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  1. How long ago was it Brora beat Hearts? Top Highland league teams are tough for anyone - we took a risk with the line up and it showed. Lesson learned you’d hope but that injury list is mental
  2. Ok. I think I might have been slightly delusional this afternoon. It was a lovely sunny day, I’d had a good day at work. Both these things were as good as it got. Two penalties and an OG. That’s quite a collection. Something is going to have to change rapidly. That looks like a dispirited bunch of lads no matter what anyone says - especially me
  3. I’m going to be ridiculously happy flappy here. I think there will be a few changes - maybe Carson in to midfield to give a bit of bite and support hopefully this lets Roddy move a bit further forward. Really hope Devine is fit so we can get Duffy at right back. They’ve got nothing to lose. 1-1 extra time. Penalties. Allardice to score the final one to take us through. A few weeks ago we were looking good and qualified undefeated in the group stages. Two bad games do not make a season. Unless Ofcourse you get beat 9-0.
  4. It’s interesting to see Arbroath and ourselves struggling. Hangover from the knock outs. we have to realise we are missing our most experienced players - Devine and Welsh and we’ve lost Broadfoot. Take that experience out and you are left with a pretty young team that need our support not constant telling them they’re crap. MacGregor is definitely better playing in a position further up the field - he hasn’t gone back - he’s being played in a different position. Cammy Harper has improved A fair bit as had Duffy. We’ve got to remember these guys are just 20 years old - they will not be consistent at that age. What they do need is encouragement and support from us and from the management team. Im really not sure the tactics were employing work with the team we have either. You can see Dodds wants width but he’s leaving the midfield short. Two weeks ago we were a ‘great team’and had scored 4 goals. Maybe we have to get things into perspective. Long, long way to go
  5. Watched the game again this morning. Midfield getting a lot of stick here but it starts from the defence. The number of inaccurate passes out of defence was ridiculous. The number of times the commentator says ‘a slack ball from ****’ was incredible. Does it mean the midfield weren’t in space or the passing was sloppy? Not sure, but it put huge pressure which then resulted in lofted hoof balls. Wrong defence selected and that’s where the issues start. Welsh definitely a huge miss but the defence needs a look at quickly
  6. What a terrible game. No one able to keep the ball on the deck but conditions look horrendous.
  7. We’re against wind second half.
  8. Bloody hell this has been brutal. Wind is horrendous so what’s the point of lofting any ball in the air?
  9. Couldn’t make the game today but we couldn’t have been getting overrun in midfield that much if the game ran according to BBC match stats?
  10. Watched online. We hit the post twice and crossbar once. It was pretty much one way traffic first half without too many clear cut chances. Opened up a bit in second half great free kick from (Ethan?). Penalty was very soft.
  11. Pretty good stuff. Thought the second half might lull after going 6-0 at half time but the youngsters who came on brought new pace and enthusiasm. Some real talent in there. Trialist looked decent - Zak Delaney (?). Thought the boy from Alloa looked pretty sharp as well. McKay looked good as well. Couple of big lads there too! Great to see the possession the young lads kept. just good to be back out again!
  12. He looked pretty sharp tonight, admittedly against a poor Clach team but he’s got decent feet and looks to have a bit of pace.
  13. I think it’s pretty simple. Look at the start of the season - great team spirit and winning matches then the the Gardyne effect - this absolutely ruins everything built up in the squad and things start going awry This is compounded by injuries to Allardice, MacGregor, Walsh and the bad run gets worse Turn of the year and the loanees take a bit of time to bed in and we’re still not winning Dodds says team spirit is there….and he is proved to be right because the results suddenly come and they dig wins out of losing situations (Raith being the main one) If….we can start next season with that same determination and spirit …add a couple of experienced players (to replace Broadfoot in particular) and take a few risks then we look like we’ve got a great squad. I really like the look of Samuels and I really hope we don’t go for a target man to continue hoof ball - it’s not entertaining and it’s not making the best use of the talent we have. Whoever has been looking at the loans has done a good job this last year because they were all great additions. Let’s hope we can continue with that - let’s face it, there’s a load of young talent sitting about in U23 football in England never getting the chance.
  14. I’ve seen a lot of folk saying we need a target man for the long balls. I really hope we don’t go down this route. When we play it on the deck we’ve got the players to win this league and it’s much better to watch. just a personal preference but what’s the point of having creative midfielders if our defence just misses them out. Hope we can find a good replacement for Kirk broadfoot. He’s been a bit of a rock this season.
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