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    Motherwell -V- Inverness CT - Report

    • Teaser Paragraph:

    On the opening day, Motherwell handed us our first defeat of the season, and although we have had a few more since then, there were a few other firsts in this game too .....

    In the absence of Richie Foran and vice-captain Ross Tokely, Jonny Hayes captained his first SPL match, Steve Williams made his first appearance for the club as a late sub, Gregory Tade got back to first spot in the ICT scoring tables with the winning goal in this game, our first win in the last 9 attempts at Fir Park, and the best 'first' of all .... Ryan Esson achieved his first clean sheet of the season.

    A final 'first' that deserves mention, especially after recent discussions on the message boards about referees, is that this was the first time this season, in any competition, where there were no bookings in an ICT match. There have been a few occasions where ICT players were booked, but no opposition players, and a single match where ICT had no bookings but the opposition did ( -V- Hibs way back in July 11), but this is the first cardless game ... so fair play to Bobby Madden, a ref who is not scared to dish them out (35 cards in 15 games)

    and now onto the report ......

    Clean sheets help fans sleep better.

    A first clean sheet of the season has eased the restless nights of the Caley Thistle support after Motherwell drew a blank against Inverness at Fir Park to ease the Highlanders further away from bottom club Dunfermline.

    It may not have been a pretty sight, but it was certainly very welcome as a tremendous strike from Gregory Tade was all that separated the sides in a tense encounter where neither side were able to fashion too many clear cut chances as Motherwell showed why they have only scored seven goals at home this season with a languid display in the final third of the park.

    This was a fantastic response by Gregory to social networking harrassment that tried to make life difficult for him the previous week, as he put that behind him and showed magnificent ability and power to lash a ferocious shot into the roof of the net from twenty two yards to silence the home fans and send the small but battle hardened band of followers into raptures.

    Capital Caley was on hand to witness the days events and he recounts his day out for your pleasure...........

    Well oh well oh well!



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    • Very satisfying. And if we had beaten either Partick or County we'd be joint second!
    • A post by Oddquine which I almost agree with!   One of the big problems in this country is the dependency culture which has arisen out of the generosity and compassion of our welfare state.  Together with that is the attitude of people demanding their rights whilst being seemingly oblivious of their responsibilities within society.  And then there are those who simply abuse the system and I could give dozens of examples from my own personal experience. I know Oddquine hates the Tories but I don't think they get the credit they deserve in trying to tip the scales back towards rewarding those who do take their responsibilities seriously whilst providing for those in genuine need.  They have also supported some of the poorest in society by significantly increasing the personal allowance and taking huge numbers of low wage earners out of paying tax altogether.  They have also enabled the economy in the UK to be one of the strongest and most vibrant in the world and have been effective in creating wealth in a very difficult economic climate. What I don't like about the Tories and why I have never voted for them is that they fail to distribute the wealth created fairly.  The disparity between the richest and the poorest in society is too much and it is growing ever wider. A better balance is required.  I'm not sure what Oddquine or the left wing political movement in general mean by "equality", but if it means people should be paid the same regardless of the job they do then then equality is clearly a bad thing.  Work which is harder, requires more skill, carries more responsibility etc should be rewarded with higher pay otherwise, where is the incentive to do these roles?  As Oddquine says, there is a happy medium but the Tories don't see it that way.  They would just let market forces rip which is why we see these multi-million salaries in the private sector together with massive bonuses. Corbyn's challenge is to identify a happy medium and to persuade others from left and right that we should work towards that.  I think he is an inherently decent and principled man but he has lacked the pragmatism required to compromise.  He has struck a chord with large parts of society who have felt disenfranchised by the politics of the last half century.  These include the left wing ideologists, the welfare state junkies and the "I know my rights" brigade.  These are not the kind of people to compromise but nor is their political message one which will resonate with the public as a whole.  Corbyn has his mandate but now he has to persuade those who voted for him that the only way to deliver some of what they want is to compromise and find that happy medium.  The biggest mistake Corbyn could make now would be to use his mandate to squash the MPs who have opposed him (and there's precious few left who would consider themselves Blairites!) The reason they have opposed him, despite his popular support within the party, is because from their experience in parliament and local government, they know that success in politics requires compromise.  It was interesting watching Liz Kendall on question time this week.  She has strongly opposed Corbyn but it is impossible to doubt her passionate desire to make life better for the most disadvantaged in our society.  You can sense the frustration she and others like her feel when she knows that for all his fine principled words, Corbyn's obstinacy is making the prospect of a Labour Government less likely.  The compromise now needed is for the Parliamentary party to endorse Corbyn's leadership and for Corbyn to embrace their pragmatism and start focussing on political realism rather than political ideology.  If he can do that whilst persuading his huge party support to trust him, then he just might do it at the next election.  
    • Well said. I specifically logged on to sing Brad's praises. Wonderful cross for the first goal. Great composure and selfless play laying on Polworth for the third. A quality footballer who happens to be a defender. Great signing. Raven always holds a special place for a certain semi-final goal but Brad Mckay offers a good deal more in an attacking sense. 
    • Donnie would have enjoyed the result today
    • Thanks for the ratings PerfICT.  Good to see that everyone seemed to play well today.   I notice that Tremarco seems to be very solid this year.  He seems to have made the left back spot his own now.  Taken him a while but its good to see. Richie seems to be growing into the job quite well.  I like his use of subs. So far he seems to have got them pretty well spot on.  Long may it continue.
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