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  1. I particularity like how those clubs mention that litigation could prove financially ruinous for them. After voting to cause financial ruin to other clubs. Zero self awareness
  2. It might go along the lines of what the French courts ruled. In that relegation was unlawful but it was up to the French FA to decide the next steps.
  3. Oh deary me. What a bunch of whiners. Why can't they just accept their enforced relegation and job losses and move on? The most important thing to remember through all this is that Celtic got their title awarded to them so Scottish Football will be alright. Partick should just take there medicine as Saint Roy says and unite behind each other. For the good of the game! /sarcasm That last paragraph was very juicy from the statement. Bang on Just read this too. Remind me again why Strachan was hounded for saying their is a lack of professional clubs in Scotland?
  4. And in the process relegate Stranraer and leave them with no players on contract!
  5. How much money were lower league clubs projected to lose from the proposed 10 team league structure versus the current structure of 10 team leagues? How much extra money do clubs now have thanks to the generosity of a hearts backing philanthropist?
  6. Belgium had a vote among clubs if i remember correctly. And they have also had it overturned in court.
  7. Confirmation that Hearts are perusing legal action. Good news. Hopefully make those clubs squirm if it affects cash flow.
  8. Absolutely. Although will be much harder now with Hearts in the league. I predict a runaway leader like we had with united this season unfortunately. But maybe we can get to work on some signings now.
  9. Reconstruction is over. only 16 clubs voted in favour which is much worse than i thought. It means plenty of league 1 & 2 clubs would have voted against a 10 team league for themselves and instead will now remain with.... a 10 team league. Absolute madness. Lets hope Hearts go legal now. Will gladly watch some of these clubs suffer.
  10. Just makes it all the more damming on the clubs that vote against reconstruction.
  11. Absolutely. It just irks me that a club like Elgin. Who have zero ambition and have NEVER left the bottom division and have no desire to given that the proposals they enthusiastically reject would see them into league 1. Would seek to pull down a club like ourselves that punch regularly above our weight. Have won the most prestigious cup in Scotland on probably one of the lowest budgets a team would have. Not to mention the amount of players we have progressed. Where would Aberdeen be without the players they poached of us? THAT is what we bring to the league.
  12. I need to stop listening to Sportsound. The amount of diddy chairman that come on. Elgin chairman today couldn't form a coherent sentence about why he doesn't want reconstruction at all. "eh eh eh eh eh stability" and "eh eh eh eh eh status quo" We shall see how the status quo works when his club hopefully goes bust. Dragging Scottish football down. They offer nothing to the league.
  13. Doesn't sound too bad. Anything that breathes life (and money) into the lower leagues is a good thing. The current dross there are stagnant with no ambition (looking at you Elgin) and need a kick up the backside. I was very impressed with the Rangers colts when we played them earlier this year.
  14. Phase 3 in Scotland does allow for limited crowds at stadiums so fingers crossed