (presumably to make ends meet). For me our midfielders were the pick of the bunch, plus Walsh when he came on. Our forwards were very much powder-puff, Doran was quieter than expected, Storey didn't offer much apart from two/three decent crosses, I'm not sure what Keatings was doing and White looks like he is the Centre Forward because he's tall, because he seemed unable to anticipate where high balls were going nor jump at the right time (except for the disallowed goal), he's definitely better with his feet! For me 2nd place is probably between us and Ayr, so this was a disappointing reverse, but I guess we can't win every match against them.
  12. Excellent result...we need to keep going to secure that 2nd spot, whilst putting a little pressure on Dundee Utd in case they get a nose bleed. Let's hope we don't have to sell anyone i the transfer window. I'm up for the Ayr away ame end of the month and really looking forward to it.
  13. As a Palace fan I'd be pretty pissed off with this, as I've spent the past year or two, on fans forums, promoting a Christie transfer in as a brilliant move...I've even tweeted the Chairman! .....Damn it I don't think he takes me seriously or we have no money (which is close to the truth). The is plenty of logic in the Leicester Rogers link, but not sure where he would slot in, but £14M sounds like the sort of mark
  14. It's a good win and another clean sheet, early November' mishaps seem a long way away (other than bloody Partick)...It does kind of feel that we are playing for the 'best of the rest' but it is possible for Dundee United to implode. Noting the comment about the pitch, if the weather has been anything like it's been down here in recent weeks then we're doing well to get the games played!
  15. Another good performance against Ayr...can we keep this up for when I travel up for Ayr away in Jan? Very encouraging that this was managed without Walsh or Welsh, and hopefully we keep this up and see these guys properly fit for a return in Jan/Feb which would be a real fillip. Good to see that Carson and Storey coming good. Tricky game away next week to the Thistle then a potentially tough game at home against the Pars..... Looking good? Worries are; dwindling attendance and the January transfer window; who gets sold to help with the cashflow?