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  1. That was great to see and hopefully the wee pick me up the players and fans needed. Need to use this as a springboard to build up momentum for all the upcoming games.
  2. I don't expect freebies from the club just a response when you contact them and reasonable communication. I emailed the CEO with a raft if constructive suggestions and ideas after our auspicious 1st streamed game. Received no acknowledgement let alone response. To then come out in the press (but not on ICT media channels interestingly) and say it was fine just grated more. These things cost virtually nothing. We seem to have a recurring habit of just shutting down communication when things are difficult when you should do the opposite. Wouldn't surprise me if the next time I get any
  3. *slow clap* That's about all the enthusiasm I can muster for ICT just now.
  4. Scottish Championship: Clubs asked if they want to continue playing - https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/55684189#click=https://t.co/e1j9gev4bF
  5. Can't really see where anyone's abused him online and don't remember any abuse from the terraces. Criticism perhaps but not abuse.
  6. Are these pair pals and having a laugh? Surely this can't be a genuine exchange (although the Tweet itself is)? WTF.
  7. Pitch inspection scheduled for 8.30am tomorrow.
  8. I'm sure Brad is a nice bloke. He's also pretty rubbish at football imo but that's kinda our level now so it is what it is.
  9. My 9 year old understands FACTS and likes to remind me of them from time to to time. So if people are 'confused' by them then I really don't know what to tell you... 😂
  10. I doubt NS announced anything about tier changes.
  11. Thing is the Prime Minister of NZ can control her borders the FM of Scotland can't. In one conversation I had today a colleague told me of 3 people from SE England they knew coming up for the Highlands for the festive period this week. Flights still running, trains still running, road's wide open. No tests or no checks.
  12. Fair play. I can't even get an email back 😆 Seriously though that's really nice. 👍
  13. I don't think our fanbase is proactive and motivated enough to set up a club, that's way beyond us imo. I'd probably casually follow Clach and just wouldn't be as interested in football.
  14. I'm a season ticket holder and I'm in. Although there was an issue with my password being wrong even though I had the browser save it 🤷‍♂️ Resolution is no way 1080p either.
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