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  1. Great spirit, determination and organisation from the team and management. Horrible conditions and pitch limited any football so was delighted to see the penalties which were taken with aplomb. Well done young Cammy with his spot kick - big pressure on such a young lad and as for Kirk! balls of steel!
  2. Incredible goals to chose from!
  3. Buffering is bloody awful! As was the first 10 but big improvement since the.
  4. Great game and fantastic atmosphere. First half totally in control without carving them open. Bit nervy after we scored but brilliant to see the attitude to defending our goal - ‘thou shalt not pass’ style. Two top quality goals. Think I got sunburnt!
  5. Quite superb result from a bizarre game! Very interesting run in
  6. I think that's where mcGregor played for the youth team and he's played there a few times but Dodds prefered playing Shane there and moving Roddy to the right, then defensive mid, then the left...anywhere but 10...Jack Brown has been moved to a ten at his club and doing really well. wish we had kept him - I see Peterhead have signed him from Rothes. Hopefully we can get him back - he was a terrier with skills
  7. From what I’ve heard about MacGregor he went from having Covid to then tearing something in his thigh before Dunfermline game. He wasn’t given a scan and came back too early, injuring it again. I actually felt sick watching that last night. There was no lack of effort, particularly in second half but it does seem that we’ve given up trying to control the ball and keep possession and instead seem content to punt and try not to make mistakes. It’s the fear factor. The one thing that having only eight games left means there’s only one option and that is to attack…..just having a system that
  8. Looking at the formation of the team when we had our best run it was Allardice and MacGregor in the centre of midfield - two technical ball players with loads of energy who helped our defence. Once that pairing was split up and adding the Gardyne fiasco into the mix - thats where things started to go wrong. How they recover from this is a more difficult question to answer.
  9. That’s great if you’ve got the resources to not win the league and keep those players on. We make a few bad signings and we’re screwed. For all Kilmarnock are throwing the cash at it, it doesn’t mean they’re going to win.
  10. we need to take Sutherland out of the 10 position and put Young Roddy in there. The number of times he was free and waving his arms for the ball to be igonored for a sideways:back pass was ridiculous. Poor Davie Carson should have been subbed at half time, his crossing passing was awful The pace of the attack is awful. We need to get someone in that midfield who can see a pass - Dodds has to give Roddy that chance, he’s a total waste out wide
  11. Good to hear Radio Scotland pundits writing off everyone else now Kilmarnock have won a game…..they’ll be fine when the old firm are back that was a very defensive minded midfield we started with including a left back. We had three excellent midfielders who have either been injured, had covid or been in isolation. I’d love to see Roddy upfront with Mcckay to see what might happen. With Allardice and welsh holding things…but then Reece made a big impact on coming on. Good thing was that Billy changed things quickly. He picked the wrong team today but realised quickly.
  12. Jeez this is hard going. I’m not buying into this Dick Campbell love fest. It’s like watching Wimbledon in the 90s.
  13. I thought this was quite interesting. Liked Welsh at CB as he has far more vision with forward passes. Cammy played really well. Carson’s battle with Zenatta first half was interesting. Reece looked better apart from woeful free kick. Mcdonald and Jamieson got game time. Cammy in goals looked confident (he normally scares me) Overall the better team and considering how well Raith have been going, and how experimental our team was, I think that’s not a bad nights result. Haven’t seen a game with so many off side calls ! Fine margins.
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