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  1. That's another team on my streaming blacklist!
  2. Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Looks like 337 is their limit!
  3. Yeah me too - been trying for some time but it just times out.
  4. Yes the league table makes fascinating reading tonight - 2 points separate the top 5 and 1 point separates the bottom 5. Huge gap between 5th and 6th though!
  5. Personally I'd prefer bigger margins in our victories, but maybe I'm just greedy! Last-ditch defending of a 1-0 lead is folly and may well result in last-minute disappointment. We should be setting the bar higher and consolidating a victory rather than time-wasting to preserve a narrow lead. Early days though, and 3 wins is 3 wins!!!
  6. We can't keep possession at the moment. Ayr United looking more likely! Billy Mackay on - Duku off.
  7. Tom Walsh chests it in from a Duku cross. 1-0 ICT!!!!
  8. Watching on ICTV. Hope they keep this service up - it's ideal for supporters living outwith Inverness. Goal-less first half, evenly balanced - perhaps we just edged it. Carson's my MoM so far.
  9. Happy enough with Robertson and looking forward to his return.
  10. "Error Generic" is all I can get and I'm PPV. Just emailed the help line.
  11. Much improved stream today - nearside linesman's got a fair covering of hair!
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