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  1. Very much an ugly win, the wind ruined it as a spectacle, although I am always surprised footballers don't read the conditions and play the ball on the ground more. Doran and Walsh were rather quiet, as was Storey, and poor old White hardly got near anything...thought the Pars were going to pinch it, as they had a lively patch midway 2nd half. I thought all of our subs made a difference, and we had much the better of the last 20mins, although only one shot came out of it. MacGregor looks pretty decent, made us move the ball quicker, and Welsh clearly the best midfielder in the squad. The penalty was ball to arm IMO so it was lucky break, then Welsh scored down the middle with the penalty (not my preferred type of penalty!) With Dundee Utd losing yesterday, first place perhaps isn't a foregone conclusion. Enjoyed another away trip, it's easier/cheaper to get to some of these 'Central belt' game than get up to Inverness with us in the Championship, with the threat of games moving to Friday for TV, and no decent late afternoon flights back on a Saturday afternoon.
  2. Keatings is the new Tansey; free kick and corner wise!
  3. Can't really argue which much of this summing up, especially regarding the defence...McCart in particular really looking good, and Rooney surely having his best game for us? I thought that Doran looked sooo dangerous with the ball (one of the stars of this league IMO), and Walsh was starting to find good range with his crosses. Is Keatings the new Tansey/Chalmers for us with his free kicks and corners (wonder what he's like with penalties), the fact he scored the 2nd with his (less favoured?) right foot was excellent. Whilst Vincent and Carson aren't exactly Vigurs and Polworth, I think they will get us through a long winter mixing it up with Welsh and Trafford. Great to have Storey back, and happy to see for Todorov on the scoresheet. Going to be an interesting season, trying to keep up with Dundee Utd. I'm up for Dunfermline away in two weeks time, and I can't wait
  4. Lovely words Scotty about someone 'behind the scenes' who I never knew but who sounds more important to the establishment of the club than any manager or player could be and then some. RIP Ken
  5. Given the stick their fans were giving Coll Donaldson on Twitter the night they beat us to get through I'm glad to see DU blow it, although it does show how difficult promotion via the play-offs is, next year they will surely be eyeing top spot, can we pip them to it?
  6. Implementation of Pitch improvements that were delayed last year, is excellent news Noting that our better players are getting contract extensions, new players in general are getting longer contracts than the previous regime seemed to give out (to our cost) recruitment being maintained in each of the last windows, and more expensive players 'eased out' over the past two seasons (to help balance the books?), plus rebuffing approaches for our manager (please maintain that stance), whilst season ticket prices don't seem to have raised many hackles this time around...in many respects our current board seems to be doing the right thing. Of course communication with the fans is perhaps the one bone of contention.
  7. Sounds like we were rather hard done by, but also a match too far for a slim squad...I think the players can hold their heads up high, and us fans can be rightly proud of a season where we got to the Cup Semi final and came third to the two best financed teams in the league....many pluses I think, McCart, Welsh, Walsh, Jordan (unfancied but plenty of goals) Doran, Donaldson, Trafford (coming good in the end) ...I have hopes for McCauley annd Daniel Mackay will be stronger next season. Would be great to get McDonald back (I think he's done well), and we've signed two already. I have high hopes for next season.
  8. Others have suggested we played alright...doing enough to get through.... Management and Players have to think the long game, bearing in mind how small the squad is with no Welsh, and Tremarco, and Walsh looking like he needs to be managed fitness wise..... We will have to play 6 games to stand a chance of going up, Dundee Utd have had the benefit of more than a week off and have a larger squad, we'll do well to get a draw on Tuesday (given that we have only won 5 games at home in the league) to take it to a 'winner-takes-all' on Friday. So why would we expend more energy and potential bookings by going all out? Guys like Austin, Macdonald and McCauley are going to have to make a difference, we're lucky that Trafford has stepped up with Welsh out, and McHattie doing enough with Tremarco out. I kinda think Dundee Utd are a round to far but if we can get past them and not lose White, Donaldson and McCart to injury or suspense, then we do stand a chance against either St Mirren/Hamilton who finish their league fixtures on Saturday (and both play mid-week as well). I'd take a boring 0-0 home draw and a nervy 0-1 away against Dundee Utd any day, if we can do it....Tuesday's the key.
  9. I only saw the last 10mins of the first half, but I though for 30mins of the 2nd half, we didn't look like we were playing with 10men, as we moved the ball pretty well, but couldn't really fashion a decent chance, eventually ran out of puff. I've seen worse penalties than White's, but really Robbo ought to show the players video's of Palace's Lukas Milivojevic taking penalties, think he's missed just two out of 20odd in two years and scored his last 9! (Mind you didn't they practise from 15yards for the Cup tie?). Trafford out for 1 game I guess, not helpful with Welsh out. Thought Chalmers looked good, and the defence largely kept County pretty quiet, bar a couple of scrabbles and long range shots
  10. Superb...Caley rode out a bit of Partick Thistle pressure and saw the game out well in the end. Great game from Doran, back to his best isn't he (or better). Lovely goal from Walsh, so good to have him back, and so important. Thought White lead the line well (and a great dummy for Doran's goal) Trafford good, he's found his feet at last. Chalmers influentila in first half, Polworth managed the game after Doran went off, and Welsh is a good engine. Backline pretty solid. Back into forth and we've pulled Ayr back. Shame they moved the game forward a day, otherwise I would have seen it live!
  11. White...another example of a cut-price signing looking like it at the start of the season then growing into the role. Ditto Trafford ...finally On this basis I reckon Rooney will score the winning goal either in the Semi or...... (Or if Austin could reprise his performance against Dunfermline end of last season...but for 95mins)
  12. Irn-Bru Yes, Scottish Cup Yes Scottish League Cup erm..No?
  13. Unfortunately, I'll be in Malaysia onthat weekend visiting a daughter...but with Palace playing Man City on the Sunday, I would have been hostage to the SFA TV scheduling Gods...in the same way that I would have been watching Caley away at Partick later this month with 3 members of my family until the match was moved to the Friday!
  14. Agreed... and if we can get Walsh fit, with McDonald and McCauley adding a bit, who knows