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  1. Rumour here is that he's leaving....
  2. Was really impressed with Grant today, constanlty giving his team instructions and encouraging his players. His team play some good football aswell.
  3. I have a free ticket for tonight, Row H. Collection outside ground. Pm me
  4. That 2nd half was quite frankly a disgrace. Scott Gardiner says we have the best manager in the league, well he's just been schooled by Dick Campbell.
  5. The football is brutal, turgid and boring. I agree that this is Robbo's last chance...
  6. Don't worry we are still going to win the league, according to our CEO.
  7. Part-Time unless we are promoted, I fear...
  8. We are heading into Administration aren’t we...?
  9. Pele_Is_God

    Hearts Game

    If anyone has a spare ticket let me know. Came back off holiday to see this ridiculous decision by Hearts not selling tickets on the day.
  10. Who cares what he thinks? Over-rated is an understatement. He is being deployed as a Wing-Back at Hearts!
  11. Anything less than a play-off spot is a disaster.
  12. Never seen him before at any away game, certainly wasn't one of the 50 hard souls that attended the 1-0 game at East End Park on a wet wednesday night.
  13. Andy Webster was in the away section.
  14. If we lose next week then action will have to be taken. This is worse than last season...