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  1. pretty sure there's a starting fee agreement for players that have come through the ranks. Have a figure of £90k in my head but could be nonsense...and that's the base line
  2. I see on P&B that Hibs fans expecting to see Dan McKay with them this week. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/7057960/hibs-win-transfer-race-inverness-daniel-mackay/amp/
  3. This reaslly was a season of two halves. You look at the goals of the season at the beginning and we were really hitting form and the performance against QofS on TV was superb. At that stage there's no Carson, Toddy or Dan in the mix atall. Few weeks later its all mixed up and some folk on here and socials are suggestign Dan is absoltuely woeful and should never be near the team. Roll on a few weeks and he's a world beater. Brad McKay went from donkey to stalwart. Really tough one this season. Where are we in the mix for MoM stats from this site? That might give us a better balance?
  4. Well this time 6 weeks ago (or so) we were worried about relegation. There’s a good team spirit there. On reflection we’ve now had three of the youth academy embedded into the team, gained Allardice (ok not his best today) Deas and Duffy look like they can be decent at this level, Danny Devine looks like he could become a leader, and Toddy looks like he could be a target man. There’s times when you see neat pockets of play. More positives than negatives
  5. Who is meant to be helping defend down our left? It’s wide open again and again.
  6. Wow we are being picked off so easily. Hearts looking dangerous every time they go forward.
  7. Jeez that indirect free kick was bizarre - no wonder Morton guys are spewing! After he heads it surely it’s not a direct pass back? However Great finished from Allardice - there’s not a lot of space there. Need a third to finish it off. These commentators are really good. I stand corrected on the pass back rule!
  8. I was in tears of laughter at the boy. 'Jings almechty' being my favourite. I loved the no nonsense approach to commentating he took and the complete disregard for the oppostion team, not in the slightest bit bothered by trying to be neutral.
  9. I love this commentator. He make IM Jolly sound like Billy Graham! He has absolutely no interest in the opposition which is fine! His idea of what constitutes a free kick is very interesting. Weather looks and sounds awful. We look a lot better when we don’t just hoof it up front - have to move them about to get some space. It’ll come.
  10. We looked knackered and I’m not surprised. Great effort by everyone of them. Perhaps not the silkiest of games but all that mattered was 3 points. Delighted for Dan MackAy to score tonight.
  11. What are you basing that ‘feel’ on? We haven’t seen any of them this season and you think taking them on in a knife edge game with a team with little confidence is a good idea? Tonight we at least developed a shape. Ofcourse passes aren’t as slick as they were when we looked decent earlier in the season but that’s what happens when confidence drains and pressure comes on. People snatch at things, flicks don’t work and people making runs aren’t seen - that’s the problem when you’re losing. The trick is to keep believing as a player that it will come back. If you don’t have that that’s when the
  12. This is a season for surviving, rebuilding and getting youngsters in. The first of those three is most important.
  13. really hope Robbo is doing ok. I normally think of myself as a ‘soldier on nothing will get me down’ kind of person but these last few months have been awful. By the sounds of it Robbo had it much worse than most of us. I think this is a great appointment. Although the guys who were there (barry and ESS) could easily have taken the club along, just think of the ‘new manager bounce’ that helps so many teams. Everyone knows Neil, Neil knows the scottish game inside out. Can you imagine the kick it’s going to give the players - they’ve got to prove themselves again to a man that is known
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