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  1. Happy enough with Robertson and looking forward to his return.
  2. "Error Generic" is all I can get and I'm PPV. Just emailed the help line.
  3. Much improved stream today - nearside linesman's got a fair covering of hair!
  4. I would have thought that an operator with access to the video output would be able to manually over-ride the AI in situations where it couldn't properly track the ball. In other words, a mouse controlled cursor taking precedence over a baldy heid!
  5. I don't think for a second I suggested that you suggested . . . . . . . . ach, never mind!
  6. Very true but it's also a necessity if the club wish to make any income from the supporters. I'd imagine there's not a lot of money coming into the club at all these days so it is essential that they provide a decent streaming service on matchday. I personally would make a point of subscribing to each home game, but there are some more fickle than me who would be put off by the poor product we witnessed yesterday and perhaps would not return. Does anyone know what percentage of the £10 paid to SPFL portal actually went to the club?
  7. It wasn't too bad really and hopefully the wandering camera thing will be rectified before the next game. Otherwise I don't suppose many people will be so willing to cough up a tenner in future!
  8. Can somebody put a wig or a hat on that linesman?
  9. Part of the "home advantage" thing was that the team were playing in front of (mostly) their own fans. Don't see why this should now become an issue!
  10. Exactly! The youth team should be developed as a feeder for the main squad and priority always given to players developed through our own youth system who reach a certain standard to progress to the first team.
  11. ". . .should any of the initial one or two home games have to be played behind closed doors, season ticket holders will have exclusive access to watch the games live on a Caley Thistle online channel. " - Quote from Ross Morrison's season ticket update Dunno if I'm a bit behind the times here but I think this is a great idea. Because of the nature of my work I tend to pay at the gate when I get an opportunity to see a game, rather than buy a season ticket which would be largely unused. If I could watch any of the home games live through an exclusive online channel that would be
  12. If ever there was a time to support your LOCAL team, this is it!
  13. Club Champions Runners-up Third place Last Championship Rangers[d] 54 32 20 2010–11 Celtic 51 31 17 2019–20 Aberdeen 4 17 9 1984–85 Heart of Midlothian 4 14 18 1959–60 Hibernian 4 6 13 1951–52 Dumbart
  14. Certainly the correct decision - keeping people apart will help stop the spread of the virus. Doesn't look good for the future of our team though. No income and lots of wages to be paid. How many of the smaller teams will fold if this crisis goes on?
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