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  1. Only indicator is the word "regret" over the resignation. Would have been helpful to know why though. Even just to say "personal reasons"
  2. Yes and just outside the turnstiles after the game i got smacked right in the face by one. Zero police between our fans and the trash coming out of the shed. Only trying to find the bus back and i get attacked. Lovely
  3. At least we put our money to good use elsewhere like giving Doran and Fisher a contract. Both players who have made so many appearances for the club this season. Much more deserving than people like Raven /s Sack the Board.
  4. lightlamp2

    David Raven

    Our player retention has been absolute bollocks
  5. Its an absolute joke. I'm unable to go anymore. I hope others do the same. Shouldn't tolerate being shafted like this and being expected to be in easter road in under two weeks from the Highlands
  6. Would be nice to know. Because the powers that be have left it so late my only chance of going to this game now is if its on a Sunday. Would be helpful if they could be considerate of the fans attending the match. Some of whom have to work weekends and can't exactly get a holiday with one weeks notice...
  7. Article here. So it was Tansey's agent that let slip about the clause. Is that allowed?
  8. How dare we voice our displeasure over one of our star players being sold. I mean who cares about the performance of the club?
  9. In other words. They think its funny we're selling Tansey. Glad they take the Club seriously
  10. Why does the club have a fetish with selling our best players to premiership opposition? Do we even do anything with the money we recieved? What of the half a million we received for Christie? Who have we brought in to replace him? Have we learned NOTHING from Dundee united with regards to what happens when you sell your top players?
  11. Tell that to Jackie McNamara. Can't believe how you lot are just accepting he's gone and probably doing the right thing when he hasn't even talked to United officially. It would be a crap move for him, a lunatic chairman, if it went wrong another big hole in his shaky CV while he's got the chance to build up a good record in Inverness and move onto somewhere better than Dundee United ffs. I don't know about his wife and kids, but we've got nice houses and schools up here too. We're used to it by now. So we know what to expect. Patterson Robertson Brewster Butcher and now Hughes. All poached by other clubs. All have failed miserably
  12. You would have thought United would learn from Brewster that poaching managers from us doesn't work
  13. Well done Kenny. No poaching this time!
  14. Right we have 500K. Use it for a better contract for Hughes and getting Storey signed up
  15. Can't agree. Yes there was contact and if the ref sees it it's a red card but there was never anything like enough contact to send him down. That was pure gamesmanship. I realise it's part of the modern game but I'd rather not see our players indulge in it. Then he would have stayed on the pitch for punching another player and would have made the game more difficult to win. Certainly to score another goal