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  1. Thought Robbo hit the nail on the head in his post match interview. The middle were not providing much for the attackers. Too often the ball passed sideways and backwards. How many times did the young lad run into space pointing where he wanted the ball only for it to be put sideways? So few play with their heads up and see the movement ahead. The pace was missing today from the middle and Carson made a difference coming on as he drove at the defence and made space for others. Having said that we have got to remember Alloa beat Utd....
  2. I think some of the excuses were valid but so are some of the criticisms Firstly a defence that conceded 3 has hardly had a game together before. Mackays first game back since beginning of season. First half experiment of having Carson as 10 really didn’t work. Our two central midfielders weren’t able to get their foot on the ball and control things. The result was long balls to Todorov and into ‘space’ which again really didn’t work. Trafford was certainly Fired Up in the second half but could easily have been sent off. We looked far more threatening in the second half but when you consider MacGregor and Trafford had played 60 mins the day before and had the travel back from Ayr they certainly gave 100%. Todorov and macGregor linked up better in the second half but there was a lot of punishment being dealt out and the ref lost control in the second half. Roddy is very lucky he’s still walking after one of the tackles from behind a lot of others looked rusty and it’s hardly surprising they just aren’t getting games. It looked like a team just thrown together against a team that plays every week. It would be interesting to see what we could have done if we’d had a few more of the Fort William 9. Certainly a Jack Brown in the middle and a Ross Gunn out wide and a Donald Morsion at right back Cammy’s free kick was outstanding. Anyway, onwards and upwards
  3. Just a few thoughts a few days later Although starting brightly the ball spent more time in the air and noone in midfield seemed able to get it down and move it with pace or precision There were long periods of head tennis followed by unceremoniously booting of the ball. We seemed to be playing at a lower intensity against a team fired up. There was a lack of urgency in the passing and movement. Not sure if they thought because they played well the week before it would all just come together again because they were playing a team near the bottom of the league. There's also a tendency to shoot in areas when there are men far better placed - Storey only ever has one thought - one glaring attempt when two men free in the box. Jordan White works hard and does link up well most of the time. He doesnt win headers when people are clambering all over him but he does a fairly decent job of holdign up if the ball is at his feet...which Im guessing was the idea? He was very unlucky with that hooked shot in second half - that would have been a cracker. Basically the loss came to a couple of individual errors but could easily have been turned round if more effort had been made to pull PT out of shape. There was a lack of players willing to make runs into space and those that did get into space were ignored or let down by poor precision passing under pressure. Some of that pressure was without doubt illegal and the ref ignored it for far too long. think everyone in the stands knew PT would be fired up and ready for a scrap so not sure why we. thought we could be so passive against them. Anyway..hope that was a blip because things were looking good.
  4. Nice wee win 1-0 vs Clach. Quite a record to break - and all the ICTFC youth playing
  5. That was pretty woeful. Took a mate down to watch and he left at half time! First half looked nervous and devoid of any creativity. Ball spent most of the time being lumped into the air and then a series of head tennis. No one made any movement or created any space. They all looked to be waiting for someone else to do it. Dave Carson’s touch in first half was poor but he definitely improved. Not quite sure man of the match though! A shame Jack Brown who is now with the Fort, hasn’t been given a chance he has drive energy and great technique. Hopefully he’ll be back stronger after a season in adult football Rooney made some great bursts but seems to get past players with a mix of determination and complete luck. Second half was a bit better. White looked totally despondent when he came off - very interesting body language. Storey added a bit of pace but his touch in general play was rough. Todorov came on and whacked a few boys and looked like he wanted to fight. Overall, it’s worrying to see the ball lumped aimlessly from back to front so often. The times we did look like breaking them down it was through some decent passing and movement - there’s just not enough movement to create space - there were a lot of pedestrians out there - does that come down to attitude? Now off to find my pal who went to the pub
  6. Where’s a good place to watch the game in Inverness?
  7. TBH its been my first season down and I enjoyed quite a number of games. Watched a few duff ones but overall there was generally an intention to attack even if the execution wasn't quite up to it in every game. The games against County were pretty barnstorming - particularly the Dingwall scrap around Christmas. -tive The atmosphere isn't magic but the difference in watching a game at Highland RFC, where everyone gets behind and is very positive towards the team, and some of the abuse hurled at home players at ICTFC, was a bit of an eye opener. Yes you pay money and theoretically you can then yell what you want, but offering pearls of wisdom such as "You're sh*te" isn't exactly helpful or funny. Seems like a few grumpy folk winding themselves up even further! Cant be good for the blood pressure. +tive Enjoyed a lot of the U18 games. Shame they didn't get more of a run about in 1st team, but if they stick together there's a core who I'm sure can do something good for Inverness. Don't want to keep harking on about HRFC but out of their team thats just gone to Div 1 18 out of the squad 23 have come through their youth system. Its the way to go.
  8. FrontRow


    They were beaten 4-0. No Cammy Harper, Harry Nicolson, Roddy MacGregor or Daniel but still a shock to the system!
  9. FrontRow


    Reserve league not for everyone
  10. FrontRow


    How many of them run U18s? Ayr, Queens do ....Livingston sometimes turned up...the others I’m not so sure. Very interesting position to address next season!
  11. FrontRow


    Good result even if that wasn’t near their best performance. When they hit top form they can really pull teams apart but today definitely wasn’t their sharpest. Be good to see them progressing as a unit because they have a great spirit about them.
  12. Just looked at the beer offering. Looks magic
  13. I’ll be honest with you I didn’t follow Ictfc much in those days and certainly have no interest in what the boards and politics of the past have done (rightly or wrongly) Im coming from a completely neutral, but interested (have a kid in youth set up) viewpoint. I spent all my days down canal park and tbh still go there a lot. However, I have started going to Ictfc games this season and enjoyed it for the most part. Anyway it’s still worth reading the book just got the chapter on ibrahimović!
  14. have any of you read ‘The Barcelona Way’by Damien Hughes. Fascinating read on how a couple of people within Barcelona club created a commitment culture from top to bottom. It means you don’t go boom and bust. Brilliant read for anyone interested in sport or business
  15. Was reading this article this morning and wondered what people make of this idea - the role of the sports director and adoption of a club philosophy. I’ve been watching Highland rugby clubs success over the years and their structure and philosophy ie developing young players, totally amateur (no pay), respect for everyone at the club, and most importantly having fun, seems to be working well.