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  1. http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/669042/Exclusive-Dundee-United-face-points-deduction-fine-fielding-ineligible-player-News-Gossip
  2. Hi - Can I add myself plus three for the bus please if it's still possible.
  3. HT: 2-0 FT: 2-1 1st ICT: Ross 1st Opp: Walker Time of 1st Goal: 15 mins
  4. HT: 1-0 FT: 1-1 1st ICT: Doran 1st OPP: Stokes First Goal: 22mins
  5. HT: 2-1 FT: 3-2 1st ICT: Vincent 1st Opp: Vigurs Time of 1st Goal: 18 minutes
  6. HT 1-0 FT 1-3 1st scorer ICT - Doran 1st Scorer Opp - Goodwillie Time of 1st goal 23 mins
  7. HT: 3-1 FT: 5-2 1st Scorer ICT: McKay 1st Scorer Opp: Thompson Time of 1st Goal: 20
  8. Parked at Highland Home Carers just round from the stadium - only went to the food bar at half time. Does anyone know who the caterers are - might have left them at the food bar. Only noticed we didn't have the keys when we got back to the car, which was locked when we got back to it. Car is a Vauxhall.
  9. Car keys lost in or around the stadium on Saturday. Was sitting in Section H - North Stand. Have checked with Police/Stadium but no sign yet.
  10. HT:1-1 FT:1-3 1st ICT:Ross 1st Opp:Higdon Crowd:3333
  11. HT 1-1 FT 2-1 1st ICT Ross 1st Opp Barrowman Crowd 3111
  12. HT: 1-1 FT: 1-3 1st ICT:Ross 1st Opp:Sandaza Crowd:3315 1st Yellow Card - Foran
  13. HT:1-1 FT:3-1 1st ICT:Ross 1st Opp:Hasselbank Crowd:3333
  14. HT:1-0 FT:3-1 1st ICT:Ross 1st Opp:Hooper Crowd:44844
  15. alanmaceach HT: 1-1 FT: 3-2 1st ICT: Foran 1st Opp: Shiels Crowd: 3,311
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