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  1. Dunfermline 2.37 🤐
  2. HT - 2-0 FT - 3-1 ICT - Todorov Hearts - Boyce
  3. I feel like Dundee United just now. Thanks for running the competition dude. Always appreciated and forever enjoyable. As is the NPL. Ta 😁
  4. 🗣️FIX !!!
  5. Thanks for bumping Johndo, bloomin' superb! 😂
  6. Joonya


    As CaleyCanary has said, Bronson was part of the original Highland March back in 2003 and was indeed part of its conception. He was also so welcoming of me when I moved from Coventry to Inverness nearly 14years ago, and though I seldom saw him in recent years, he'd always be full of smiles and laughs whenever our paths crossed. A real ICT-nut and true legend. RIP Bronson x