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  1. How about getting rid of our CEO (which we don’t need). I don’t trust Morrison or Gardiner I’m afraid!
  2. I hope Morrison and Gardiner are asking Butcher to take us until the end of the season. This is dire...
  3. Have we not got enough money coming in to bring in an actual manager?
  4. No shots on target again at home. We are laughably bad.
  5. Why has he dropped Boyes and Carson. We are down…. Have no faith whatsoever in Dunc I’m afraid.
  6. If we don’t get players in we are down, 9th at best.
  7. He’s decent from what I remember.
  8. Was told yesterday Liam has resigned from the Board. I must of missed the Press Release! I emailed him around a month ago and never received a reply so I guess that explains it. Mr Gardiner is going to run this club into the ground… mark my words.
  9. We are awful. Dunc spends more time arguing with the officials than passing on instructions. Him and Bollan never communicate either.
  10. Poplatnik is a good player at this level
  11. Brilliant news. I’m sorry if that sounds crass but the club is struggling financially and from what I can see he’s done very little!
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