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  1. Well deserved for a great servant of the club and an all round nice bloke. I do think that the choice of the rugby club is a bit odd but I assume it's to stop our pitch getting even more wrecked.
  2. As has been mentioned. Challenge cup - SPFL not SFA. Though yes the refs are from the SFA technically.
  3. Interesting. I've met a few folk who say they won't go to games due to the merger but upon further discussion either never went to Caley/Thistle games anyway or were apparently so affronted that they switched to the old firm, seems like an odd choice to make. Only genuine Caley 'Refusenick' I know is my uncle Ben (not the rice guy) who was a massive Howden Ender but has never attended an ICT game.
  4. Genuine question, what was the combined average Caley/Thistle attendance before the merger?
  5. Fraz

    More TV Games

    Friday night kick offs are great imo (under the floodlights, keeps Saturday clear etc) if the opposition is close by. That means unfortunately virtually nobody for us though.
  6. Crate of Peroni and the telly it is then I guess.
  7. Indeed. I feels like at times that football supporters, even ICT supporters in Inverness look for an excuse not to go to games. Although at times I will admit the club hasn't always helped itself.
  8. Saving my money for Daniel O'Donnell at Eden Court.
  9. Dunno what's happened to all the young (mid to late teens, early twenties) fans. See a few about but very little now. Mind you same could be said of all the demographics.
  10. There's no way we had 23 shots at goal, unless I missed about 15 of them. A disappointing day yet again when we had the chance to pull away / gain ground. Woeful first half but a soft penalty for their goal imo. We were much more positive once the subs came on second half. Can't really complain about the result though. Ref was pish and wildly inconsistent. Crowd was dire. Huge que at the 1 pie stall, which had shock horror run out of the pies my daughters and I wanted. All in all a very ICT day.
  11. Fraz

    Team for Alloa

    Depends who's actually left...
  12. Announce the Stone Roses.
  13. You don't get a hospitality discount, just the price of the game ticket you've already paid for off it. I'm not aware what the bar loyalty scheme is maybe as I have been in there in years. Getting a free u12 season ticket etc is just the deal you get at the time it's not as discount as such. When buying a season ticket you are essentially bulk buying games in advance and it's common practice in many businesses to reduce prices when bulk buying. It also helps the club set its budget at the start of the season as it's money in the bank for them regardless of attendance.
  14. I remember going to a game at Hamilton where it was a pound or maybe even 10p to get in, this was like 7 years ago or something.