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  1. Fraz


    I think it's a lack of Dougal. If there was more Dougal there'd be more people here with the popcorn.
  2. Fraz

    Davie Balfour's End to End by Bike

    Well done Davie. Outstanding stuff! 👏
  3. Fraz

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    I believe that relegation clauses are standard. Usually around 20-25%. Or so I'm told.
  4. Fraz

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    What pay off will he surely get? He either stays on and sees off his contract and we pay him what was signed up for OR He leaves and goes to another club and the contract will be torn up. I don't have an issue with the club being willing to let Gary go it's the way we've gone public. We are terrible at getting out communications that people want to know about but we make public things that should be kept private. Bizarre. It's not even a current manager / board thing we seem to be atrocious at dealing with departing (or possibly departing) long term players.
  5. Fraz

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    I would say 'wooosh' but he's literally written 'sarcasm' at the end...
  6. Fraz

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    If only we could do polls here eh? 😋 Yes I'd like him to stay. His form was very good on the latter part if the season.
  7. Fraz

    Season Ticket

    There's still someone with a scanner at the gate. You get under 12s season tickets free in North Stand. If it's main stand you should be paying.
  8. Fraz

    New Board Member

    Sorry, what?
  9. Fraz

    New Board Member

    A fan and long term sponsor of the club. Don't know him personally but sounds like a great board appointment to me.
  10. Fraz

    The Pre-Season Thread

    Look forward to going to Kieth. Never been there before.
  11. Fraz

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    I'm sure the club will soften the blow to Gary by getting an under 8s tournament trophy named after him. Which will never be organised.
  12. Fraz

    New kit?

    Last season's was much better than this one imo.
  13. Fraz

    New kit?

    Good on you. Yes, 'A' replica strip not two new ones plus 2 shorts and 2 pairs of socks plus in my case times 2 kids (don't buy for myself anymore, too old). I would buy a polo shirt for myself in place of that but the Errea ones are always too small.
  14. Fraz

    New kit?

    Agreed and I said the same earier, smells a bit like milking the fans. Other than a manufacturer change (which this isn't) there's no need to change both. Hope we don't do the same again at the end of this season.
  15. Fraz

    New kit?

    I said a similar thing on Facebook. Great that they're doing a launch with meeting the players etc. However, I'd love to take my kids along but 9am on a Wednesday? Maybe possible in the holidays but as much as I like ICT I won't be take a day off work and my kids out of school for it. Very odd time imo.