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  1. ffs : are we wanting to win this?? Another red card............there is a real disciplinary problem this season and this will likely cost us any chance of a play off position.
  2. The old ICT habit of sitting back on a lead : never a good idea.............
  3. Perth would be ideal for me : wherever it is, I'll be there. Watched a good bi of the first half : woeful atmosphere but goals were well taken
  4. Dundee -V- Inverness CT

    Good result against a Premiership team : really think we are beginning to turn the corner. Starting to look resilient : carry on the good form and am sure we are in with a shout in play offs.
  5. Third place is now within reach and apparently the Arabs were rank yesterday. Still two matches to go against them. Keep the good form going and you never know............. St Mirren will easily be champs.
  6. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    St Mirren are pretty strong : it would take a bit of a collapse on their part for us to catch them (even if we went on a winning run). Gap is 18 points with only 15 games remaining. Realistically 3rd place (2nd at a stretch as the Arabs are no great shakes) should be our focus and take our chances in the play offs. Last night's convincing win should gives the whole team confidence and lead to an upturn in form.
  7. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Great result : hopefully the first of many! Why has it taken so long?? 3rd place is a realistic hope if we can keep scoring............
  8. Agree : although our problem is scoring. If we can start scoring two or three per match, we should make the play offs as the defence is for the most part pretty solid. Mind you, last season, I kept hoping (believing) we would eventually turn it round..............
  9. Spot on my friend. As things stand, we are as close to the relegation play off as we are to promotion play offs. Very disappointing that we are not at least safely tucked into the promotion play off positions (higher the better given the PL weighted system). Far too inconsistent and struggling to beat teams like Brechin and Dumbarton (no disrespect intended).
  10. Exactly................hope Robbo has his scouts on the road seeking a goal hungry striker looking for a spell in Inverness.....................
  11. Decent striker urgently required (22 goals in 20 games) : in with a shout in most matches but lack of firepower is costing us dearly. Need to turn draws into wins and narrow defeats into draws.
  12. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    Cripes so it is! Another potentially tricky one : old rivals who seem to have picked up this season and a match we need to win if we are to have play off aspirations.
  13. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    Dodged a bullet there by the sounds of it : losing to Brechin would have been a new low. St Mirren away next : could be a sore one unless our performance level improves : will be there although with no great optimism. Keep plugging away and we might scrape into the play offs, but can't see us going up especially as the system is so heavily weighted in favour of the team which finishes 11th in the Premiership. Only in Scotland could the powers that be devise such a illogical way of doing it.
  14. Would love to be proved wrong but we have only won 2 of our last 5 league matches (St Mirren and D Utd 4 each)
  15. Realistically a play off place is the best we can hope for : St Mirren are almost out of sight with virtually half the season gone. Impressive defensive record but against teams like Dumbarton (no disrespect) at home we should be scoring more. Crowds are holding up reasonably well.