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  1. Looks like the new logo will also be used on the strip. Taken from JD website.
  2. Cal550


    Statements just uploaded to club website
  3. Miles Storey has agreed to join Aberdeen in July
  4. Must of been a night for fast food (and drinking ), saw Doran and Williams in McDonald's at half one this morning, also saw Storey in the Filling Station, also didn't say anything as hadn't had time to read the reports on what the game and players were like, only seen the scoreline...
  5. I've managed to get them online, using Away Allocation instead of Best Available, although was also on the phone and they said you can pay there?
  6. At the start of 2013, it was seemed a bit unusual for McLaren, now in 2015 you have to ask, where did it go wrong?

  7. RT @CarThrottle: Forza Motorsport 6 leak! We're getting rain and night racing

  8. If Top Gear survives its reincarnation to Netflix, that could say pave the way for the future of television... :/

  9. The banter has started already ;) @ICTFC, #UCLFinal

  10. Love how the guys at @ICTFC always give us fans a mention, so proud to be part of that crowd at Hampden. :)

  11. RT @ICTFC: #ICTFC Scottish Cup Card Display....big well done to all the fans who organised and set it up...wonderful job.…

  12. RT @highlandweather: Latest hot spots: Aviemore 22c Insh 22c Kingussie 22c Struy 22c Tomich 22c Fort Augustus 21c Brahan 21c Cromdale... h…

  13. Is this enough to overcome the Celtic persuasion on the SFA? #JusticeforMeekings

  14. It would seem because banning a referee for one game wouldn't be big enough, they're going to ruin someone else's dreams...