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  1. Forgot he was even in our squad.
  2. Looks like a groin strain. Hopefully not out for any length of time.
  3. Then you'd have half of Inverness on Facebook in an uproar that their dogs were being upset.
  4. Reading these and watching the games it's blatantly obvious that we lack leadership on the park. That's not just about a captain who I think Ridgers is personality wise quite suited to but I'm not a fan of goalkeepers having that role as I don't think that they can affect the team past the defence. All the more senior players should be taking some responsibility here and leading by example but that's not happening on the pitch and apparently not in the dressing room either. Think many are just seeing their time out. I can't think of a stong leader on the park since Carl left. Now is
  5. Utter turgid sh*te, something is very wrong at the club both on the pitch and in the dressing room. Lazy, one dimensional, no imagination and no determination. Just looks like virtually nobody really cares.
  6. It's a fair question. I'd be pretty happy with him actually should Robbo step back. I very much we could afford him though lest he was willing to take a big wage drop.
  7. My excitement is reaching fever pitch for this game. Will we draw or lose? What minute will we go behind? All will be answered.
  8. That was great to see and hopefully the wee pick me up the players and fans needed. Need to use this as a springboard to build up momentum for all the upcoming games.
  9. I don't expect freebies from the club just a response when you contact them and reasonable communication. I emailed the CEO with a raft if constructive suggestions and ideas after our auspicious 1st streamed game. Received no acknowledgement let alone response. To then come out in the press (but not on ICT media channels interestingly) and say it was fine just grated more. These things cost virtually nothing. We seem to have a recurring habit of just shutting down communication when things are difficult when you should do the opposite. Wouldn't surprise me if the next time I get any
  10. *slow clap* That's about all the enthusiasm I can muster for ICT just now.
  11. Scottish Championship: Clubs asked if they want to continue playing - https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/55684189#click=https://t.co/e1j9gev4bF
  12. Can't really see where anyone's abused him online and don't remember any abuse from the terraces. Criticism perhaps but not abuse.
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