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Gringo's Gossip

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Well, what a difference a festive break and a little confidence can do to a team, hey? Eight weeks have passed since the last edition of Gringo's Gossip and there's certainly a lot to catch up on. What better place to start than our current form and league standing...

Eight weeks ago, our team was sitting in 9th in the league, having previously spent the entire start of the campaign rooted to the bottom. Despite being tenth at the moment, the gap between ourselves and bottom side Dunfermline has grown to 9 points. More importantly, with results continuing to go our way, ICT now sit just 3 points (and 7 goals) of a top 6 place - of which is currently occupied by Aberdeen, who have also played a game more.

The festive period had indeed been kind to Caley Thistle, and that 'panic button' which was ever present at the start of the season has since been gathering dust in the ICT boot room. An away day at Ibrox was the last time we suffered defeat, and even then the team was unlucky to end the game without a single point following a late strike by Kyle Lafferty. Since then the team have advanced to the 5th round of the Scottish Cup after a replay with Dunfermline, kept three clean sheets in as many league games, and have also seen their first 0-0 draw since an away day in Motherwell just over 12 month ago.

Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad, summed up by the horrific injury that Chris Hogg suffered in our December fixture against the Arabs. Following a challenge with Dundee United's Gary Mackay-Steven and former ICT loanee, David Davis, Chirs Hogg suffered a serious knee injury and was stretchered from the field of play after just 15 minutes of play. Guarenteed to be out for the remainder of the season, Hogg started an online blog called The Fightback, which can be seen here- - It's well worth a read, and all credit to Chris for putting his experiences into words as he goes through rehabilitaion. We all wish him well and welcome the fact he has been offered a new contract.

The month of January throws up many an issue for clubs as the transfer window begins. Already ICT have lost David Davis; Loaned out to ICT from Wolves in August, Davis made good of his time here after a slow start and was an asset in the midfield, and Aiden Chippendale; A Huddersfield loan signing who rarely featured during his time at the Tulloch Caledonian Staduim, mostly because of injury. Now it looks like Lee Cox, somewhat a fans favorite who signed from Leicester in 2009, seems likely to be heading South to Paulo Di Canio's Swindon Town. (Since inititally typing this out, Cox has indeed signed for Swindon, noted in the Highland News as being a figure in the region of £50,000)

Coming up to ply their trade at TCS are two loan signings in the form of Claude Gnakpa (from Walsall) and Sam Winnell (from Wolves). Two strikers who, judging by their debuts against St Mirren recently, could add a little extra spice to our current strike force.

With the transfer window comes transfer rumours, and no rumour has been more talked about around Inverness than that of Johnny Hayes to Celtic. It must be something to do with him being Irish?

Johnny has been magnificent for Caley Thistle since his return from injury, culminating in gaining the captains armband for our away fixture against Motherwell. A game from which we captured our first clean sheet of the season by securing a 1-0 win thanks to a fantastic Gregory Tade effort.

I personally can't see Johnny Hayes going anywhere, and the fact the Terry Butcher has started talks of an extension to his current deal can only suggest Hayes is going nowhere. Let's hope that's the case!

Away from the teams highs and lows of the past 2 months, there have been a few happenings off the park that perhaps deserve a mention. Firstly the new look CTO website, which came live shortly after the last edition of Gringos Gossip was published. Credit must go to CaleyD and Scotty for their continuous hard work behind the scenes, and also to the rest of the monderation team for their efforts in keeping the site fresh and well managed.

I'd also like to say a well done to my step-son, Marc Hurst, who raffled off his signed Ryan Esson shirt and gloves (given to him by Ryan on the final day of our Chamionship winning season) to raise funds for the Archie Foundation just before Christmas. I know how much I love and enjoy my own memorabilia and how hard it would be to part with it, so credit to Marc for parting with his prized posessions to help a very worth cause.

With Caley Thistle having to play Celtic twice in as many weeks, both in the League and the Scottish Cup, as well as Rangers at the back end of February, it'll be very hard to maintain the unbeaten run that we currently see ourselves on. I guess it's probably too soon to be taking about the unbeaten run of 2010, but even so, it's nice to dream. Who know's, with the spirit and momentum the team has at the moment, it's probably a dream that could well become a reality...we'll see

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    • So much for the SNP's "conversation" about independence.  No hint of any kind of discussion but yet they press ahead with the next stage in the process of the only thing that interests them.  Their case for reneging on their "once in a generation" pledge is that the Brexit vote is a game changer.  It is nothing of the sort.  Let's just put aside the rhetoric of the SNP and look at the facts. When Salmond called the first independence referendum everyone in Scotland knew that there was a strong body of opinion within the UK that we should leave the EU.  Support within the UK for leaving the EU was not much different from the level of support in Scotland to leave the UK.  Two important points arise from this.  Firstly, if the EU was so important to the SNP they should have pressed the UK Government for a referendum on EU membership before any vote on Scottish Independence was held.  This would have allowed the independence referendum to have been held with clarity regarding the UK's position within Europe.  Secondly, having opted for a vote against a background of uncertainty, it must have been obvious to anyone who voted to remain in the UK that there was a very real possibility that by remaining within the UK, Scotland could be taken out of the EU in the not too far distant future.  The SNP are hardly in a position to complain now that the UK has actually voted to leave the EU,   The SNP then bleat on and on about Scotland having voted to remain in the EU.  It didn't.  This was a UK vote about the UK's position in Europe.  In 2014 Scotland voted to remain in the UK and in doing so, Scotland voted to accept the decision of the UK electorate in UK wide votes.  Sturgeon  has been talking about her "duty" to call a 2nd indy ref if Scotland's demands on EU membership are not met - and she said it with a straight face!  Sturgeon's duty is both to accept the will of the people voiced in the 2014 referendum - which her party foisted on us - and, following on from that, to accept the will of the UK electorate in the recent UK referendum. Just as in 2014 when the SNP opted for an independence referendum against a background of uncertainty, the SNP seems hell bent on doing the same again in the light of Brexit.  They argue that the UK Government has no plans for a post Brexit strategy as if that somehow justifies a 2nd indy referendum.  Rather than engage constructively in the Brexit process and waiting to see what emerges so that people could know what they are voting on, the SNP wants to rush headlong into another divisive and damaging referendum.  But, of course, if we are to have a 2nd referendum, the level of uncertainty will be far greater than the uncertainty they are using to justify having it in the first place.  At least with the UK Brexit we know what currency we will be using!   And how irrational to use the EU as the justification for a 2nd indy referendum!  With Scotland's current budget deficit there is no guarantee that the EU would allow an independent Scotland to join.  If it did, then the terms of membership are likely to be far less favourable than the UK electorate has just rejected and it is quite possible that the Scottish electorate may not then vote to join the EU on those terms. The strategy of the SNP is clear.  They don't care what is best for Scotland and they have no respect for the democratic process.  They simply want independence come what may.  So they muddy the waters in the hope that they can con enough people into thinking the others are responsible for the uncertainty they are causing and that an independent Scotland would take us away from the uncertainty.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  A YES vote in a 2nd independence referendum, splitting us from our biggest market (4 times larger than the EU), would plunge the country into a far more uncertain future and the current Scottish budget deficit would result in far greater austerity than we have experienced in recent years.   When Sturgeon pledged at the SNP conference that she would do whatever was necessary in the interests of the Scottish people, I thought she was going to announce that she was going to honour her previous commitment to the 1st referendum being a once in a generation event.   I should have known better.  She simply wants to win independence for Scotland.  The interests of the Scottish people don't come into it.  
    • Fon Williams Raven Warren Mckay Tremarco Draper Tansey Polworth Doumbouya Fisher Doran Subs - Mackay, Mulraney, Vigurs, Cole, Boden, King, Horner
    • HT  1-0 FT  3-1 ICT  Polworth Opp Coulibaly Crowd 2,979
    • I would have thought that you already have quite enough Yes voters fitting that description. But, although there's no "material change" to my position, I would once again remind you of plenty of other examples of "material change" since 2014 such as the £15bn GERS deficit (making EU membership pretty unlikely anyway), the collapse of oil and the SNP no longer having a majority without taking their Green chums from out of their pockets.  Then there's the problem of a EU/ non-EU border which would be created in the extreme unlikelihood of all three of the following all coming to pass. a) Westminster saying anything other than "You wanted the last one, you chose the date, you chose the rules, you chose the question and you LOST so **** off, get on with what you were elected for and stop bothering us about another go." b) The equally unlikely event of actually winning such a poll if it did happen and c) In the hugely unlikely event of both of the above.... any application to join the EU being greeted with anything other than "Du bist ein £15bn karkrash so pissen-sie auf!" Let's just face it. Outwith the braying Facepainters and nervous SNP politicians putting on an act to save themselves from the faux-outrage of same, I don't think we're really seeing too much indignation and dismay in Scotland at Brexit. On the other hand, I can see that accepting the outcomes of referenda doesn't come naturally to many Nats. OK 62% of those who voted went for Remain and a large slice of them were Nat supporters anyway. This is just another excuse to pick another fight with Westminster and make an excuse for another vote. And all that before you even think about consistent polling evidence that only 39% even want another one while the rest of us just want to get on with our lives without the constant interference of this irrelevance which is damaging our already fragile economy. On which subject, what the SNP wants is to turn our backs on 64% of our trade (the rest of the UK) to cosy up to just 15% of it (the EU). Finally... perhaps a modest apology to pro-separation contributors on here - even Oddquine! You are perhaps not quite as off the wall as I have sometimes portrayed you. How have I come to this conclusion? Well for some reason I recently found in front of me some kind of official SNP forum which has very probably by now been adopted as a database to train student psychoanalysts in diagnostics! It certainly confirmed my belief in the crank origins of Scottish Nationalist politics! The count of absolute roasters per column inch was as phenomenal as it was hilarious. If there's anything that could be invented as a grudge, a grievance or a'll find it there!