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  1. Surely no one needs to coach Billy McKay the clubs leading goal scorer?!
  2. Has anyone else noticed that nearly every deal that’s been done for new players is 2 years. This would seem to say …you’ve got two years…..get it done.
  3. over half that clach team are from that group of 10 graduates that signed few years back.
  4. So what are people’s realistic desired goals for the club? What are the measurements of success that some demand? Reading this I see a lot of complaints about communication and style of play. Some of the actions suggested here don’t make much sense to me. boycotting businesses that support the club seems the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard off! Some people feel a loyalty to a club and support through thick and thin. If people stop supporting supporting businesses and walk away they (the businesses) may never come back leaving the club an even worse state financially.- indeed totally precarious! There is a good youth set up which costs a lot but has been producing some decent players. Surely that has to be at the core of what a community club is? Producing and developing local talent from the Highlands? so, if it were your business, give us your realistic goals and your methods of achieving them?
  5. Just watched highlights as was away for the weekend. That is an incredible score line considering the chances missed - the defending is also quite disastrous!
  6. Playing some decent stuff at the moment - how Carson hasn’t been booked yet is beyond me!
  7. Nor the wee guy we got from Celtic
  8. Thought we looked sluggish in terms of passing and movement. No press on Airdrie despite everyone knowing they were playing from back. Two elementary mistakes for the goals - Devine with a brilliant tackle and then thinking he was Maldini and taking 2 hours to find a pass. That actually summed up the first half - they were sharp, incisive and committed; we were ponderous, shapeless and guileless. second half looked to be going the same way until we got that wonder strike from Gilmore. From that point on I thought there was only going to be one winner. Nathan Shaw was a joy to watch - perhaps just the final ball needing a bit more precision. thought Bray looked tidy, Duffy added a bit more direction and Carson actually looked much better at right back. Samuels added a bit more pace and guile. We definitely don’t have an option B for crosses and long balls. Three men up front not one over 5’8! Thought quite a few of them tired - Gilmore def looked knackered. We looked about 2 -3 weeks behind them in terms of pace and sharpness. move no Idea how their keeper made that save at 2-2 Definitely lacking midfield guile (welsh) and despite the mistake by Davidson in the first half I think we could see a decent partnership with him and Longstaff (who looked knackered by half time!)
  9. I thought we controlled that game from start to finish. Yes we were a wee bit off - passes slightly behind or over hit to the intended target but overall we created chances and a bit or rustiness is to be expected. The guys have been at training for two weeks. There were a number of new players, others playing in new positions and others starting for first time in a long time. I actually think we’ve got a really decent squad in place for this league and am actually really excited. These cup games are warm ups for a long long season.
  10. Allardice def off to County!
  11. Not sure where that’s from but thought I saw Duffy in paper saying he’s contracted till 24?
  12. I think a squad built on £3.50 and a packet of crisps has done remarkably well. Play off last year, few points off second spot this year and a cup final…plus getting through the group stages. He hasn’t been able to have a settled squad over the two years but has remarkably got them to within touching distance. Yes it’s brutal to watch when half the squad were missing but there were glimpses of what could be done with the right players. They have to take risks in the injured/unheard off player but they seem to have a decent grasp - Allardice, Duffy, Deas, Shaw - who had heard of them before? Hopefully few more of the young lads goals a step. Need an older warhorse on there and a few more rough diamonds and I think we’ve got the making of a decent team.
  13. After the Ross County financial statement last week it’s interesting to read this today. PT were desperate to get up and nearly bankrupted themselves last season. Can’t see them doing same thing this season coming. Just shows you how precarious the whole set up is. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/65833197
  14. Can’t stand either of them. Went to the Glasgow rugby final at Parkhead a few years ago. Had always thought the Celtic fans were slightly less disgusting than Rangers. However the level of hatred thrown at us as we walked to the ground was incredible. One guy got a bottle smashed over his head for looking at a Celtic fan the wrong way. The Leinster fans (from Dublin) who were wearing blue were getting pelters as well for wearing the wrong colour….Celtic fans too stupid to work out which club it was or where they were from. Took son to a rangers Hibs match once - in the championship - he asked to go. He asked why one team was booing our national anthem. He also asked why one lot were waving a Palestinian flag and the other lot Israeli. thankfully he picked up on the absolute bampot mentality which has ruined scottish football since it began!
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