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  1. Working in Berlin that week so flying back to Glasgow on Friday then up to Inverness so I can do the full day out on the Saturday.
  2. I'm about as far away from a happy clapper as you can get but our Twitter feed is very good at both responding to queries and posting match updates (the odd bit of cringe aside) as demonstrated by it winning an award recently. Not sure two posts on facebook a day about how Russel Latapy likes his tea or whether Richie's Mrs cuts his sandwiches into triangles or rectangles will improve morale within the support.
  3. Europe is over rated anyway. Being mid table is far more exciting and glamourous.
  4. http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/22589505
  5. Same people who frothed at the mouth when Craig Levein put Scotland out without strikers now advocating it for us.
  6. Right if we don't sign a striker in my opinion it's evidence of a lack of ambition by the club, effectively says 5th/6th spot is our target. If we don't sign one Yogi will spout some guff about how 4-6-0 is the way football should be played and that will be that. More worryingly to my mind is that both David Raven and Josh Meekings have both asked for new deals and nothing seems to have happened there, resigned to losing Watkins and would hate to lose those two as well.
  7. I may be wrong but if he leaves for a free rather than for a transfer fee, doesn't that mean we would no longer be entitled to a cut of any future transfer fee's for development costs? He may have passed the age limit for this I'm not 100% sure. I don't think any of us believes the timing of this announcement is for any reason than the knowledge in Aberdeen that we could go ahead of them next week and they're playing mind games. I'm very disappointed that GS has chosen a sideways move rather than show what he's capable of down south but with a Baby on the way he clearly has put family before f
  8. Aberdeen are our direct competitors, they already have more resources off the pitch and can pay higher wages. They have just written off £14m in debt so that will likely lead to them further investing. Any success they have on the park is to our detriment and to even pretend other wise is madness.
  9. David Raven has more than earned a new deal and hopefully he isn't being forgotten about in the pursuit of tying others down on new deals.
  10. Toothless at times but with some nice interchanges up to the final third. David Raven MOTM by some margin, Nick Ross also did well and probably worthy of a starting spot next week. Substitutions made a good impact with Williams pace and Drapers break up play both noticeable. Tremarco showing his quality which will surely only improve with a run in the team should G Shinnie move on as expected. Probably should have been ahead through McKay in the first half but a good three points and a clean sheet.
  11. As Doran seems to have a good game whenever I've questioned his performance/place in the previous week he absolutely shouldn't start on Sunday.
  12. Doran doesn't merit a starting spot after his performance against Aberdeen, made some impact off the bench in games this season but was a complete nonentity on Sunday.
  13. A late entrant into biggest CTO meltdown of 2014 but you've made a strong bid for the title.
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