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    Motherwell -V- Inverness CT - Report

    • Teaser Paragraph:

    On the opening day, Motherwell handed us our first defeat of the season, and although we have had a few more since then, there were a few other firsts in this game too .....

    In the absence of Richie Foran and vice-captain Ross Tokely, Jonny Hayes captained his first SPL match, Steve Williams made his first appearance for the club as a late sub, Gregory Tade got back to first spot in the ICT scoring tables with the winning goal in this game, our first win in the last 9 attempts at Fir Park, and the best 'first' of all .... Ryan Esson achieved his first clean sheet of the season.

    A final 'first' that deserves mention, especially after recent discussions on the message boards about referees, is that this was the first time this season, in any competition, where there were no bookings in an ICT match. There have been a few occasions where ICT players were booked, but no opposition players, and a single match where ICT had no bookings but the opposition did ( -V- Hibs way back in July 11), but this is the first cardless game ... so fair play to Bobby Madden, a ref who is not scared to dish them out (35 cards in 15 games)

    and now onto the report ......

    Clean sheets help fans sleep better.

    A first clean sheet of the season has eased the restless nights of the Caley Thistle support after Motherwell drew a blank against Inverness at Fir Park to ease the Highlanders further away from bottom club Dunfermline.

    It may not have been a pretty sight, but it was certainly very welcome as a tremendous strike from Gregory Tade was all that separated the sides in a tense encounter where neither side were able to fashion too many clear cut chances as Motherwell showed why they have only scored seven goals at home this season with a languid display in the final third of the park.

    This was a fantastic response by Gregory to social networking harrassment that tried to make life difficult for him the previous week, as he put that behind him and showed magnificent ability and power to lash a ferocious shot into the roof of the net from twenty two yards to silence the home fans and send the small but battle hardened band of followers into raptures.

    Capital Caley was on hand to witness the days events and he recounts his day out for your pleasure...........

    Well oh well oh well!



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    • I watched the Alba highlights which gave a good coverage of play from both teams perspective and yes the lack of communication was the most obvious of our many faults. The first thing the players should have done after the match and in the presence of R F is watch a play back of that game, the second thing was to have the same people brought together on Sunday morning to watch it all again and to go over every move, then individually explain in front of everyone their part and what should have been done where involved and / or should have been involved in. Sparks would fly and noses would be rubbed in their ****. Perhaps then they would start getting their act together. There are good players there but what happened to the Team play, and the urgency that we were renowned for? It was sadly lacking . we looked like a poor Aberdeen side striving to gain individual glory and failing miserably. We now have the fight of a lifetime on our hands to climb up that table. At worst we will go down a league and maybe never ever get back into the Premier league again. Nobody ICT minded wants that, if there is they should be booted out. There has got to be a big turn around for the rest of the season it is up to the Board, management, staff and players to ensure we do starting next match onwards.
    • Is it just me or do both Vigurs and Tansey both seem to be lacking in desire and commitment for some reason at the moment ?
    • ITs a one-off game here in Toronto
    • Interesting watching the highlights and seeing all the goals again and hearing Thompson and Stewart deconstructing all the mistakes. At the first goal Yngwie and I turned to each other and both thought Gary Warren was a bit out of position and too easily turned. Seeing it again, Vigurs makes virtually zero effort to track back. Depends what you're looking for I suppose.  What most people will agree on is, we've seen ICT teams in the past biting and scraping to salvage a point in the most hopeless cases. On Saturday, and other times, e.g. Firhill and Tynecastle, everybody knew we were beaten once the first goal went in.
    • Agreed Vigurs does have his faults and lets be honest if he had pace and was the complete midfielder he probably would not be playing for us. But why are we singling out one  player when mistakes are happening all over the park. Lets be honest other than Carl Tremarco the rest have been below average for weeks now.     
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