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  1. I wouldn't worry about getting banned mate. Boys getting banned for trying to enjoy an away game, or even, God forbid, sing a few songs on the bus to cerate an atmosphere has been happening for years. The running of the supporters buses is farcical and the primary reason, the majority of us younger fans never use them. If you can find a willing driver aged 25 or over hire your own mini bus, makes for a far better day out. If that fails just get the train CJT doing their upmost to discourage young fans from attending Caley games. Asking people to grass on their own fans with the whole pyro
  2. New home and away kit for this season apparently with Carbrini taking over Errea as manufacturer. (So I've heard)
  3. Myself + 6 if possible
  4. Flights booked for 6 of us from Aberdeen (via Amsterdam) on Tuesday 21st coming back on Friday 24th, £265 return! BRING IT ON!!
  5. Does anyone know if programmes are still available to buy from the club or an external party? Completely forgot to buy one on Saturday. (one too many voddies) Cheers
  6. Falkirk have now sold just under 14,000 tickets according to their Twitter feed!
  7. OWENCF94

    Joe Gorman

    The idiot should be released swiftly, hopefully he will not be an ICT player come tomorrow morning. I also hope this will be a police matter, folk have got the jail for less than what he said regarding sectarianism. Disgusting.
  8. 200 odd tickets from selling out I've heard
  9. We're packing our bags, We're going away, It might be Germany it might be Spain, We'll drink in the bars, We'll dance in the streets, It's Caley Thistle in the Champions League !! Na na na na, na na na na, na na na na na, na na na na
  10. At the end of the day Tokely was a great servant to the club, and I will always respect him for his service. However as far as I am concerned he is now the enemy. He wasn't and isn't the greatest of footballers and even now I still wonder how he has even made a career out of football. It's all mind games trying to unsettle anyway IMO, if it was such a disgrace our fans booing him surely he would of come out and said what he did straight after the last derby not a couple of days before this one! Let Ross an his small time team get on with it who gives a flying f*ck about that lot anyway!!!
  11. On the way home from Pittodrie last night i was listening to the radio and in Derek Adams' interview he clearly stated that there is no pressure on C_unty at the weekend and that we are clear favourites. Also on social media sites such as twitter and facebook their fans seem to be thinking the same thing. I am very confident we will dispose off them lot with ease, however for those of us who enjoy a flutter i have been doing some research and in 6 of the bookmakers i checked the odds in not one did i find Inverness to be favourites. Infact in 4 out of 6 Ross County have been made favourites:
  12. Yeah think it will definitely be something shadow realated!
  13. I have a friend who has a friend that works in printing and can do us banners on the cheap so we are planning a 20ft banner for the derby in the cup! We are thinking something like 'Is it cold in our shadow?' Or something along those lines. Was just wondering if anyone has any witty ideas of what we could put on it?
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