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  1. This looks like a lack of organisation and people not knowing how the new system is meant to work. If people aren’t 100% sure of what they are meant to do then you get half hearted attempts - Your imagine insecurity and uncertainty are easy to fix on the training ground. Think of allardice last season, winning so much ball in midfield - looked lost on Tuesday. Whatever the system is they need it drilled home sharpish
  2. From what I’ve heard we were hit hard by covid and also track and trace meaning players were out of training for up to 20 days so I can imagine we’re well behind.
  3. Both full backs getting very little in the way of protection. We are completely exposed in the wider areas of midfield. We look like we’re playing 4-2-4 and not very well. We need some solidity against hearts or it’ll be embarrassing
  4. I honestly don’t think we were lacking guile in midfield we just had defenders who decided to try ‘wonder’ passes instead of simple ones and lost possession because of this. Lack of patience.
  5. When we kept with the ball on the deck we looked interesting. We’d do 10/12 passes then someone would lose patience and try a useless chip into ‘space’ ….in a howling gale! Patience !!
  6. I think thats a brilliant signing. We needed cover for a centre half and someone with loads of experience - can you imagine how much Duffy, Harper and Deas (all just about 20/21 years old) as well as Nicolson and Fyffe can learn from him. That's a great looking squad now.
  7. If that is correct I can’t see Harper or MacGregor hanging about for long!
  8. Great to see the likes of Nicolson And Fyffe getting games and keeping clean sheets. These boys will be needed so get them games now - they hardly played any football last year. The coaches know what regulars can do they need to see what everyone else has to offer.
  9. so my boy in the pub was absolutely spot on!
  10. Anyone heard anything about Raith’s Duku joining us . Overheard a conversation in a bar this afternoon. It all went quiet just after half time
  11. pretty sure there's a starting fee agreement for players that have come through the ranks. Have a figure of £90k in my head but could be nonsense...and that's the base line
  12. I see on P&B that Hibs fans expecting to see Dan McKay with them this week. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/7057960/hibs-win-transfer-race-inverness-daniel-mackay/amp/
  13. This reaslly was a season of two halves. You look at the goals of the season at the beginning and we were really hitting form and the performance against QofS on TV was superb. At that stage there's no Carson, Toddy or Dan in the mix atall. Few weeks later its all mixed up and some folk on here and socials are suggestign Dan is absoltuely woeful and should never be near the team. Roll on a few weeks and he's a world beater. Brad McKay went from donkey to stalwart. Really tough one this season. Where are we in the mix for MoM stats from this site? That might give us a better balance?
  14. Well this time 6 weeks ago (or so) we were worried about relegation. There’s a good team spirit there. On reflection we’ve now had three of the youth academy embedded into the team, gained Allardice (ok not his best today) Deas and Duffy look like they can be decent at this level, Danny Devine looks like he could become a leader, and Toddy looks like he could be a target man. There’s times when you see neat pockets of play. More positives than negatives
  15. Who is meant to be helping defend down our left? It’s wide open again and again.
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