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  1. I couldn’t believe that. Guys are trying their hardest to build an atmosphere and they’re disbanded by OTT security. the team could have done with was some more vocal support !
  2. Thinking about this after a nights rest....We lost Carson and removed our best ball winning midfielder to right back. We changed things and lost Sutherland who although not always the most glamourous of players always put in a huge shift and won so much ball back as well. So there's three of your best ball winners and grittiest players either not playing or out of position. A lot of the ambitious balls being punted aross the pitch last night were so dangerous in those conditions. We needed more movement and a shorter faster passing game which we have achieved in some games. The problem i
  3. We just seemed very tentative in the first half, as if we were waiting to get the wind in the second half. They were definitely snapping up the balls in midfield. Allardice is a big miss in there and def isn’t comfortable out at right back. The number of balls just lumped up to our forward line is a compete waste of time.
  4. after watching the Scotland U21 performance tonight you have to wonder how Boroughs and Forini are ahead of Roddy. The midfield were missing in action. Deas should definitley be in that squad as well
  5. Only managed to watch the game in sporadic bursts but when you take half your defence out (fairly late in the day as well) then the chances of being caught cold are increased. That’s what happened. Simple as that. There were chances created but when you have 9 behind the ball and most of them in the box it is incredibly difficult to break it down. Def needed more movement to stretch them and pull them out of position and I’d imagine that’s what will be worked on in the coming weeks. Would love to see Mcdonald getting some game time.
  6. You can tell how well the team are doing just now when the biggest gripe we’ve got is this 🙂
  7. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/under-21s-update-squad-for-turkey-match-due-to-uk-government-rules/ so they take in 10 new boys but our three not deemed good enough despite two of them playing week in week out, and playing very well. No wonder Scottish football never progresses
  8. Superb team effort - Kilmarnock looked out of ideas and out on their feet at the end. We looked seriously dangerous on the break. Great to bring on Welsh - he really helps tidy things up and keep the ball on the deck when we look far more effective. Would love to see how many miles they all ran. on another note ...good to hear on radio "That was Todorov hitting his hattrick of shots against the keeper" as Dunfermline keep sliding.
  9. What planet is this ref from?
  10. Did anyone else notice the rather OTT reaction of the security guys to the Ayr lads. There was no trouble so chuckin them out seemed well over board
  11. Woah. That was hard to watch. Ball should be checked for any form of life after the battering it got. Can’t really see any shape or great movement but great to get a win.
  12. Far too many long balls. No patience in build up or trying to move them out of position. Early days I know.
  13. This looks like a lack of organisation and people not knowing how the new system is meant to work. If people aren’t 100% sure of what they are meant to do then you get half hearted attempts - Your imagine insecurity and uncertainty are easy to fix on the training ground. Think of allardice last season, winning so much ball in midfield - looked lost on Tuesday. Whatever the system is they need it drilled home sharpish
  14. From what I’ve heard we were hit hard by covid and also track and trace meaning players were out of training for up to 20 days so I can imagine we’re well behind.
  15. Both full backs getting very little in the way of protection. We are completely exposed in the wider areas of midfield. We look like we’re playing 4-2-4 and not very well. We need some solidity against hearts or it’ll be embarrassing
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