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  1. Eagle4Caley

    Angus Beith

    Maybe that's what helped us get Anthony MacDonald, who solely from the minutes I saw of him at Falkirk, looks a useful player
  2. Eagle4Caley

    Ross County -v- Inverness CT

    Got to see the last 20mins after McKay's goal on my phone ... we seemed to be in control until the last 10mins, when Donaldson went off. Pushing Tremarco into the centre into the centre was probably the right thing to do, as Rooney defensively leaves me cold, Trafford doesn't start a game for a reason, but fresh legs were needed Game management is a tricky thing, because we were forcing County back until that last 10mins, but what was needed in the last 5mins was some keep ball even if it was continually going back to our goalie. Unfortunately MacDonald was cup-tied I guess, I reckon he would have been decent to come on, and we needed legs up from, which I guess was Macauley, but would have been nice to see Austin or Daniel up front chasing down players.
  3. Eagle4Caley

    Ross County -v- Inverness CT

    Not going to be able to see it since it's on BBC2 Scotland and I can't get that down here Can't help thinking County are probably favourites...But if Ridgers, Donaldson and Tremarco are fit to play, then we should be steady at the back....McCauley worthy of a start? probably depends on the midfield TBH
  4. Eagle4Caley

    Disgraceful attitude of a tiny minority of ICT fans

    I think your right (up to a point) , and I'd guess during the normal course of the game they don't hear too much of it. However (and this is not unique to ICT) some of the barracking and abuse starts quite early at Home games, and it's usually the same culprits, maybe it's certain season-ticket holders who have a sense of entitlement because they come every week and have paid upfront (which gains the discounted price) and feels they've 'invested in the club' as much as the board. Unfortunately especially with small crowds without any focal point for positive energy the atmosphere is pretty flat for most of the time. The 'Young' crowd that where in the North stand at the start of last season seem to have completely disappeared so we have a reactive crowd that feeds off what the team are doing. The ICT Away support being tightly crowd corralled in one part of a stadiums tens to be more boisterous and positive in its support (but not to say you don't here any criticism)...if we could get all the away support in one area our ground you might get a nucleus of positivity (but of course we have our seating preferences and I guess a few far flung 'away' supporters can't get to home games)
  5. Eagle4Caley

    Disgraceful attitude of a tiny minority of ICT fans

    What is it they are supposed to be more open about?
  6. Eagle4Caley

    January signings

    And McHattie.... I think the other two new guys add a bit of pace and mobility to the side And we still have Polworth...for now Shame about Oakley going... but if Austin is fit, we need to see more of him on the pitch (and Daniel Mackay)
  7. Eagle4Caley

    The Battle of The Jags

    Not now he wont! Just found out that they have moved the away fixture with Partick in March to Friday night! Which rather spoils my plans to fly up Saturday morning with my wife, eldest daughter and her boyfriend to match the match. Annoying much!
  8. Eagle4Caley


    Slightly shocked, but he's out of Contract at the end of the season, (and the small fee probably covers the laundry bill) anyway I think McCauley can do a job for us in his place
  9. Eagle4Caley

    Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    Had an enjoyable trip up with Caley Mad...I think our view was that this was a match of two goalkeepers, theirs pulled off three good saves, ours just didn't have the match experience and got caught out by the corner....the first goal wasn't his fault, and was the only time in the first half we got carved open. I thought Brad and Jamie had good games at the back, especially during the 2nd half when I though that we were playing with only two at the back. Welsh was pretty solid IMO, and promising signs from McCauley, and to a lesser extent McDonald given he had about ten minutes...I though Doran was pretty impressive, he seemed to be the danger man for us, so it was really disappointing to see him go off injured with either a hamstring or a groin strain (he pulled up when in full stride). Austin was busy, but can't recall a shot, header or many passes, but did win the free-kick which eventually led to our 2nd goal First trip to Falkirk, impressive stadium, great to see two ends with plenty of fans in them...although they were pretty quiet! Back to the goalkeeping situation, it beggars belief that OFW was injured when he hasn't played in how long...I can't believe we are still paying his wages!
  10. Eagle4Caley

    Jordan White

    True ...we had one, Jordan Mutch, cost us £5.7M, never scored a goal (other than in a friendly) and on probably £40-50K a week, was on loan to a club in MLS last year and they didn't want to keep him...strange as he had looked decent at Cardiff. Could do a job at Scottish Championship level probably but not at those prices. I think we get very good value for money at ICT!
  11. Eagle4Caley

    Jordan White

    As long as he plays for ICT and he's making an effort he'll always have my support He's scored a few goals as well, and some of them are the simple ones....... by being in the right place usually. Don't estimate that, my other team had 120shots on goal in 5 home games recently and scored just five goals...and it was the simple chances that were squandered
  12. Eagle4Caley

    January signings

    I think the correct response to this news is 'bugger!' He has been one of the highlights of the season and was weighing in with some goals... Still on the bright side if we can get into and stay in the play-off positions both Donaldson and Walsh should be back, fit and fresh?
  13. Eagle4Caley

    January signings

    Yes a bit of a shock that, has had a groin op.
  14. Eagle4Caley

    Favourite cup memory?

    The Semi-final winner against Celtic is up there, not least becaue I took a Megabus sleeper coach overnight from London to get to the match.....but Vincent's winner in the Final, a) because I was there , b) because it was super-tense being down to 10men, conceding the lead and with Falkirk in the ascendancy and c) because my other team has been 7 minutes or so away from winning a proper Cup twice, so to actually see ICT pull it off makes me kinda weepy