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  1. That was a really good performance today. I know he gets pelters but Brad McKay played really well today. Some of the neat interplay between Allardice, MacGregor, Kennedy and Keetings was lovely. Thought Storey ran his b**ls off and always threatens but you’re 50/50 if he’s going to do anything with it. Well impressed with how Robbo worked on that team after the game last week. they really didn’t threaten. Workrate was excellent.
  2. Good to see them playing it from the back and keeping the balloon the deck. Camera much much better. Commentary.....he’s trying really hard and he’s got a lot of facts but it’s like listening to Wikipedia
  3. Really enjoyed the game. Looked like a friendly as both teams opened up knowing they had little chance of going through. Their lad from Aberdeen Ross looked handy as did the big 9. However after 20 minutes we began to control it and for most of the second half were on top and creating chances. It was only in the last five minutes I felt we lost control. thought Allardice looked really good. Kennedy came onto a game in second half and thought our midfield had plenty of movement. Yes defence got caught but individual errors rather than disorganisation. Encouraging
  4. Yes bbc guy said on radio at half time he was off. Barry Wilson had seemingly told him! In an age of Fake News that seems to fit!
  5. Coverage is great! Whole team are really pressing well. There’s not a lot of room for Hearts and when we break we’re looking good. Effort and tactics certainly cannot be questioned. Young guys well. Welsh is off with a broken rib! Update! seems the radio guys were being given fake news!!
  6. Well I’m going to go for it! If it keeps me out of B&Q it is worth every penny also interesting to read they have 3 cameras which might give a fuller picture of the game. Interesting to note the MOM vs Arbroath (MacGregor) in the courier (someone at the game) is hardly mentioned on the player rating on this site (perhaps cause we couldn’t see half of what was going on!) shows you what a duff deal we got for £10. Be great to get something out of this game but going to be very tough.
  7. That coverage was hilarious. A commentator who didn’t know more than 20% of the players names. You suddenly realise that even Billy Dodds and the Radio Scotland crew are actually nit that bad after him! A camera guided by AI which missed so many incidents because it kept focusing on the linesman’s baldy napper. Camera was so far away from play it was difficult to work out who was who. Honestly think the club would be better doing it on Facebook live if that’s the ‘quality’ as if 2020 needed to be any worse in quality!! No idea who played well but delighted we got the draw and we’ll
  8. Watched second half tonight as I missed it on Saturday. We looked ok in first 20, some nice neat passing and then Toddy is banjoed and we never got that fluency back. a lot of the passing from the back (and deep midfield) was rather aimless - neither in behind the defenders or at the feet of our attackers. with 12 mins to go we would have taken a draw and felt pretty happy. just need a bit more zip and zing in the midfield which could hopefully help the attackers open things up. No need to panic
  9. Maybe the pre season doesn’t look at the individual and see what they need instead of the group. Sports science has moved on a huge amount since Gullane sands and Ord Hill. Why are two forwards out with hamstring strains? Are we lagging in terms of specific training for different players?
  10. I’ve obviously been lucky. It’s streamed really well until half time. now if we can just keep the ball on the deck....
  11. Kilmarnock only had 5 senior players available last night due to COVID. The team was made from U18s so I wouldn’t read too much into that score. It was made clear that the cup was being used as pre season so I wouldn’t expect things to click yet. Lot of key players not back and others being tried in different positions and set ups Sutherland and Storey are, I assume, our best striking options. Both injured. Both hamstring. Not sure what the other injuries are but what kind of training are we doing with so many out this early? I realise they’ve been off for a while but I’m surprised b
  12. You’re quite right Robert. I happened to open up and read Caley 100 and started to type. This keyboard warrior is off to bed. Apologies!
  13. Bloody hell cannot believe the negativity on here. There were 6-8 first team regulars out, we had 3 18 years old and 17 year old. We’ve had 2 games as opposed to Hearts6 - they had 2 internationalists. That was incredible effort. Might not have been pretty but it showed guts. ok I just read the first page!
  14. you can definitely watch games. I went in to platform 8 to watch Hibs Celtic and was treated to some English pish......
  15. Anyone got an idea which pubs in Inverness have Premier Sports?
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