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  1. Absolute Shyte.... players look lost and disinterested
  2. All I was told was he was Ex-Hearts. Has to be Anthony McDonald
  3. New signing in the next couple of days from what I've heard....
  4. Has anyone purchased one of these? I have ordered one but was charged £5 delivery cost. Are the club sending a picture of the completed tile? Bit confused!
  5. McHattie and McKay should be nowhere near the first 11. Why can't our blinkered manager not see this?
  6. Rumour here is that he's leaving....
  7. Was really impressed with Grant today, constanlty giving his team instructions and encouraging his players. His team play some good football aswell.
  8. I have a free ticket for tonight, Row H. Collection outside ground. Pm me
  9. That 2nd half was quite frankly a disgrace. Scott Gardiner says we have the best manager in the league, well he's just been schooled by Dick Campbell.
  10. The football is brutal, turgid and boring. I agree that this is Robbo's last chance...
  11. Don't worry we are still going to win the league, according to our CEO.
  12. Part-Time unless we are promoted, I fear...
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