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  1. I presume Ryan Esson will be taking the team on Saturday?
  2. If the alternative is to Replace Dodds with either Wilson or Robbo I would rather we kept him for the rest of the season. If we don’t go up, then we will be looking for a new Head Coach for next season. The fact the club hasn’t looked to extend Dodds’s contract means they are waiting to see what happens. We are not getting dragged into a relegation scrap, I still believe we will make the play-offs. As for a replacement if Dodds did leave I can only really think of Paul Hartley (who has been interviewed before)
  3. If finances are so bad why are we paying for a Sporting Director who would prefer to be a pundit than actually attend our games?
  4. Robbo has been doing more punditry this season. I think it’s time for him to leave and we could use his wage elsewhere. We don’t need a sporting director FFS
  5. I have managed to book a Taxi for a decent price to come back down to Edinburgh. If anyone needs a lift just let me know. Cheers
  6. I know it's a long shot but is anyone driving back to Edinburgh after the game on Monday? I realise there is a bus at 9.55 but as the game could go to ET/Pens I don't want to be rushing. I will happily pay full petrol costs. Cheers! Kevin
  7. Thanks to Scotrail looks like It will be impossible to get back on Monday night unless leave early for the last bus. Ahhh typical!!
  8. If we beat Partick will we be away to Arbroath on the Tuesday or Friday?
  9. 1850 attendance? Knock the 1 off and you would get the actual figure. Quite worrying actually!
  10. Dodds is going nowhere, he will get two chances of getting us up like Robbo did.
  11. Going to the launch of this at the Gorgie Suite. Looking forward to it
  12. Don Cowie linked with us. No thanks
  13. Paul Sheerin is the new Falkirk boss so that rules him out. Still think it’s going to be Dodds, would be happy with that.
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