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  1. Nice top but shorts should be black and have red socks imo.
  2. That clears it right up, cheers 👌🙄
  3. Fraz

    New ICT Podcast

    Thanks for putting the questions forward and I really appreciate the effort you and the guys go to for the podcast.
  4. No. What's the difference?
  5. Fraz

    New ICT Podcast

    Are there any plans to encourage active travel to the stadium? Bike stands perhaps? When will the minutes of the last fans forum be released? Will it be by 2023? Will there be any further fan forum type meetings? Is there a strategy to engage with the Supporters Trust going forward? Are there any plans to improve the 'match day experience'? Will the West Stand have a proper roof installed after the concerts are done and if so how will it be funded? Do you feel communication with fans generally has been sufficient over the last season or so?
  6. Active travel to the stadium? Lol. I sometimes cycle down and there isn't even one basic cheapo cycle rack to padlock a bike to. Can't take water bottle either. I'd like to cycle down more often with my daughters but there's no cycle paths and with the way many drivers behave in particular after games it isn't remotely safe.
  7. Flares burn hot enough to melt steel and have an exposed flame, they are intentionally difficult to put out as designed for marine use. Smoke bombs do burn a bit but internally at much lower temperature. They are very different.
  8. I've never really understood the 'it's better that we're out of the cup so we can concentrate on the league' type of thinking. These guys are full time professional athletes, it really shouldn't be an issue. If I recall the season we finished 3rd in the Premiership was when we won the Scottish Cup. 🤷‍♂️
  9. It may well have been. It differs from the emailed statement which doesn't mention him.
  10. Fraz


    Indeed. Family fun days, kids Christmas party, end of season ball, kids game with players, 10 pin bowling with players etc all seem to have dissappeared. Now I realise that Covid will have impacted all of these and lockdowns have somewhat messed up my perception of time so perhaps these have only stopped for lockdowns, however I'm fairly sure it's longer than that.
  11. Fraz


    I don't sponsor a player but once again the higher echelons of the club show contempt for the bread and butter supporters of the club. The club making promises that they don't keep and never follow up on - they'll be a sponsor's night, we'll have open fan's forum meetings (and get the minutes out), we'll put a roof on the west stand etc. Situations change and there may be perfectly good reasons for all these 'oversights' but true to form the club never communicates anything, speaks to anyone, (the supporters trust or supporters directly) nor explain the situation. There is however a
  12. Streaming a game and tv coverage aren't really the same though. I don't think that streaming a game for say £14-£16 really has that many negatives in any (as opposed to tv which results in fixture changes to stupid times etc) and I'd be interested to see what the financial income is for it. I agree that having it as an 'add on' for season ticket holders and as a stand alone per game charge for away fans is a great idea. I used to make loads of away games but past years it has declined due to family reasons and other (inc financial) commitments not allowing me to give up a full weeke
  13. I'm nothing to do with organising this but as it seems some folk were not aware..
  14. I'm confident we will be promoted if we win this evening. 👍
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