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  1. Well our demise would certainly be to the benefit of Ross County. Let's face it, Inverness is too small a town to sustain two senior teams.
  2. Hmmm - don't think it's in the nature of a Scotland International to deliberately throw a game.
  3. On the bigger boats we worked 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, living aboard during our on-time. Cabins are compact but comfortable, and with ensuite shower and toilet on the newer boats. 2 on, 2 off sounds good, but we'd be working minimum 12 hours a day, which equates to at least an 84 hour week. However, most of us were happy to get all the work done in a lump and then have 2 weeks uninterrupted leave.
  4. Worked a few years with Calmac Ferries - recognised some familiar faces on Island Crossings. Recommended viewing for anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes aspect.
  5. Excellent post! The only bit I would take issue with is the bit about promotion. There is always the possibility, admittedly unlikely, that things may pick up and we're up there. Otherwise, spot on!
  6. He wants to stay so sign him. Whatever extra cost to the club probably outweighed by sales of season tickets which otherwise might not be renewed!
  7. Aye ok then, we're a Premiership team. Just happen to be languishing in the Championship for a few years!
  8. Our finances were much healthier then. As a result of gross over-spending during the John Hughes era we are where we are now - a Championship team. That is our current level, until we can find a generous donor.
  9. I know it won't please everybody but we've got to be realistic. Dodds is happy to stay and he's no really that bad. Better the devil you know! Getting somebody new in is risky and probably costly. As mentioned before, Dodds knows the squad, knows what's needed to improve it and I think is a safe bet. There seems to be an expectancy among some supporters that we should be a Premiership team because we once were. We are in fact a Championship team - that is our level - and the occasional foray into the Premiership is not out of the question, although to stay in the top league we would really need a generous benefactor. Get behind Dodds and who knows what'll happen!
  10. Celtic fans all hoping their team will win but putting a wee bet on ICT just to soften the blow!
  11. It's not a polite notice. And YOUR views about who is not welcome at Tulloch Caledonian Stadium are clearly not representative of most fans.
  12. "Polite Notices" are seldom polite!
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