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  1. Eagle4Caley

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT

    Great highlights....RC only seemed to come into it right at the end... in my mind a moral victory for Caley if not an actual one! Great atmosphere coming over the video.... perhaps we should just open the Main stand at Tulloch, to get that 'full house' look, and perhaps generate more noise? Slightly gutted to see Ayr sneak above us..... let's hope I win the lottery this week so we can buy Shankland in January! Counting the days off now to my first trip up of the season next Saturday for Q0S
  2. Eagle4Caley

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    What a lovely result...I was in Lake Garda so following it on BBC Sport. Partick Thistle getting two back so late, took a little of the gloss off, but we were down to 10 men for the last, and a look at the table put the gloss back on. Watched the highlights and Ridgers pulled off a couple of good saves...ground always looks fab in the afternoon sunshine, and the shirts look F.A.B. I 'm up on a one dayer for the Q0S game in two weeks time...might just have me one of those.
  3. Eagle4Caley

    The Silence is Deafening!!

    One can see even in this thread how difficult communication is, as it's so easy to write something that comes across poorly, that perhaps needs more explanation or detail and lacks the benefit of the spoken word and the friendly face (over a pint). Offence is easily taken, as can getting the 'wrong end of the stick'. Corporate bodies are even more prone to putting a foot wrong accidentally. As a bit of light relief have a look at this thread on a Crystal Palace forum ...so far up to 255 pages! http://www.cpfc.org/forums/showthread.php?t=275926&page=256 All about a fans group called the Holmesdale Fanatics who do a great deal to create a loud atmosphere at Selhurst Park, although not everything they do or say is welcomed by everyone. Anyway they were looking to relocate from a corner of their stand to be more central in the stand and create a larger singing section. However the area is full with existing season ticket holders. Things have not gone well! To the extent that the group have disbanded for this year, amongst much recrimination. Who's to blame, how badly have the club handled the situation, have the HF got ahead of themselves...who really knows! As for Caley there are pointers on this thread as to what needs to happen...and the club needs to be pushed/encouraged/cajoled, do we all write letters or does the Supporters Trust lead the way
  4. Eagle4Caley

    The Silence is Deafening!!

    1) It strikes me that what appears to be missing then is the "opportunities to meet..." Whether it is a couple of Q&A sessions a season, or something more formal with a representative fans group(s). Has anyone written to the board reminding them of the obligation? this type of forum might then be the vehicle whereby supporters suggestions are taken on board. 2) I'm not sure I am arguing for a 'top-down etc etc approach' more that in terms of regular direct communication (and perhaps we need to define what that is) I just struggle to see what else needs communicating. Now as it happens when the present board at CPFC took over the club in 2010 from administration, the owners being long term supporters adopted the idea of a link to the most popular fans online forum, and all manner of things were raised, from stadium improvements to tickets to leaky guttering, which I felt worked well, however some fans started to abuse the 'privilege', and the concept lasted just the one season. Not sure what you mean by democratic deficit, as the general model seems to be that those who put the money in and take the risks get the say. (Buying a season ticket might seem like 'putting money in' but it has no risk attached). 3) I'm not seeking to neuter fan agency...I just stated that my relationship or lack of it with the board doesn't affect my decision whether to attend a match.
  5. Eagle4Caley

    Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Crikey I was that traumatised by the Dunfermline score, it never registered with me that we scored!
  6. Eagle4Caley

    The Silence is Deafening!!

    What is it the Chairman and Board need to speak, tweet or communicate about currently? IMHO they only need to communicate when they have something they need to communicate about, ticket issues, player movements (not bowel), disciplinary issues and fan behaviour, club promotional offers and the like. And I guess issues around club management, which currently seems to be appointments. It's probably asking too much to be informed about financial matters on a regular basis, in fact is there any benefit to that I guess that last major statement from the club was a couple of weeks ago about the abuse aimed at Liam Polworth, which was timely. I know from experience elsewhere that a Chairman engaging too much also gets abuse because different people read different things into statements/comments, so you then end up with bland comments whereupon the accusation is that something is being hidden. Are we concerned that there is a secret conspiracy to run the team down, and re-develop the ground? Ownership of the ground does seem like a festering issue, is this something that needs more clarity. Personally in response to Glovers post, relationship with a club is important (by which I understand that to be the emotional links, and sense of family/unity) but communications from the Board have no impact at all on me deciding whether to travel 500 miles to watch the team (nor 5 miles to watch my other team). Mind you a sense of unity usually comes from the team doing well in which case most people agree that the Board and manager must be doing something right! So perhaps we need to clarify what it is we are really after, is it supporter representation on the board (which isn't necessarily about communication, more transparency), or more Club participation into local events, or more (some!) Q&A sessions, or more social media interaction, or closer match-day contact with board members? Are members of the board seen as real fans or opportunists? What should the board do that isn't seen as cynical manipulation?
  7. Eagle4Caley

    Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Looks like Robbo has found it again...I like Calder and McCart, it's a long season, they'll get their chance. Brilliant win away, that 0-5 from a year ago exorcised, the only unbeaten side in this league now, pleased for Polly and Oakley, but especially for Rooney. I heard Ridgers pulled off a couple of good saves, last year he was the butt of some dissent on here, but came through a poor start to his career here to become a bit of a favourite. Walsh is starting to sound like our signing of the summer.
  8. Eagle4Caley

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    TBF quite a few of the new players were written off at the start of the season, but came through in the end. I liked Seedorf, but he was either really good or very poor, Rooney may end up being consistently steady! Is Beith the new Elbouzedi, seemingly with potential, but never fit enough to show it. I still wish we had kept Bell.
  9. Eagle4Caley

    Inverness CT -V- Alloa

    Just from the highlights alone...how did we not win that match? It should have been a big win. I note some comments about how poor we were, but again from the highlights only, we put together some decent moves, and Alloa barely threatened... Donaldson's penalty wasn't poor, and had that been an inch lower it was game over IMHO.
  10. Eagle4Caley

    He's One Of Our Own

    I appreciate that some of us are disappointed at the result, which we probably should have won...very frustrating playing against 10men and missing a penalty, in the end it feels like a defeat. However abusing a players family is the lowest of the low, it might have been a few idiots, I wouldn't call them supporters, but the player clearly heard it...I'd be pretty p#ssed off it that was directed at me. Polworth is somewhat an enigmatic figure, he does a lot of good stuff, but obviously in trying to be the creative player also slips up.....he does seem to get quite a bit of stick on this forum, but I think we would miss him quite a bit if he were to leave. Unfortunately we do have pretty small crowds and there are a fair few constant 'moaners' spread around...I notice this when I come up and sit in the main stand, drives me mad... players seldom respond positively to constant harping on, so just seems self-defeating. Whereas when we play away the support the players get albeit from a smaller concentrated group is great and it is appreciated by the players.
  11. Eagle4Caley

    Bairns Away

    Mind you Hearts got an impressive win away today, perhaps indicative of a gap in class?
  12. Eagle4Caley

    Bairns Away

    Fantastic..nothing like an opening day win to raise hopes of great things for the season!
  13. Eagle4Caley

    Bairns Away

    Those are fab...one day I'll get to see them when ICT play away (unfortunately not tomorrow) ...I'dlove something in similar construction depicting an Eagle alongside the A9 near our stadium
  14. Eagle4Caley

    Hearts Game

    A bit of a shame about getting knocked out like that, but losing out to Hearts (rather than Falkirk last year) is no disgrace...sounds like we were in the game but got caught by a goal blitz. Don't have BT Sport so didn't get to see it on the TV Anyway I've booked my first flying visit up fo the QoS game, late September, so excited about that, so I just want Caley to park that game as a 'lessons to be learned' for a young side and start the league season positively
  15. Eagle4Caley

    Reigniting the spark.

    In the years I've been supporting Palace and then Inverness Caley Thistle, I've got used to the cycle of football with travails and despair often following triumph and elation, it's often the rebirth that happens after, say, relegation that I find the most exciting, as new faces come in, often young and in-experienced, new ways of playing, new managers, new owners (sometimes), improvements to the ground , even those new playing strips that seem more dynamic or trendy than the previous season. Being a 'glass-half-full' type of guy, I can take solace from a good passage of play, or a goal, or just seeing someone have a good game, even if the overall result may not be what is wanted. I love it when a player or the club starts to get recognised for doing something good. I have obviously come into the ICT fold fairly recently, but relegations under Butcher and Foran haven't disheartened me (actually it was my sadness when ICT went down under Butcher that I realised a spark had been kindled). Having supported Palace for nigh on 45 years I have seen many false dawns and have become disillusioned a couple of times, I once stopped going and gave up my season ticket, so I guess ever body is tested. (actually if everyone who told me they once supported Palace still turned up our crowds would be 50k not 25k). Sometimes you just need a break, however as long as you still love football, and you still look out for the club you support, or live local to them, the chances are that the spark will come back. For me coming up to see Inverness is always an adventure, which I have enjoyed, even losing to Aberdeen in the League Cup final....whereas I can't honestly say I've enjoyed every moment of Palace's latest incursion into the EPL COYC