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  1. On another day we win that by 4 or 5, MotM goes to the woodwork followed by Raiths keeper Thought first half we were in control but lacked that bit quality to finish the chances Second half we were ***** for the first 10-15 mins and got punished by Raith. We picked it up and Samuel was unlucky not to get a hat trick. McAllister looked driving the ball forward but only really troubled the keeper once. Overall, thought our best chances were from corners or counter attacks as soon as the press blocks the CBs from midfield we pass along the back line until we launch it forward
  2. I still have nightmares about Chalmers smacking the crossbar against Hearts in the cup semi final 5 years ago ...
  3. Great 3 points, and glad we didn't crumble when they equalised. Only saw the second half, but I feel we're coming to regret letting Welsh go. We sit with the ball between 3 CBs and no midfielder is dropping deep to collect and push play forward. We spent the 25 mins of that half just launching balls long into the wind, if we're going to do that, lose a CM and have another striker up top. Once they went down to 10 men we pushed forward and we're able to create a few things. Positives though, we've scored more than one, thought the defence handled what was thrown at them for the most part, and Big Dunc started with a win Arbroath so here's hoping for another hot streak
  4. Like I said, not a tactical genius... I was always thought Anderson was supposed to be an attacking midfielder hence why I said him, my point was the system with Wotherspoon worked and seemed like instead of trying a replacement in that position we've gone for a park the bus mentality. I think we have to be looking at getting at least 9 points from the last 5 games, unsure if that will be enough to leap frog QP but we would be feeling more confident going into a playoff
  5. Think that's what baffles me, we were quick to move away from what worked with Wotherspoon when he left but we've had 3 months of ***** playing with this new system and doesn't seem to think it needs changing. Instead of slight tweaks, we go full defensive with a 5 at the back. I won't pretend to be a tactical genius but I always thought the 5 at the back systems were much more complex and difficult to get right, when we could have had Anderson or McAllister in at wotherspoons position.
  6. For those that have been going to games, what's happened after Xmas? When we had Wotherspoon, it looked like we were playing a 4-4-1-1 and getting results, but now it looks like Fergie is determined 5 at the back is the answer/ play defenders as midfielders and surprise we can't score to save ourselves. Why is he so determined 5 at the back is the answer when other formations have gotten us results? I want to believe there's a manager in there but maybe he just intimidated Ancelloti into making him assistant manager
  7. Just watched the goals, and the first Arbroath goal was a rotten bit of luck to be fair. We took our 3 very well, some finish by Mckay, and good to see the goals come in different manners (set piece, good bit of wing play, and classic keeper straight to the striker). The crossing is the first thing I noticed different, not just floated balls into the box all the time. 17 games left for Dunc to better his Forest Green record!
  8. As said before, didn't look like scoring, would say I felt our passing was better today, actually playing it into space at times instead of straight to feet or up to the opposition CBs. If we're going to stick with wingers and crosses into the box then Mckay needs someone up front with him
  9. I may be misremembering Robbo's last stint, but felt he had us hard to beat but we lacked a proper goal threat, wonder if having Brooks and Mckay as options if his tactics would get better results this time
  10. Second half was very sloppy, could be the team low on confidence as we lost possession too many times with players holding on to the ball and not playing the pass or making a run with it. We ended up just launching the ball forward towards McKay against their 3 CBs. With the way the ref handled the game, I'm honestly surprised Duffy didn't get a second yellow and sent off.
  11. Camera veered off as the corner came in ... Feel that's their first threat on our goal
  12. Looks to be 2 up top from what I've watched online so far
  13. Is the 20k at the end not a goal bonus instead? Heard it was if he got 20 goals then got another 20k, could be both I suppose
  14. 2 years will make it too expensive to sack him at Xmas if we have another mid season meltdown...
  15. Think a real world example would be Leeds and Everton this season. Everton knew they needed to be more defensively solid and went and got Dyche, whereas Leeds changed to Big Sam with 4 games to go and look how that went. I don't get to games much unfortunately, but the few games I've been to last 2 years have been tough to watch, would say we lack that player that could really link the midfield to attack if we want to play the passing game or a proper target man if we want to play route 1
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