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  1. Surprising. We're usually so well informed about what's happening at the club.
  2. Hard to disagree with that to be honest.
  3. Fraz

    Semi-Final Poll

    No offence but it doesn't sound like any situation would be affordable. I was only trying to help out by letting you know that there was a cheaper option by a third on the price that you were told. How cheap do you realistically expect it to be for 4 people to attend a national cup semi-final? We are always going to have to travel if it was Edinburgh for example that would make little difference and for food you can take juice, crisps and sandwiches etc from home if every penny is a prisoner. I have listed the ticket prices and stands earlier in the thread. Hope you can find a way to make it.
  4. Fraz

    4G Pitch?

    Robbo has said that he's been pretty impressed with the quality of the new artificial pitch at the rugby club at the bught. Given the issues we've had with call offs etc and the increased community use and potential income that could be generated from a 4G pitch. In theory would you be in favour? Thoughts?
  5. Clach ladies game at Grant Street was called off due to waterlogged pitch if it makes you feel better?
  6. Fraz

    Semi-Final Poll

    So Moray Jaggie you'd get in for £50 with your 3 kids unless you want the better seats. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Fraz

    Semi-Final Poll "Ticket prices are as follows: North and William Hill South Stands - Adults: £30 Concessions*: £15 East and West Stands - Adults: £20 Concessions: £10 *Concessions: Under-16s and 65 years and over" Prices are the same for both semi-finals.
  8. Well it's stìll pure pishing it down as predicted.
  9. Fraz

    Semi-Final Poll

    What do we care what the 'English game' thinks? The fact is that the SFA have no choice about kick off time it's either then or 5.15pm. Can't understand why it's a problem for a Jambo who'll be travelling less time than my daily commute. Missing out on a Scottish Cup semi-final is your choice. I'll certainly be there with my 2 kids, these occasions don't come along often. I haven't seen the prices as yet but I'm not surprised that they're likely a disgrace.
  10. I see that after much online speculation that the club has announced a pitch inspection at 12.30pm today. Seems our drainage issues have reared their ugly head again. Robbo did say earlier this year that the pitch had not seen any serious work for a great many seasons and needed a huge amount of work done. Interesting to note that an such an early inspection would say to me that they think it'll be off and they want to save the tv crews the hassle.
  11. Fraz

    CEO Stands Down

    My bad. Oh wait, that's even worse!
  12. Fraz

    CEO Stands Down

    Her husband's company now does the catering for hospitality and apparently it's much poorer than when red poppy were doing it. Not nepotism though, I'm sure it was a fair tendering process.
  13. Unexpected...
  14. Fraz

    Semi-Final Poll

    Well we don't know who we're playing yet so a wee bit premature to be putting in a preference imo. That said I'd probably choose Hampden anyway.