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  1. Apologies for drifting away from the original post, but now you've got me puzzling as to the particular model my Dad had. I've had a look online and at first I thought it may have been this black one, but the fins go right up to the top of the radiator. The chrome embellishments on the side of the bonnet are the same as in my photo. Also has the sunshine roof.
  2. OK you guys, having been reluctantly drawn into this lengthy debate (?), I now offer a piccy of my Dad's car from bygone years as a possible candidate.
  3. it appears to be only one figure. White stripe down arm of tracksuit top? The other white spot you are seeing is probably the handle of the door. (The photo was taken on the 24th April 1977, from a not-very-stable 60' cherry-picker some distance away!)
  4. Thanks for clearing that up! Bet you never thought that it would be talked about after 40-odd years! (I get the "Hil" bit, where did the "Chib" come from?)
  5. It rhymes with the note before ...."T....a drink with jam and bread"
  6. I haven't been on this site for a while, but good to see this topic is still running. Is this a photo of................Q*** Street, ***tr**?
  7. The photos were taken 27th May 1988. As you said, the nursery went the full length of Bumber's Lane (Balnacraig Road) This OS plan was surveyed in October 1962 before any development had taken place.
  8. ......."but can't see the houses on Fairfield road that ran up to the Canal. On the East side they were stone-built ones and on the other side of the Street they were those which were started about the 1940's as the commencement of the Dalneigh build." Keep in mind that the 35mm photo was taken from about two miles away so the foreshortening is quite pronounced. Hopefully,you can see the backs of the stone-built houses on Fairfield Road. At the end of the Bumber's Lane you can see the first of the council houses on Fairfield Road. Caley Park - Bumber's Lane - Fairfield Road - Hawthorn Drive - Road leading to Canal - May 1988.pdf
  9. All the photos were taken on the morning of 27th May 1988.