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  1. Yes it wasn't great watching, but Arbroath strung 5 across the middle, the wind was terrible, and the pitch didn't run true, so even passes on the deck were difficult, and several times the ball got stuck up and players legs ruining chances [for both sides]. Yes it was the same for both sides, but Arbroath will be used to playing there week after week, which probably explains their excellent home record. I did wonder why we didn't try playing out from the back from Ridgers, but would it only work if Arbroath went for a high press, and the way the ball was bobbling around probably not the best
  2. So Duffy would be available for the 2nd leg, but Devine might also be available for the 2nd leg? I hadn't realised that. If we win any appeal and Devine can play in the first leg, then things don't seem so bad. Sutherland is the big miss I reckon as, he is the most physical presence upfront, maybe McAlear will be pushed higher up, to help out, but we may need a third midfielder in the middle of the pitch.
  3. What a result, fantastic penalties, I was almost in tears at the end of that. Conditions terrible for a decent game, wind spoiled it, pitch poor, which fortunately also nullified any threat from Arbroath bar one chance (I think they had 24 shots but only 2 on target) fair play to them they got in our faces and we couldn't play any sort of passing game, but even running with the ball was tough the way the ball bobbled around Willie Collum is a terrible advert for Scottish referees, how he sent of Devine is beyond me, Duffy very unlucky , he was done for a bit of a lunge despite clear
  4. Yes 0-0 isn't a bad result, as the 2nd half showed that as a team we have plenty in us to get goals, even if it didn't go our way on the night. 1st 30mins was a bit of a shambles, but I think Arbroath will rue not scoring when on top. Come Friday I think I would start with Sutherland in the middle to win and hold some ball, with Samuels alongside, Chalmers sitting deeper in the middle, Harper on the left. That gives a fresher Mckay and then Doran to come on later, or Allardice, Hyde if protecting a lead. Given how good Duffy was as CB when we beat them 3-0, I'd be tempted to play him inst
  5. Back in London after my trip up...well worth it Firstly the pitch was awful, could have cost us in injuries, goals conceded, bookings due to mistimed tackles, so getting through the game with a win was terrific, although gutting for Walsh who had looked bright Second the support was magnificent, and some great songs, it reminded me of some of the great nights at Palace when the crowd are in full cry, awesome stuff. Overall everybody did a great job over the 90+ minutes, although I could have done without the Carson backpass [I'm blaming the pitch] Hardy did better than I ex
  6. Good way to close out the normal season before the play-offs with nearly all the objects achieved with Walsh getting on the scoresheet twice along with Sutherland, MacGregor getting a good performance in, good game time for Harper, bonuses in Hyde, Hardy scoring!, no bookings and injuries bar Duffy, let's hope that is not serious. For a brief while with Raith winning and Partick losing heavily I was checking routes to Kirkcaldy! Let's take one play-off game at a time and see how far we can get..... I think we have enough in each area of the pitch to have some confidence
  7. Yes, That will proper screw me up!
  8. My only problem with that is that the squad is quite used to a certain amount of rotation, so not really a problem, but if we lost say Deas, Broadfoot, Chalmers, Welsh, Mckay, Carson or Sutherland in a dead rubber game because of an injury, that would severely impact on the two most important games coming up. The likes of Walsh, Samuels, Duffy, Harper, Macgregor and McAlear would all benefit with the game time for different reasons, which will be beneficial in the play-offs. We do somewhat put Devine at risk I accept, but someone has to play! Anyway I'm all booked up for Glasgow now, real
  9. I'm thinking a line up of Mackay Nicholson Duffy Devine Harper MacGregor Hyde McAlear Walsh Samuels Riddle We have to protect Deas with his yellow cards and Broadhurst coz of his age, so Devine gets to manage the backline. Mckay, Sutherland and Chalmers are our best attacking assets. Welsh has a crucial role to play and has yet to be severely crocked this season, lets avoid that. Doran obvs no chance, was he taken off as a precaution Saturday because he will be useful if we can get some minutes out of him maybe if we get past Partick Not sure if Nicholson i
  10. Hi CaleyTennis Think your being a bit harsh on some of our players, let's face it if they were that good they'd be playing elsewhere [as I often say at Palace about players costing a lot more] I understand your basic premise of selling a quality player in order to fund several quality players. That could work in the EPL where a really decent player could command a very big fee, and clever recruitment can find 2-3 decent players to come in [I'll ignore the sky high wages for mundane players bit for now] Unfortunately the Scottish leagues don't command such fees, I think we just abou
  11. Rather hoped Caley would clinch 3rd place so I could confirm travel up to Glasgow for the 3rd May...assuming Partick don't blow 4th place in favour of Raith! I have a hotel reserved, and a ridiculously priced rail ticket home to London in my pocket [£26!]....So only quandary is do I go for the flight up now or wait until Saturdays results? [I think I can wait 4 days!] Somehow I wasn't surprised that QoS did us...they had much to lose, and Dumfries is a long way to go. Morton away Saturday might prove better, but only if we seize the initiative straightaway
  12. Looks like the 'Top Four', have all served the one match suspension, probably only Deas could get to 12 before the play-offs [for a 2nd ban], so might be worth playing Harper at LB after Q0S. Might be worth starting with Duffy in the last games instead of Broadfoot to rest him. Think we need to protect Carson a bit as well. Be good to give MacGregor game time after QoS, plus Samuels
  13. What a result! Was always going to be a tough match, but to win like that after going one Nil down was hugely impressive, helpful that Carson came on and played like the Carson of old in midfield. Their goal seemed to come from Broadfoot being wrong footed and off balance, which was a shame because our defence was pretty good. Shane Sutherland seemed to be rather nullified operating on the right, and much as I like Duffy [as a CB] I'm not sure he's fast enough as a RB, although he went forward well. Samuels impressed me a fair bit in the second half, was much more involved and
  14. Wasn't too sure when I first saw it, the overall effect would be the greater if the stripes continued onto the shorts.....but I think it's a great shirt for casual wear
  15. Incredible how a run of 11 games without a win, can be followed by a winning run, two of which we're definitely deserved. Key goals prevented at key times, and key goals cored at good times. Sounds simple doesn't it. The crazy thing is we have lost just (JUST) 3 games in 13 this calendar year. Maybe that does set us up better than we think for the run-in. McAlear has stepped up to cover the loss of Allardice [and what a great goal he scored], and we are seeing some returns from the loan players, and at last Samuels. We're are a bit short of numbers. so the return of Devine, and in particular a
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