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  1. Particularly pleasing to see young LOCAL lads stepping up. Would be great to see ICT in the Premiership in a few years time, challenging for a Euro place with a first team consisting mostly of Highlanders.
  2. Last minute cancellation of plans to travel through to Inverness to see the opening game. Never mind I thought - I'll watch it on ICTV. However it looks like there's no live streaming today. Does anyone know if this service will be resumed this season?
  3. I think the elephant in the room, which very few seem to have noticed, is that we were embarrassingly poor and couldn't string more than 2 passes together. Arbroath were way better than us and adapted to the conditions extremely well. To say they were desperately unlucky is no exaggeration. Just hope we don't embarrass ourselves against St. Johnstone. That said, I am absolutely delighted, and still can't quite believe that we prevailed. Perhaps in the next few days, if we could learn to string a few passes together, keep possession and keep the head, who knows what could happen. We do of course have history in defeating St. Johnstone to win promotion!
  4. Reminds me of when he took over at Inverness. Many supporters were complaining about "tippy-tappy" football but some of us could see that something wonderful was being developed. Automatic promotion for Dunfermline next season I reckon - hopefully we'll already be up!
  5. Exactly! We don't want the win against Arbroath to be just a flash in the pan!
  6. No, not really. But having gone into freefall I don't think there's any great urgency to get us back into promotion contention, so long as we don't get relegated. Welcome to the forum btw - nice, theatrical opening post!
  7. Can't help feeling the club is seeking some sort of financial stability before making the costly push for promotion. Perhaps the Championship is considered a good base camp for now and maybe for the next season or two until the time is considered right. And maybe this season's sole target was to avoid relegation.
  8. Good entertaining second half and that, from a supporters point of view, is what football is all about. Would have been nice to win it but unlike last week, that performance gives me hope!
  9. Me too. I wonder if a Christie/Tokely combination could shore up our rapidly sinking ship at least until the end of the season. Both already employed by the club, and who knows, they might be lethal!
  10. It's really quite astounding that despite our current dire form we're still 3rd in the league table. I just wonder if 39 points is sufficient to avoid the play-offs, as I don't see us getting any more points on the board!
  11. Just dire. I'd give Ross Tokely a go - can't be any worse than Dodds!
  12. Yes he gives a brilliant analysis of the game as it's played - really informative. Also, although obviously slightly biased towards Inverness, he gives credit to the opposition where it's due. Which isn't a bad thing when we're hoping opposition fans will pay for our live stream, and come back. A very knowledgeable lad is Ross. Perhaps he'd be worth a punt as manager, if all else fails!
  13. If only they could replicate what they apparently do on the training field, on Match-day!
  14. Just painful to watch. Morton won by a lucky goal, although they deserved to win. Unfortunately we used up all our luck at the beginning of the season. We just seem to be out-muscled and out-played in every game. I'm afraid my optimism for this season has all gone now.
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