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  1. I also sent an email to Scot Gardiner on the 28th of October outlining the issues encountered with the initial stream and suggestions to resolve or improve them. To date I have had no acknowledgement let alone any reply. I tried tweeting him this week also to no avail. Woeful. Every time I think we as a club might be improving communication with the fans it just gets worse. Just keep giving us your money as we blunder on and ignore you! Shame as the lads on the pitch are doing a decent job.
  2. My daughter counted 67 in the North Stand, looked about 130 in the South to me. When we do the ballot, the email (or phone call to the technophobes) saying that you have been successful should have a link that you have to click by a certain time to confirm (and one to decline), say Thursday at midnight to confirm your attendance and will you will receive an email with the tickets. If you don't confirm by that time or decline them the club can offer it to someone else. Probably too much hassle for ICT to bother doing it but would maximise attendance.
  3. Poor management and consistently choosing the cheapest and easiest possible options.
  4. You were surprised by that? You are only supposed to attend with those in your household or bubble. I have 3 season tickets and I will be going with my eldest, her younger sister doesn't want to come. I'd like to take a wee pal of my eldest's instead (particularly given we have to arrive an hour before kick off) but not allowed to of course.
  5. Fraz


    I've been watching it through the edge browser on my Xbox so I can watch it on my big tv. A couple of teething issues but seems to be working well although I'm not convinced that the image transmitted is 1080p.
  6. Being ICT I'm sure we'll be informed by smoke signals at least 5 minutes before kick off.
  7. https://ictfc.com/fans-return-ballot
  8. The coverage of the women's game today, free on YouTube today was far superior to the 'professional' Pixallot system.
  9. Great strike but predictably didn't see it actually go in as the camera was too slow. Not important though, who actually wants to see the live goals in the game anyway? 🤷‍♂️ Catch them on the highlights in a couple of days.
  10. Nothing wrong with missing the goal. We're just overreacting. The system is great. It was just given you that 'went for a **** and missed the goal' experience.
  11. It was about quarter/ ten to last week.
  12. Fraz


    Well according to the P&J comments (odd the club never made a statement about it) it wasn't that bad and we're just plain wrong about the whole thing. Strange seen as virtually everyone I've spoken to about it thought it was woeful. I've contacted the club a handful of times over the years including directly to chairmen and they have never gone unanswered. First time for everything I suppose.
  13. The feel the club don't really want a partial return to the stadium. To be honest I don't blame them. Financially it will be a disaster costing more to organise and operate than we could ever bring in. Plus all the flack that they'll likely take for supporters who don't get in.
  14. Fraz


    Emailed Gardiner this week outlining the issues and suggestions to resolve them. No response as yet.
  15. That happened to me just before the game last weekend. I emailed the support address and never had a response to this day. I'm fairly sure the SPFL site is put together with sellotape and blutack, it's garbage but that doesn't surprise me. Anyway, I cleared my cookies, cache and all that stuff and then relaunched the browser and the icon to log in appeared finally. Maybe give it a try. ETA- If it happens again. See you sorted it. 👍
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