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  1. This is a season for surviving, rebuilding and getting youngsters in. The first of those three is most important.
  2. really hope Robbo is doing ok. I normally think of myself as a ‘soldier on nothing will get me down’ kind of person but these last few months have been awful. By the sounds of it Robbo had it much worse than most of us. I think this is a great appointment. Although the guys who were there (barry and ESS) could easily have taken the club along, just think of the ‘new manager bounce’ that helps so many teams. Everyone knows Neil, Neil knows the scottish game inside out. Can you imagine the kick it’s going to give the players - they’ve got to prove themselves again to a man that is known
  3. quick question re streaming....if for some reason you can't make it at 7pm can you watch as live from say 8pm?
  4. Great result. Not a day for playing football but effort levels were 100%
  5. Toddy should have scored that one from MacGregor pass. Great shift from Carson. Some save from Ridgers there!
  6. Commentator did say that MacGregor was the top assist provider I’ve no idea if that is correct, however it’s strange that he’s been on the bench for the last three games after playing well.
  7. Someone please help Andy Barrowman. He seems to have swallowed a stats book. He really needs someone to sit beside him.
  8. Fantastic. Restored your faith in football
  9. The commentator also said it’s because he’s bald and can see where he is. Not a lot of creativity in the second half which was disappointing. I just don’t see our midfield driving at the opposition although Allardice played well when he came on. Hellish weather again though!
  10. Gone flat again....too much like Morton game. Change needed sharpish
  11. Robbo’s post match review bang on but he had a chance to change things with the subs. Don’t think they worked though - Vincent needed to come off. No idea what MacGregor has done wrong to be sitting on bench for 82 minutes.
  12. Lost all drive and focus at beginning of second half and just couldn’t get it back. No urgency nor anyone driving the team on. Have 10 man team the confidence to come forward and they could easily have won that. Can’t say I was impressed by that line up.
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