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  1. Remember be we also have wee Andy Macrae on the books, a solid raw talent there...
  2. Well, if he's on his way in, that's another one. Not the name that I learned. Not divulging, to protect source! Might get more info going forward
  3. Striker and GK signing about to be announced. would assume therefore that OFW and BOden are defo out the door....
  4. P&J reporting interest in OFW. If he goes, we really need to get some financial compo for him...
  5. Miles tweeting a picture of him in a ICT top, talking about pre-season training...I wonder....
  6. so, looks like either OFW or Cammy Mackay out the door...Ridgers brother confirming on fb that he is in fact heading our way.
  7. twitter rumour's that Draper is off down the A96 as well? Any substance in this, from our members with 'reliable sources'...?
  8. I think this is an absolute master-stroke by Mr Experience. Giving youth a chance is popular with fans, generally cheaper and can uncover some real gems. And if it doesnt work out - "oh sorry, the kids just weren't up to it, not my fault"
  9. And as we all know, newspapers are reliable and only report truths. And why should the club refute anything? If they spend all their time answering newspapers and fan forums, they'll take their eye from the prize on the running of a football club!!
  10. issue being a lot of the younger players, including Jason Brown have been let go....think this is a bit of a missed opportunity tbh. we really need to improve our record on bringing through youth players. especially given our precarious financial position, a Ryan Christie every other year would be handy.
  11. pretty sure one of the only announcements made was that everyone under contract would be staying. i think Cammy has been retained/extended...not heard anything about kev yet.
  12. when i first heard Robbo mentioned today i thought "Robbo as DoF, Lennon as Manager, thats not bad" lets wait and see what transpires. better yet, why not take someone completely random, that doesn't cost anything in compo and maybe isn't an ex-player? spread the net a little wider? exciting and different doesn't need to mean expensive.we keep shopping in the reduced section of the Co-Op, even taking stuff we've already returned. Why not take a look at Aldi or Lidl?
  13. Recent winners of the Dev league - Ross County, Aberdeen? There was 15 teams in it last year? The current set-up doesn't encourage players to breakthrough, certainly not for us anyway...why not something new? last season we loaned out some of our U20's to HL teams to get them playing competitive football, surely this is just an extension of this? also, why do ICT teams do well upto about the U17 level, then tail off from there? Why are our younger players apparently so much better, but once they get older, not so much?
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