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  1. Pele_Is_God

    Hearts Game

  2. Pele_Is_God

    Hearts Game

    If anyone has a spare ticket let me know. Came back off holiday to see this ridiculous decision by Hearts not selling tickets on the day.
  3. Pele_Is_God

    Jake Mulraney

    Who cares what he thinks? Over-rated is an understatement. He is being deployed as a Wing-Back at Hearts!
  4. Pele_Is_God

    Next season expectations

    Anything less than a play-off spot is a disaster.
  5. Pele_Is_God

    New Board Member

    Never seen him before at any away game, certainly wasn't one of the 50 hard souls that attended the 1-0 game at East End Park on a wet wednesday night.
  6. Pele_Is_God

    Morton -V- Inverness CT

    Andy Webster was in the away section.
  7. Pele_Is_God

    Robertson Out

    If we lose next week then action will have to be taken. This is worse than last season...
  8. Pele_Is_God

    Brian Rice and Scott Kellacher

    Rice is an excellent coach. Manager is the problem...
  9. Pele_Is_God

    Glebe Park

    What's the best way to get to Glebe Park from the south? Bus from Dundee?
  10. Pele_Is_God

    Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Vigurs was moaning througout the Stirling game. Petulant and over-rated
  11. Pele_Is_God

    Brechin Game Att.

    What was the crowd given as on Sat? Looked very poor from the highlights. Not sure if we are going to get over 2000 for a home game this season.....
  12. Pele_Is_God

    New Manager

    Robbo has got it
  13. Pele_Is_God

    New Manager

    Sheerin is it?
  14. Pele_Is_God

    New Manager

    I have a friend who has a legit source within Hibs and Brian Rice is a top class coach. Much better than Malpas was ....
  15. Pele_Is_God

    New Manager

    Sheerin and Rice then. Better than a lot of the names mentioned..