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  1. If he hadn't crossed the ball over to McCauley to score the equaliser and grab a point it would have been 9 eh?
  2. Putting your house up for sale just before your contract is up? The writing is on the wall. Right beside the For Sale sign 😁
  3. Well the Scottish Cup high didn't last very long! The only "turmoil," at the club is financial, this is the same sensationalist garbage as this front page on Sunday.
  4. Try this before the youtube censors strike it!
  5. Thanks to Billy Dodds for speaking up for ICT and calling McMullan a cheat!
  7. You've come on here and upset the clique. Rookie mistake 😂
  8. Let me turn that around, shouting abuse at players and the management is ok?
  9. Absolutely agree, some of the Inverness fans are an embarrassment.
  10. I heard he's off to St. Johnstone? 😂
  11. Absolutely, but it's not just the knuckle-draggers in the North Stand, a lot of the weekly abuse comes for various areas of the main stand - typically males aged 55+ who then act all hurt when you tell them to STFU. Anyway, pointless argument now, Polworth is leaving and who can blame him?
  12. When you consider 66% of ICT goals this season were direct assists (2 out of every 3 goals) that is a big hole to fill. But his fate was sealed back in August when the "fans" sang abusive songs about his family, there was no coming back from that.
  13. Inverness "fans," when they realise they won't be able to shout abuse at Liam anymore.