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  1. Obviously not. Hence my use of 'my guess' giving it away I assume?
  2. Dunno, my guess is that the shares return to the club. Hopefully some new (and young) blood will put their names forward to join the board. Many folk are keen to complain and pass comment on social media but unfortunately unwilling to give up their time to take the trust forward.
  3. Just as it sounds- https://s-f-s-a.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/hergametoo-survey
  4. Thank goodness for these red zones. I'm sure they make a big difference. Not like I was at Hampden with 50,000 other people at the weekend. 🤣
  5. It's absolutely hilarious that fan communication is top of the list and the club are apparently asking for engagement yet it takes literally months to release the minutes of a fairly straightforward meeting. It would take an administration member of staff probably 30 or so minutes to type them up. Shows what priority fan engagement really is to the club.
  6. Good to see consistency in releasing the minutes for the 'recent' meeting.
  7. I'm in the North Stand with my daughter and it can get pretty rowdy like but I'll keep my swearing to a minimum 👍😄
  8. Fraz

    3 out of 3

    We want 6! 🤣
  9. Was excited for Hellgin away but couldn't resist the allure of Scotland v Israel.
  10. Sounds positive. Hopefully the club manage to get the notes out a little more promptly this time.
  11. When I got to the front of the que after over 30 mins, as there was max 2 people serving the entire North Stand. You couldn't get any coffee except a 'latte', only soft drink was water or Fanta (though the first 2 kids who were with me got Coke then it run out), no pies of any kind, no sausage rolls, no burgers or hot dogs (though more pies were cooking), no crisps left except Cheese & Onion, no chocolate bars left except KitKat. If I wasn't there with 3 kids I'd have given up when the 2nd half kicked off.
  12. Sounds awesome, good that we're giving a high quality experience again after the Yvonne Crook era shambles. I fancied booking it with my daughter who's a huge fan and has never seen hospitality before but 80 odd quid for a 10 year old was just way too much.
  13. Very interesting read. Don't necessarily agree with all of it but great to see some very ambitious and forward looking plans. 👍
  14. Fraz

    3 out of 3

    The singing Ayr lads were moved aparently because the floor of the stand collapsed underneath them. I assume because of their jumping and whatnot.
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