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  1. Fraz

    Away Fan Farce

    I'd suggest those who witnessed these issues to email the chairman on [email protected] (I would say the SLO but I haven't see or heard anything about that position this season so I dunno if it even still exists) I'd be interested to hear the response.
  2. Perhaps this is something the Supporters Trust could discuss with the club to ensure that fan's travel issues are raised during the consultation process?
  3. Trying to pay but it seems to be asking me to create a PayPal account. I don't have one nor do I want one. Am I missing something?
  4. Difference being of course that when you go to the theatre, concert or similar for entertainment you know what you're going to get and you know who's playing, you can check reviews and so on. Fact is as well that virtually nobody goes go big concerts or events every single week. Of course for home games that's mitigated by a season ticket (probably makes it about £14 a game at the cheapest). If football is an entertainment industry as you describe then that has to justify the cost and it has to be, well, entertaining (and I don't mean always winning). It very often is not. In my opinion, given the 'match day experience' and entertainment on show there's no justification for any Championship game to cost over £20 for an adult.
  5. Fraz

    New Kit

    Best to ask them quite possible in a month or 2s time they wont accept a return.
  6. Fraz

    New Kit

    Relented and got an XXS youth for my eldest. I'll be keeping it for a Christmas present though. As it included the shorts and socks it's actually just about the same price as the normal home kit with ST discount.
  7. Fraz

    New Kit

    Don't think they barely have any larger sizes available.
  8. Fraz

    New Kit

    I'd very much doubt it.
  9. Fraz

    New Kit

    Do the youth 25 year strips come with shorts and socks included?
  10. 6 - 4 to Clach and we were 2 - 4 up lol. Entertaining afternoon, nice to see some old faces and some good banter from the dugouts. Charlie Christie was getting right riled up on a couple of occasions. Made I think over £2,600 for the hospice.
  11. I'm fairly sure it was straight porn and no that wasn't him.
  12. Fraz

    Roy MacGregor

    It seems that 'Uncle Roy' is an astute businessman, therefore I deduce that it is highly unlikely that he's bought ICT shares.
  13. Fraz

    New Kit

    Looks like we're going for the blue megabus seat upholstery look again.
  14. Fraz

    Volunteers Wanted

    No but there was a picture on Twitter showing new electric car charging points we've fitted just by the sports bar bit. Just what fans have been crying out for. 🤷‍♂️ I really hope we got a grant for them!