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  1. Think there’s some of the young lads been told they may be offered something depending on what league we end up in. Until that is sorted it’s pretty difficult to do any planning!
  2. its got a definite chance to be 'invernesianized'...I can hear internehseen making an appearance in a song somewhere! What a great challenge
  3. Maybe best jump in the car and drive about for a bit seems to be the recommended action to fuzzy feelings these days
  4. From the U18 team two season ago Jack Brown is a midfield terrier he may be small but so was Billy Bremner two centre backs aren't a million miles off it - Harry Nicolson and Ryan Fyffe, both very good ball players. Ross Gunn on the wing has a lot of potential along with Roddy MacGregor and Daniel MacKay they played some outstanding football. Be interesting to see if they could get their style of play back Miller Gamble and Lewis Hyde have been up and around the 1st team squad and in Scotland age groups stuff that's quite a lot of potential there.. just got to give them a chance....and what better time. Edit This just popped up on Twitter
  5. What a great opportunity to rebuild with some of the players from the youth squad from a couple of years ago plus some of the ones that have been getting into Scotland youth squads. A core of 6/7 seasoned professionals and a load of youngsters would be great to watch. This season and the next couple are for surviving and rebuilding.
  6. I see Coll Donaldson was County's star player at the weekend. I know...that hasn't helped
  7. Just watching the highlights and the free kick against White is ridiculous. That’s a goal all day. Dorran should have had a penalty without doubt. Ayr looked pretty impressive and tbf the last win against them we lived pretty dangerously as well.
  8. Unfortunately he made little difference by himself. I know it’s a risk, but taking 2 on at the hour mark can really change things
  9. That would have been ideal. Went 1-0 up lost the zip, went 2-1 up and lost the pace and zip that had been working. Instead of retreating at 2-1 it was the time to go for the kill. Subs coming on with 10 mins make no difference atall. I don’t get the psychology. Attacking with a slender lead should exactly what we’re doing when the opposition are reeling a bit. That’s when to get fresh legs on ready to do the running and find the space as they push for an equaliser. Mind you what do I know. I was only watching!
  10. Thought Trafford was his usual mix of ticking time bomb and inability to see a forward pass. Yes he can slide in for the odd tackle but there’s no creativity. MacGregor came on, beat a few players and moved the ball a couple of times. He got caught twice (once when he was given man and ball) the other times he made movement he wasn’t just blown over, he was cynically hacked down three times and gained three free kicks in fairly good attacking areas. We needed midfielders to go at the defence and draw them out of shape - we didn’t do that and there was definite lack of movement up front to create space for others. The result was some fairly aimless punts from our CBs Took two pals along to Arbroath game for their first taste of ICTFC. Unfortunately I think I’d have to pay them both to go back again!
  11. Would love to know who puts the pies on and when? Picked up my pie at half time. It looked tired, dehydrated and devoid of life (or warm grease) much like those who’d been out on Black Friday, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and took a bite. I couldn’t even get the teeth (and they are my own) through the base. I went back explaining the problem and another pie was produced. This one looking like it has been locked in a time capsule from last year. Totally dried out and the base was cremated. I handed it back and stuck to the tea. Was I just unlucky?
  12. There's some real talent in the youth squad. Roddy and Daniel had Scottish youth trials at some age group (Roddy up against Billy Gilmour...tough one!) Daniel got into Scottish schools u/18. Cammy is a super young full back - hope he gets more games this season. Jack Brown could have easily been in the first team squad this season - there's some good players there.
  13. Excellent. Love the pub stuff with the home fans.
  14. Thought Robbo hit the nail on the head in his post match interview. The middle were not providing much for the attackers. Too often the ball passed sideways and backwards. How many times did the young lad run into space pointing where he wanted the ball only for it to be put sideways? So few play with their heads up and see the movement ahead. The pace was missing today from the middle and Carson made a difference coming on as he drove at the defence and made space for others. Having said that we have got to remember Alloa beat Utd....
  15. I think some of the excuses were valid but so are some of the criticisms Firstly a defence that conceded 3 has hardly had a game together before. Mackays first game back since beginning of season. First half experiment of having Carson as 10 really didn’t work. Our two central midfielders weren’t able to get their foot on the ball and control things. The result was long balls to Todorov and into ‘space’ which again really didn’t work. Trafford was certainly Fired Up in the second half but could easily have been sent off. We looked far more threatening in the second half but when you consider MacGregor and Trafford had played 60 mins the day before and had the travel back from Ayr they certainly gave 100%. Todorov and macGregor linked up better in the second half but there was a lot of punishment being dealt out and the ref lost control in the second half. Roddy is very lucky he’s still walking after one of the tackles from behind a lot of others looked rusty and it’s hardly surprising they just aren’t getting games. It looked like a team just thrown together against a team that plays every week. It would be interesting to see what we could have done if we’d had a few more of the Fort William 9. Certainly a Jack Brown in the middle and a Ross Gunn out wide and a Donald Morsion at right back Cammy’s free kick was outstanding. Anyway, onwards and upwards