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  1. Cove have also been hit hard. Our annual lethargic start to the season is not Covid related but points to a continued issue that we seem to happen under different regimes and different management. I don't really care hugely about this cup itself but the manner in which we've been bested twice by part timers leagues below us is a huge concern not just the result but the manner of defeat/draw. Also Dodds was appointed over 8 weeks ago but hasn't worked on the back 4? Wot.
  2. If we see ourselves as promotion contenders this is laughable. Pathetic.
  3. 1-2 HT. Probably a deserved lead for Stirling but the ref certainly hasn't done us any favours.
  4. Stirling playing like they want it more. Need to get out of second gear.
  5. Strange because most people I spoke with while sincerely hoping for the best were deeply concerned about someone with zero management experience or pedigree being appointed let alone given a multi year deal.
  6. I wasn't at the game as I was isolating due to actually having Covid but yeah that's my understanding.
  7. No the kiosks are closed, you can bring food in but the usual 'no bottles or containers' rule also remains. On the covid rules debate, not being funny but if you're highly vulnerable it's probably not that wise to be going to an event with hundreds of people in the first place, particularly if you have the option of watching from home. Plus I don't understand why once seated people have to keep their face coverings on in an outside setting of the stadium but in a small enclosed bar or restaurant you can sit 1 meter from another table and happily have your mask off for the duration. Makes
  8. Fraz


    Personally I thought the quality of the picture was the only let down. Looked pixalleted and got particularly bad during the transitions.
  9. Aside from the poor picture quality (nowhere near HD) the stream on the whole is night and day compared to last season.
  10. Not overly convinced about Broadfoot, if he's coming in as some kind of player/coach (has he even done his badges?) then I'd imagine he'll be announced as such.
  11. Fraz


    Good to hear I can still watch the Peterhead game during my isolation!
  12. You got absolutely nothing? Especially after not getting invited to the events (for obvious reasons) that's atrocious. But not massively surprising.
  13. I'd be happy with something like that. I've been saying for years that we need to have a consistent identity with stripes and not be constantly changing from one generic red/blue 'bus upholstery' home strip to another.
  14. No clue. I'd just call them.
  15. Renewed yesterday and was also told that as part of the first 1,000 that we would be guaranteed entry depending on the government rules. Seemed a little harsh but if that's the case I'm not sure why they aren't publicly stating this. Also said that yes the pink strip will be staying as a 3rd strip (probably because it's been hugely popular) and the new home kits are on order and just waiting for them but never mentioned an ETA.
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