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  1. Absolute turgid garbage. Pass marks for Vincent and Ridgers, other players looked like they didn't want to be there. WTF has happened to us since the start of the season?
  2. Fraz

    new directors

    What saddens me is that it seems impossible for people to work together for the betterment of the club be they Orion, Tulloch, Muirfield Mills or whomever. We always seem to end up with competing factions.
  3. I don't make away games anymore so I didn't suffer yesterday however what struck me again DU was that it was a prime occasion to get a win against a main opponent who were struggling themselves and probably the closest thing we will have to a 'derby' type game this season. Yet we looked leaderless on the pitch and often like we were going through the motions. Little drive and determination and bereft of much creativity. If we can't lift ourselves a bit at home for a game like that then we've got no business even taking about promotion (yes I realise that the home crowd can be pretty flat too). It's easy to point at the manager but the players have to take a big chunk of the responsibility too need to show that they can face the challenge. I think most fans can see when their team has done their best and lost to a better team and accept that, but I don't believe that this is the case at the moment.
  4. Good grief. JH manufactured his own departure. 👋 Are you seriously suggesting we should have kept RF? 😂 Delete this abomination of a post.
  5. The U9s girls team I coach would be keen for a game.
  6. I didn't realise that she had left. Who is running it now? In-house? Not like you'd expect the club to let us now either way...
  7. Yeah, I tweeted about this. I with my 2 young daughters went to the ICT pie counter on the west side of the stadium, (the pies are better at the van at the corner which I usually go to but the coffee is rank) so it's a tradeoff I guess. I gave the ICT one a try for a change, what a mistake, joined que about 5 or so minutes before half time, not that long a que, took over 10 mins to get to the front. Soft drink machine had broken or run out so were dispensing from large bottles, taking ages. My girls wanted sausage rolls- none left (unless you want vegan), OK they said they'd have steak pies instead, none left. So I asked the kid, what have you actually got? Mince pies, the last 2 mince pies to be exact so my kids got those and I got a lukewarm 'latte'. They had no other hot food left whatsoever, no overpriced burgers or hotdogs, no pies at all, nothing. There has to be 5 mins of half time to go and a huge que behind me. Lots of unhappy folk who've waited 10 to 15 minutes for nothing I'm sure a few choice words were had. Maybe they had more heating up I dunno but either way they had none at that point, it's ridiculous. I realise we share that stall with the away fans of which there are more than usual but c'mon it's absolutely pathetic and sums up our tinpot club that we can't even run a pie stall with a limited menu where you know exactly when the rush will come and have a good idea of the numbers you will get. It's sad and embarrassing enough that you have to wade through mud and puddles to get there. There are Highland Leauge clubs who have a better handle on their operation than we do. That said I wish I spent the entire 2nd half in the pie que.
  8. Yes, there were gasps of shock in the North Stand when he actually won that ball.
  9. Leaderless and gutless. Terrible ref, yes but we deserved nothing from that. Slow to close down and track back. Storey and White both a waste of shirt. Every time we have a chace to close the gap we bottle it.
  10. Fraz


    Hell are you on about ya ***?
  11. Fraz


    I heard Green Drive Hall was available.
  12. Fraz


    This is an outrage.
  13. Dunno. Probably for telling the ref he was poor.
  14. Incredibly frustrating, quite frankly pathetic after all that huffing and puffing we throw away the chance of going top as we can't see out a lead for 5 minutes.