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  1. Apparently he still works for us part time. Working from home I assume. He's still on the website too. I guess there's nobody in the Highlands that is good enough, assume he fits us in between his work at Brechin.
  2. I've noticed this too. Asked several questions re the shop etc on Twitter and Facebook but the club never responds. We used to have the most proactive and fun social media a number of years back now it's virtually non existent.
  3. Here, we can't even stretch to organising a Christmas party for the kids.
  4. Unfortunately due to ICTWFC playing an ineligible player, they have been fined £100 and a 3-0 victory awarded to Dryburgh.
  5. Scored loads of goals for Clach. Best of luck to her
  6. To get rid we'd probably have to pay, which we can't afford either. I like Robbo but I agree with you. Since returning to work in his new role, I've no clue what he's actually done, for what I'm assuming is a hefty salary. Seems more interested in the Jambos and selling his book than ICT as far as I can see. Maybe he's doing a power of work in the background. With our communication skills as a club we'd never know.
  7. Great new for girls / women's football and the ICT Community Trust https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/news/massive-boost-for-womens-football-in-the-highlands-through-288586/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook https://ictfc.com/historic-decision-from-highland-council-to-transfer-royal-academy-playing-fields-to-ict-community-development-trust
  8. Heading to Invergordon, hoping my daughter will bang a couple of goals in against County
  9. Poor decision but one I expected as of course a football game is disrespectful but pretty much every else is fine, because reasons . Should have been a minute silence and then get on with things. Went and watched the U14 ICTWFC team instead.
  10. Chill, nobody is questioning your right to an opinion. Just any time you (or previous accounts) seem to start a thread it's about getting managers the boot, however you're entirely entitled to it.
  11. You do love a call for the manager's head mun
  12. Ironically, I was driving by the stadium this evening and the big sign on the north stand is down lol
  13. Quite embarrassing especially in light of recent stories in the media that we still have huge advertisements at the stadium for the concerts.
  14. Fraz


    Apologies, I didn't see it.
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