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  1. Great to see this is happening, long overdue.
  2. There was loads of fans there. It was a great night.
  3. We've been in many ways our own worst enemy this season not seeing games out when we've been ahead and not taking our chances in front of goal when we're in the ascendancy. Yesterday was a prime example of this. Our small squad has no doubt had a big impact over the season too. Officiating has cost us in individual circumstances and we seem to rarely get the 50/50 decisions. Don't subscribe to conspiracies I just think they're woeful, though sometimes you do wonder. Due to family and finances I rarely get to away games anymore and our home performances have hardly been stellar which doesn't help to bring in more fans. It's a bit of a vicious circle, less fans, less support leading to possibly worse results, leading to less (casual attending) fans etc. Anyway we need to brush ourselves off look to strengthen where we can. Season tickets bought for me and the girls, and let's get automatic promotion next year!
  4. Moved some cash around and renewed today. £250 for 3 season tickets is very reasonable.
  5. They are sorting a finance option. Give them a call.
  6. I am happy with this news.
  7. I think it's a throwback to when free u12 tickets were only available in the family section in the North Stand, then they extended it to the whole North Stand as the family section had essentially stopped being that anyway.
  8. Fraz


    Just the kids?
  9. Fraz


    The stalwarts that I sit beside are mostly from outside Inverness (Invermoriston, Nethybridge, Ardersier, Tomatin, Gollanfield) plus a couple of Invernessians, myself included. While it's key that we engage with Inverness itself (businesses and individuals) it's clear that there's interest from further afield that would be folly to ignore. We just don't seem to have ever really become part of the fabric of the city. You could walk through the town on a match day and barely realise that there was a game happening. It is disappointing that we have not expanded our fan base more given the population boom that we've had since the late 90s.
  10. It's never been to my recollection anywhere near this early in the year and usually you get a letter to, you know actually tell you about it. Also outlining the early bird prices v the full price over June/July time. My extra cash for May has already gone on items for the house so no chance I could cover this. If the club are going to ask for cash 2 months earlier than usual fine but they really need to advertise that in advance (not just tucked away in one singe programme). Perhaps you are clairvoyant, I however am not.
  11. That's the spirit!
  12. Not sure if many are aware of this deal, I certainly didn't notice it until my mate pointed it out. Seems we're keeping it quiet for some reason. Seems odd not to get this out early to existing season ticket holders if you're putting it in a programme...
  13. I guess it would get you a week at the Kingsmills Hotel for our CEO (if true).
  14. Will the play off games be included in our season tickets I wonder?
  15. I think you both point out the dilemma. Short contacts are great if the player is very poor but they are detrimental if they are decent. It's a gamble but I suppose you have to try and have confidence in your signings. Several years are great if you get a Josh Meekings not so much if you get a Claude Gnackpa.