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  1. Dennis Wyness

    Yup saw ICT rise from 3rd Division as it was to the SPL (as it was). Suspect the teams of the late 1990s / early 2000s would have thrashed the current team. No matter who the opposition were, you always felt the team had goals in them.
  2. Agree with all of the above : a good win on Saturday and I'll be at Livi next Tuesday!!
  3. 5th Place

    My point exactly : surprised some have no problem with it.
  4. 5th Place

    Agree 100% that 2 up / 2 down would be the ideal scenario and would result in a much more fluid movement / opportunities. My point was solely that the current system gives the top tier team an unfair advantage.
  5. 5th Place

    So I take it you are perfectly content with the manner in which the play offs are set up? Surely it should be straight semi finals / final (as they do south of the border) : or is that too simple for the authorities up here?
  6. 5th Place

    Yup, I get that but as the play offs are played over a pretty short time period, the way it is set up favours the top tier team who play a max of 2 matches, whereas the Championship teams will play 4 or 6 matches (if they reach the final)
  7. 5th Place

    My understanding is that the 3rd and 4th play off over 2 legs, the winner playing the 2nd placed team in the Championship (again over 2 legs). The winner then plays off over 2 legs against the 11th Premier League team? If my understanding is wrong, apologies. If not, I'd call that pretty weighted in favour of the top tier team.
  8. 5th Place

    If we get to the final, then you would hope for a good turn out. However, the play offs are so heavily weighted in favour of the SPL team, it would be a very tall order (although as a previous poster said we have always been at our best when written off). Only in Scotland can the powers that be devise such a skewed system (almost on a par with the SPL split).
  9. 5th Place

    Yes, I do agree but I would hope the team finish on a high and although 4th is most unlikely, if we win the remainder of our matches it is not beyond the realms of possibility! As I have said before, the really frustrating thing is that apart from St Mirren, none of the other teams are any great shakes and we have failed for the most part to take advantage of that.
  10. 5th Place

    All matches on the run in are winnable : I sense a new spirit following our win last week, beating the Arabs midweek and a great fightback today. All is not yet lost.....................
  11. With the gap that exists to fourth (even allowing for games in hand), we need all the points we can get (and others need to drop points). It's a big difference with matches rapidly running out.
  12. To have any chance, we need three points on Saturday. Other results going our way on top and you never know.......................
  13. Yup : good result on the back of the cup win. The Arabs are pretty poor along with most other teams in the Championship and the really frustrating thing is that we have failed to take advantage of that. Overall a good run in and we can look forward to next season with optimism.
  14. Ross County

    Agreed : very noticeable when he came on that things picked up a bit. Compared to a few of our guys, he at least looks like a footballer and should have taken the penalty.
  15. Having witnessed some shocking and depressing ICT performances recently, it was great to experience the feeling of winning a trophy.again! On this season's form (re-inforced by the first 92 and a half minutes), no way we will put a winning run together over the final stretch.........so it's a case of get the season over with and get ourselves in a position to mount a real challenge next season. Well done to all again.
  16. For 92 minutes, that was the worst game of football I had ever witnessed : no shape, skill or much resembling football. Overall we deserved it because of the negative approach of our opponents. Great to have another piece of silverware for the collection : now we need to set our thoughts to next season............

    Will be there tomorrow and hoping to see an ICT win. Taking two of my sons and three of my youngest's mates. Up to Robbo, the players and all others with the team to get themselves motivated and ready to win..............the last ICT win I saw (other than a scrappy (League Cup?)win against the Blue Brazil) was the cup final v Falkirk. Have seen some shocking performances since then. Time to start turning the tide.
  18. ffs : are we wanting to win this?? Another red card............there is a real disciplinary problem this season and this will likely cost us any chance of a play off position.
  19. The old ICT habit of sitting back on a lead : never a good idea.............
  20. Perth would be ideal for me : wherever it is, I'll be there. Watched a good bi of the first half : woeful atmosphere but goals were well taken
  21. Dundee -V- Inverness CT

    Good result against a Premiership team : really think we are beginning to turn the corner. Starting to look resilient : carry on the good form and am sure we are in with a shout in play offs.
  22. Third place is now within reach and apparently the Arabs were rank yesterday. Still two matches to go against them. Keep the good form going and you never know............. St Mirren will easily be champs.
  23. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    St Mirren are pretty strong : it would take a bit of a collapse on their part for us to catch them (even if we went on a winning run). Gap is 18 points with only 15 games remaining. Realistically 3rd place (2nd at a stretch as the Arabs are no great shakes) should be our focus and take our chances in the play offs. Last night's convincing win should gives the whole team confidence and lead to an upturn in form.
  24. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Great result : hopefully the first of many! Why has it taken so long?? 3rd place is a realistic hope if we can keep scoring............
  25. Agree : although our problem is scoring. If we can start scoring two or three per match, we should make the play offs as the defence is for the most part pretty solid. Mind you, last season, I kept hoping (believing) we would eventually turn it round..............