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  1. Motherwell fan on P+B "Looking back on the game on Friday night it's actually wild just how involved Polworth was in creating chances yet no one's really talking about him" Kinda odd given his poor attitude. I must go back and read the Polworth thread to remind me why he got so much abuse.......
  2. The guy on the right seems familiar?
  3. Quite simply over the years he became the token scapegoat. His "stupidity" was not, by it appears everyones account, a sending off. Yet after 180 mins of football, we didn't score, how about some of the blame going to the other 11 players? Have you decided who to scapegoat for next season yet or are you holding off?
  4. Leaving an above average Championship club who's fans not only hurl abuse but sing nasty songs about his family to join a Premiership club is career suicide? Yeah good one ?
  5. Well at least the players and their agents would get a laugh.
  6. And if he turns out to be really good his agent will already have another club lined up and everybody will be greeting about why he wasn't given a longer contract. Catch22
  7. If he hadn't crossed the ball over to McCauley to score the equaliser and grab a point it would have been 9 eh?
  8. Putting your house up for sale just before your contract is up? The writing is on the wall. Right beside the For Sale sign ?
  9. Well the Scottish Cup high didn't last very long! The only "turmoil," at the club is financial, this is the same sensationalist garbage as this front page on Sunday.
  10. Try this before the youtube censors strike it!