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  1. Perhaps a bit obvious what he's trying to do - hope it doesn't backfire on us! Although, to be fair to Dunc, he's put Arbroath in a very awkward position!
  2. The Great Escape???
  3. And with Airdrie's win last night, it's goodbye to our slim chance of making the play-offs at the other end of the table! No promotion this season, sadly.
  4. I like the idea in principle and would be inclined to support it. However I would like to know the club's view on this. Would the club embrace such a proposition or would the Supporters' Trust have to force their way in? Would there be hostility between Club and Trust? If so, I can't see it working very smoothly. An announcement from the Club, if supportive would, I think, sway a lot of supporters towards this proposal.
  5. Different days would be better!
  6. Arbroath never really got a look-in in the first half, but pretty much absorbed all we threw at them. We got a lift from the goal and really piled on the pressure for the remaining few minutes, looking to double the lead. Second half we seemed to sit back and allowed Arbroath the chance to equalise and I really thought "here we go again". Delighted with the result though - did we really win at home!? Reality check though - we struggled to get a home win against the basement team, even when they had a man sent off! Hope we can do better next week.
  7. A spell in Division 1 will be a good opportunity to blood our youngsters and build a team from within our own ranks which will hopefully, within a couple of seasons, challenge for promotion back to the Championship.
  8. Much as I admire your optimism, I just wonder if you've managed to attend a home game recently?
  9. We are where we are, not because we are "excellent" or "brilliant throughout the game", or that we didn't get a penalty. We are where we are because we are consistently sh!te. The table doesn't lie.
  10. I think we all thought the new "celebratory" manager was going to be our saviour, once he'd settled in. Now we have to accept that the best we can do is get a result against Hamilton or whoever in the playoffs. And our celebratory manager is just a celebratory. He ain't a manager!
  11. Think Ferguson is on a 2-year contract. We can only afford to get rid of him if some other team wants him, which is most unlikely.
  12. No the first time Ridgers has been caught off his line! Seen some great saves though, so I suppose it balances out.
  13. Can he commandeer a higher wage though? He hasn't really proved himself as a manager. Would anyone else be willing to take a punt on him with his current dismal managerial record? Unless he has other talents !!!
  14. Ok so the doomsayers have got their way and our beloved ICT has gone to the wall. Where are you gonna go for your fortnightly football fix? Is Clachnacuddin going to see an unprecedented surge in attendances? Will Ross County benefit from our demise? Aberdeen maybe? St. Johnstone? Or perhaps one of the Gruesome Twosome? Cast your votes here!
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