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  1. Fraz

    New kit?

    Last season's was much better than this one imo.
  2. Fraz

    New kit?

    Good on you. Yes, 'A' replica strip not two new ones plus 2 shorts and 2 pairs of socks plus in my case times 2 kids (don't buy for myself anymore, too old). I would buy a polo shirt for myself in place of that but the Errea ones are always too small.
  3. Fraz

    New kit?

    Agreed and I said the same earier, smells a bit like milking the fans. Other than a manufacturer change (which this isn't) there's no need to change both. Hope we don't do the same again at the end of this season.
  4. Fraz

    New kit?

    I said a similar thing on Facebook. Great that they're doing a launch with meeting the players etc. However, I'd love to take my kids along but 9am on a Wednesday? Maybe possible in the holidays but as much as I like ICT I won't be take a day off work and my kids out of school for it. Very odd time imo.
  5. Fraz

    New kit?

    At least their sizes are normal.
  6. Fraz

    New kit?

    Looking forward to seeing that the XXXXL polo shirts don't fit me even though I'm normally XL.
  7. Fraz

    The Pre-Season Thread

    Yes. That cup is being played to celebrate the handover of the stands.
  8. I'm sure the usual hard of thinking will be booing him after the first misplaced pass.
  9. Fraz

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    Outstanding yes. I always get 2. #fatbas
  10. Fraz

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    I dunno. Depends if we're winning or not!
  11. Fraz

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Footballer's 99% of the time go with the money. County as always have more money than us, ergo there's no chance he's staying sadly.
  12. Anyone know if there's any movement to finalising the stands / Tulloch deal? At this rate Brexit will be resolved before this...
  13. Fraz

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    I think it was me who first mentioned admin. Albeit sarcastically.
  14. Fraz

    New kit?

    I've never really got the 'we look like Rangers' thing either. That said have stripes as a consistent thing does help create an identity that is unique in Scotland as far as I know. Plus if done right they look better than some random mess akin to the upholstery on a D&E coach.
  15. Fraz

    New kit?

    Yes indeed, seems both strips are changing. Not a huge fan of that, feels needless. Much prefer changing the home one year then away the next (unless of course you have to with a manufacturer change). Feels a wee bit like trying to milk the fans imo. Please let's stick with some form of stripes for the home kit.