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  1. Just looked at the beer offering. Looks magic
  2. I’ll be honest with you I didn’t follow Ictfc much in those days and certainly have no interest in what the boards and politics of the past have done (rightly or wrongly) Im coming from a completely neutral, but interested (have a kid in youth set up) viewpoint. I spent all my days down canal park and tbh still go there a lot. However, I have started going to Ictfc games this season and enjoyed it for the most part. Anyway it’s still worth reading the book just got the chapter on ibrahimović!
  3. have any of you read ‘The Barcelona Way’by Damien Hughes. Fascinating read on how a couple of people within Barcelona club created a commitment culture from top to bottom. It means you don’t go boom and bust. Brilliant read for anyone interested in sport or business
  4. Was reading this article this morning and wondered what people make of this idea - the role of the sports director and adoption of a club philosophy. I’ve been watching Highland rugby clubs success over the years and their structure and philosophy ie developing young players, totally amateur (no pay), respect for everyone at the club, and most importantly having fun, seems to be working well.
  5. That was a Superb performance and the right result. Played the better football, created the better chances and looked a quality team throughout. Excellent
  6. Under 18s haven’t had a lot of competitive games since November. They were top of the league and just lost out to Celtic on pens in the cup but since then there’s been very little. They played Hearts and unsurprisingly (due to rustiness) were beaten. Played against St mirren on Fri and were beaten 2-1 after beating them 5-1 down there. The winter break hasn’t been great for them but they’re still well clear at top of league. Could have done with getting a few of them on against East Kilbride when we were 3-0 up at half time. Tough league to fling them into but you’ve got to start somewhere!
  7. Tremendous entertainment over both games...infact every game against County has been barnstorming. Im fairly new to coming along to the games and I've really enjoyed the craic.