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  1. buckett

    Inverness CT - Morton

    Been thinking along these lines for a while now. Championship team with the occasional foray into the Premiership, maybe dropping down to Division 1 for the odd season. With our limited finances and fanbase, I think that is quite realistic.
  2. buckett

    The Silence is Deafening!!

    County supporters I know feel that they are part of the whole Ross County thing. It's very much a community club, hence the large support. I used to feel that about ICT, but now I feel the upper management is aloof and arrogant, and I wonder if others feel likewise, and if that would contribute to the lack of support.
  3. buckett

    Cleaning up???

    You grow up and become a Moderator!
  4. buckett

    Cleaning up???

    Thanks Scotty and Kingsmills (and RiG) - clarified nicely. As I said, I wasn't complaining, just curious, so there was no ire directed at anyone. Might just delete this one now. BECAUSE I CAN!!!
  5. buckett

    Cleaning up???

    Just wondering if these forums are being tidied up now and again, and threads deemed superfluous deleted. I coulda sworn there was a thread here the other day suggesting which of our players should take a penalty kick, should it be awarded. Now it's no there anymore. Just . . . . . . . . gone! And then I remember contributing to a thread a few weeks back (Ok - so I'm not such a prolific poster anymore!), and that's gone too! Not complaining - just curious really!
  6. buckett

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Very frustrating game which we completely dominated. Numerous crosses into the box, numerous corners - just couldn't score! As for the penalty - regardless of whether the offence took place in or out of the box - it all resulted from extremely casual defending where the ball was given away in a very dangerous position, and not for the first time! With a 250 mile round trip for home games, at least I've got a much needed week and a half to try and work up some enthusiasm to attend the next one!
  7. buckett

    Russia - The World Cup

    Sadly the mindless, thuggish English support and the arrogant English media turned many in the remaining "home" nations against a very promising, competent young side!
  8. buckett

    Local Heroes

    Must be awfully difficult for the savages across the bridge to support a first team that is essentially a squad of Weegies and Englishmen. I know we're not much better but at least we have a few token Invernessians in the team, and judging by an article in today's P&J, a few more coming through the youth system. I've always thought of football as a tribal game, pitting our local champions against their local champions. Not so easy to make a connection when all the local champions are imported from other parts of the country. Anyone else have similar thoughts?
  9. buckett

    Gary Warren told he can leave

    I think you are wrong to imply that Scarlet Pimple had any wish to force Charles Bannerman to withdraw from these forums. That sort of thing is I think way beneath his dignity. It is true that Charles seems to have lost his way a bit, and was maybe less aware of what is acceptable and what is not, and Mr Pimple merely offered him guidance. The faux outrage at some of Charles' more controversial posts was particularly distasteful. Although I didn't always agree with Charles' point of view, and we occasionally crossed swords, I regret his decision to withdraw as his posts were generally insightful, sometimes inciteful and always well presented, and I do hope that once he's cooled down a little, perhaps researched what is acceptable and what is not, that he will resume his valuable contributions to these forums.
  10. buckett

    Toni Macaroni or Plastic Whistle?

    Fortunately it's not about how their fore-runners behaved over 40 years ago, but more to do with how they play football now! I wonder if Charles refuses to speak to Germans!
  11. buckett

    The Pre-Season Thread

  12. buckett

    The Pre-Season Thread

    It's all relative really. Back then we would all flock to see teams from a higher league playing Caley (or Thistle!) in a pre-season friendly, and marvel at the higher level of skill on display. Nowadays, though, we're generally in the higher league and watching a team like Nairn County doesn't really have the same appeal. There is of course the lesser attraction of seeing some of our new signings and 'maybes' performing in ICT colours for the first time.
  13. buckett


    I wish Vigurs all the best and am grateful for what he has helped us achieve. I also look forward to the outrage on these forums when he is healthily booed and abused on his return to TCS!
  14. Dunno what everyone is worried about. Isn't Blair going to save us? Soon!?
  15. buckett

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    Trying to think how many seasons County finished above us in the grand scheme of things. They were well ahead of us at the end of our first season in the Scottish League, and of course this season and last season. That's 3. I've a feeling there was one more, round about 2012? So I suppose you could say they were the 'Big Team' for four years! Or was it just 3?