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  1. Fraz


    How many does it have?
  2. Fraz


    I see also that they're setting up a separate charity for community work related things in the hope to attract grant funding etc.
  3. Fraz


    I thought income from the car wash at least (which is gone) went to community development? Quite frankly I couldn't care less really. Better they're put to some use generating income than sitting empty on the off chance they might be needed a couple of times a year.
  4. Fraz

    NoS Cup v Forres

    Couple of pints at the Nip Inn then down to the game 👍
  5. Fraz


    If you have a look at last weekend's progamme it says we are going for a silver SFA licence from bronze. Not sure what that means exactly on terms of facilities. With the car park, other than better lighting in the dark evenings not sure what else could be done. Paving it all would incur huge rates I believe and will we not be giving them to Tulloch in the near future if this deal ever goes through?
  6. Fraz

    ICT 25th Anniversary

    My intention was not to have yet another moan about the board thread of which there are plenty already. Anyway they are communicating on this issue at least and if they'd done nothing for the occasion I'm certain they'd be lambasted for it all over here. Perhaps shows how many read the online programme but as nobody has mentioned it here is some communication from the CEO at least...
  7. Fraz

    ICT 25th Anniversary

    I disagree that we shouldn't do anything for it, honestly there will always be 'better' things to lend resources to but events or ideas needn't cost vast sums of money. Things like a commemorative strip could be cost neutral. We've accomplished great things in a relatively short space of time and I think that it should be celebrated in some way. Hopefully generate a bit of a buzz and some more interest in the club. Naturally winning the league would be the best thing we could do but I'd like to think that's our aim regardless of the year. That said it's my youngest's birthday soon and as cash is a bit tight perhaps I should tell her there's no party this year as quite frankly there's better things we could spend the money on. 😋
  8. Fraz

    ICT 25th Anniversary

    Apologies if this has been posted before. Looks like the club are after ideas to celebrate us turning a quarter of a century old.‬ I like the strip and Bolton idea. Whatever ideas they go for I just hope they're affodable for the average fan. e.g. no £100 sportsmen dinners at the Drumossie.
  9. Fraz

    U18's Season

    Wrong thread bro.
  10. Fraz

    Patrick another 3 points!!

    I hope we win this game.
  11. Fraz


    Can we no do something about the water pressure in the taps of the men's bogs in the sports bar. Sick of it looking like I've pished myself after I've washed my hands. Even on the occasions when I've not pished myself. Also no paper towels. How do we run out of pies at a North of Scotland game with 200 people at it when there's still a massive que? Poor. Can we not get fresh local produce to sell at the food stands now we're in charge and try to push something that's our own 'thing' County have haggis pies, Killie do their thing what about us having tattie pies for example. Can't think of other places that do them. Dream rings etc. Can we pave the areas between the north and west stands/toilets? Massive puddles to wade through, just a mess. Community days/fun days. Last Sunday was fantastic over 60 kids teams lots of people there. More of this. Why does it take MacDonalds and the SFA to do this though? We could have capitalised of this too with stadium tours ending in the shop, free kids ticket for this weekend's game to every kid playing or something, great to see Carl and Ryan there but no other 1st team players that I could see? Lighting in the North car park. I never usually park there but I did last night and it's absolutely pitch black can't see the mud, puddles, potholes whatever. Not feasible to light the whole area but a few lights on back of the North Stand would at least be something. These are just of the top of my head.
  12. Fraz

    Scottish Football Supporters Survey

    That's the spirit.
  13. Fraz

    Womens Football

    I've no clue as to the pool of female football talent at senior levels in Inverness (no pun). As someone with a 7 and 4 year old who are both quite interested in football, particularly the 7 year old the grass roots stuff is difficult. She loves playing, but with all kids they want to do things with their friends, if their pals dont want to play they it's hard to encourage them. I help coach my daughter's school girls team (all parent volunteers) on a Saturday morning, mostly the P2-4 stage and they usually start off keen but only the die hards continue. I've asked several times about doing a basic coaching qualification and after a year I've had none and nothing has been offered from the SFA. The nearest women's officer is Aberdeen but they do put on several mini tournaments a year, one being tomorrow as part of the McDonalds / ICT fun day. Not all primary schools will have a girls team though. Thistle girls train every Saturday too 9-10am at Millburn Academy and they get good numbers. Girls from all over are welcome there. One of the other issues I think with girls football at an early stage is they simply don't play football between training, I know mine do a but and a couple of the others but look at the boys and they're playing before the school bell, at break, at lunch and after school basically any free time they have. Quite rare to see a girl join in from my experience. The result of this is that the boys will have far more experience just playing the game which the equivalent girls will lack. How to change that I dunno, my daughter is quite confident but many other's aren't. If they try and play with the boys they don't pass and are more naturally aggressive than the girls which can be of putting when playing mixed games.
  14. Fraz

    Womens Football

    I was chatting to my 7 year old daughter this morning and we were talking about the Scotland Women's Word Cup qualification. She asked me if Caley had a girls team (she loves playing football for her school) and I told her as far as I knew they didn't and the only senior women's team in Inverness was City Ladies. She asked me why, I said I didn't know. Why don't we have a girls/womens team? Lack of interest, cost I guess. I believe County do but I guess they can afford it. Shouldn't we be promoting girls/womens football?
  15. Fraz

    The Silence is Deafening!!

    She never said anything about you being a bad supporter. Wind your neck in 😂