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  1. A strange one. It's blindingly obvious that Keatings was penalised in error, so what's the message? Are they trying to belittle the club - "how dare these sheep-sh****rs up there question our decision??" Something like that, maybe?
  2. The red dots are for the misplaced apostrophe!
  3. I'd much rather our own "colts" find their way into the first team, at TCS!
  4. I agree with IHE - let's not get complacent about the Sevco C**ts game. They've made it to the semi on merit too!
  5. Reckon we'll still take 7000+ to the Scottish Cup Final!
  6. Don't think the low attendances are much of a mystery - there's an SPL team playing about 15 miles away, representing a similar locality to ICT. We're playing teams like Alloa and Arbroath and they're playing Rangers and Celtic. A lot of floating support in the Highlands and it's pretty obvious where they'll attach themselves! I must admit I didn't share the joy of many on this forum when County were promoted to the SPL all these years ago, believing it would eventually be to our detriment!
  7. Occasionally passed that stretch of water many years ago, in my sea-going days - thought it looked familiar. Don't remember the sea being that colour though - usually grey with lots of white!
  8. I'm thinking Eigg, with Rhum in the background, taken from somewhere on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula. Could be horribly wrong though!
  9. Something very Skye-ish about that one. Or is it Eigg . . . ?
  10. There's a big opportunity to garner a bit of favour in the Outer Hebrides where they all support either Rangers or Celtic (dependant on which Hebride - no imagination!) with just a token nod to the nearest "local" team, whether it be us or County. No harm in giving us the edge by showing a recognition of Gaelic, which is still widely spoken across the Minch.
  11. Just shows ya - there's always a way of misinterpreting a well-meaning, non-racist comment!
  12. Couldn't agree more. Contrary to many on here I thought it was quite an entertaining game. A bit frustrating in the end though, as despite our dominance, couldn't get that winning goal. At times it was like shooting practice for ICT. Take note though: plenty more shooting practice required! Still second in the league. No a bad team, all things considered!
  13. buckett


    Should you ever be smitten by the urge to go to Harris or North Uist, you could do a lot worse than drive aboard this one!
  14. Thought we were a bit hasty in letting him go. Hopefully he's lived up to his potential.