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  1. The thought of another relegation battle really doesn't bear thinking about......... Surely things must improve?
  2. Reading the posts, another sad day in the decline of a team that a little over 2 years ago finished third in the top division and won the cup. I couldn't believe how bad we were last season : albeit only went to a handful of matches towards the end of the season. Things do not appear to have improved : annoying thing is that none of the teams in the championship are any great shakes but we seem unable to get our act together even at this level.
  3. So glad I couldn't make the trip over to Dunfermline on Saturday : bloody tragic. We seem to have become a feeder club for County. Changes needed pdq : at least only Utd have full points and we're only 4 points off second!!
  4. New Manager

    We'll just have to await developments. How about Paul Sheerin with Charlie Christie as his assistant?
  5. Richie Foran Has Left The Building

    Yup, respect to him if he walked. Never pleasant to see someone losing their job ; all the best for the future to him and his family. Speaking from personal experience, leaving Inverness is a bit of a wrench. Onwards and upwards : the next chapter in our glorious history beckons...........
  6. Relegation Day

    Was fearful that would happen : by all accounts Dundee very much already in holiday mode. Too little, far too feckin late................ Get our act together (and going on this season's show that's a big ask) we should have a good crack at the Championship. Realistically, that should be without RF at the helm. Perhaps he and MP could change roles??
  7. Survival Saturday

    Confident the boys will do the business : all hangs on Dundee doing us a massive favour.
  8. Dundee v ICT (must win game)

    Well on the positive side , we've dodged two bullets in 24 hours. Another win on Saturday and you never know................... Even then. another 180 minutes before we know where we will be playing next season. Oh, for a stress free end to the season. Yup and why leave a performance like that until the 37th feckin (league) match???? Must be some time since we kept a clean sheet,,,,,,,,can't be bothered checking. If it was in our hands only, I would be at the match on Saturday,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but it's along way to go when other events could well dash any hope of a reprieve. Will be at the play offs though!!
  9. Agree 100% with PerfICT. Is there anyone in the Board looking at the forum / listening????? They need to come out immediately our fate is sealed and give at least an idea of the plans. If it's stick with RF I will despair : decisive action needs to be taken now ffs.
  10. The silence from the Board all season has been deafening. Unless there are realistic plans (more of the same will certainly not do) for next season in the Championship, I can see a continuing downward spiral. The few matches I have seen have shown why we are where we are : no passion, shape or leadership. We played better football back in the Division 3 days.
  11. Inverness CT -V- Hamilton

    Watched on TV : should have had 5 or 6 at least. Some woeful (embarrassing) attempts at finishing and such a soft goal to concede at the end. Two winnable away games coming up but we have to be more clinical when chances come along. There is still a pulse.............just. Still convinced RF is not the man.
  12. Therein lies the problem that has become increasingly apparent : no fight. Agree that by whatever means RF has to be gone by Monday morning at the very, very latest. Just hope we get organised and bounce back like we did the last time we went down.
  13. Not surprised : gave up after the second went in. Just when you think they can't possibly get any worse they come up with another blinder. The board should have bitten the bullet months ago and kicked RF down the A9. No shape, no passion, no game plan (other than the aimless punt upfield) and not even a pale shadow of ICT teams of past seasons : even when we played in lower leagues. Everyone involved in this worst ever season in our history should hang there heads in shame.
  14. County v ICT

    Yup : last chance beckons............ Given what I've seen recently not holding out much hope. Just hope Malpas has / will have an influence in the way we approach this and the coming games as Foran has been totally out of his depth. Here's hoping for 3 points : how we need them
  15. Team for Motherwell

    I don't care what team we field : as long there is a plan (I despair at the constant punt up field) and the players give their all. Still undecided whether I'll go , if we lose I reckon we're as good as down. Really depressing times : we should not be in such a position. It was clear some time ago that the current 'tactics' / plan were hopeless but absolutely nothing appears to have changed.

    Can't see Richie improving anything : he seems to be in denial mode.

    Agreed : and let's hope giving RF the boot is number 1 on the agenda. As I have said before, I would be happy to go without a manager until the end of the season. Performances have not improved and RF as far as I can see contributes nothing from the sidelines. I would love 11th place right now. How the feck did we get into this situation??
  18. Next week is our last throw of the dice. Undecided if I will go. Would help if RF just went : not worried whether he is replaced for the final 6 matches. If we go down (increasingly likely), fingers crossed we can regroup and bounce back.
  19. RF should do the decent thing and pack his bags. I'd rather have 6 games without a manager than continue with what is happening.
  20. It's all a bit depressing. Four wins out of 30 matches says it all I'm afraid. Rapidly running out of 'must win' games. Said it before : I'll take 11th now and take my chances
  21. Not at the game but have been at the Hamilton and Partick matches in recent weeks. Agree that we lack any ideas / tactics and seem to punt the long ball incessantly just hoping for a lucky break. In the past, you always felt ICT could score : sadly this appears no longer the case. Increasingly looks like 11th is the best we can hope for : RF is clearly not the man for the job, and if we survive cannot see things will be any better next season.
  22. Partick -V- Inverness CT

    First match since the Hamilton experience. Why oh feckin why do we persist in humping the ball aerially forward at almost every opportunity? Just hoping for a lucky break it appears although almost without fail the only outcome is giving it back to the opposition. In addition our main striker is hardly going to win anything in the air. Biily looked completely pissed off and I really don't blame him : no service whatsoever. The team seems utterly devoid of ideas or guile and can't seem to string more than about 3 passes together. I would bite your hand off for 11th place right now and take my chances. Rant over.....................
  23. Hamilton -V- Inverness CT

    Utterly clueless from start to finish. Second to every ball, clearly little confidence, passing virtually non-existent (90% of the time resorted to the long hoof upfield hoping something might happen). Hamilton kept the ball on the ground, with crisp passing and broke quickly and were a couple of levels above us. Can't see how we will get 3 points on Saturday, unless Dundee field their under 16 team (even then I wouldn't hold my breath). Richie stood on the touchline for the whole of the match (almost always alone) with arms folded and the odd clap : seemed to be bereft of ideas. Overall totally depressing.
  24. Inverness CT -V- Hearts

    Can't agree. Yes there was contact and if the ref sees it it's a red card but there was never anything like enough contact to send him down. That was pure gamesmanship. I realise it's part of the modern game but I'd rather not see our players indulge in it. Agree 100% - not good to see at all. Great to see after taking the lead, we kept pressing for another goal and didn't just try to defend / sit on the lead. 2nd half was a great improvement on the 1st (not just because we scored!).
  25. Classic BBC Journalism

    Is anyone seriously surprised? Most BBC Scotland 'pundits' are really embarrassing and have very little insight into football other than talking absolute pash 95% of the time.