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  1. Big Man / Wee man versus Wee Man / Wee Man

    I tend to like the Big Man/Small Man combination which would suggest Oakley and Bell together.... be interesting with Doran on one side and Mulraney on the other However I've liked what I've seen of Baird in recent games, if both Baird and Oakley could start scoring goals we'd have a nice problem on our hands
  2. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    I've booked flights and hotel for me and the missus to see Falkirk at home the weekend of the 24th/25th. Having just checked when the final is I may have to book some spare hotels all round Scotland....If we got through and Crusaders got to the final then St Mirren's ground would be a good bet...probably the best option for Dumbarton and TNS to get to. Gonna have to do some contingency planning now! Not helped by not knowing which day it might be on.
  3. John Robertson MOM

    Yes good work....... Obviously spurred on by the 'Robertson Out' thread
  4. In the end of club of ICT's size needs to have a 'selling' policy to survive, whilst sustaining any sort of premiership ambitions. So we need to identify those players who've we bought in, that look like having future resell value and ensure they are given longer (rolling) contract extensions quite quickly...guys like Bell, Mulraney, and Donaldson probably fit that profile. Obviously there's a limit to how many we can do that with, and there has to be an acceptance from supporters that this is a necessary evil. Mind you transfer fees of £50 to 200K don't fit the bill, and we would still need to be able to employ one or two 'old hands' to steady the ship.
  5. Livingston -V- Inverness CT

    1 on 1's are not certain goals, Bell was pretty close to Alexander with a tight angle, whereas Mulraney probably could have done better, although it looked like the ball got stuck under his foot when he went to shoot. ....if he was playing more regularly of course he may have done better as situations like that become more instinctive. ....that disallowed goal against Bell must have been the tightest of decisions, it looks to me on the replay there is at least one outfielder and the goalie in front of Bell. I think one or both of the officials played safe. I agree with RiG, Livi were definitely hanging on!
  6. Livingston -V- Inverness CT

    Well, I really enjoyed my trip up North. Almost a perfect day for the football, and great to be in a vociferous crowd of ICT fans, and thanks to Cath who I befriended at the 'wrong' turnstile, we spent the entire game in chat about how it was going. Given how well Livingston are doing... they could have gone top with a win, we acquitted ourselves really well, and I thought we were the better team after the initial 5 minutes. After that I didn't think we were in much danger, and with a bit more composure (from Mulraney) or luck (Bell ) we would have come away with all three points. Another clean sheet is pretty impressive after the start to the season, and Donaldson impressed me, and Ridgers looked a lot safer than the early season reports would have suggested....on the whole his kicking was pretty good. I generally agree with most of IHE's marking, although I would score Polworth and Vigurs the other way around. For me Vigurs was the stand out guy, not just for the way he was pulling the strings in midfield but for the level of effort in winning the ball back, something I'd never really thought was his strong point. I felt during the game how lucky, given our finances, we are to have someone like Vigurs in the team. Another guy who impressed me was Baird, who worked extremely hard and showed no little skill at times, whether he is a true goalscorer in the Mckay mould I doubt it, but I could imagine he'll have a 'purple patch' at some stage in the season. Perversely the introduction of Oakley, in his place, towards the end of the game did seem to swing the game in our favour, mainly I think because with the benefit of fresh legs and a taller frame he seemed to give their defenders something to worry about. I'd almost say Livingston were hanging on in the last 10mins. If Mulraney can maintain and then improve on his current level of game, we are going to be quite a dangerous side going forward, coupled with the clever and dogged play of Bell. Chalmers has certainly got a decent cross in him as well, and seems to be another finding his feet. Overall a decent performance in my book, from a bunch of 'budget level' players who got off to a bad start to the season, many of the newbies with a bit to prove, and now some of them are showing their worth.
  7. Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Encouraging that players previously being criticised for being poor are upping their game...I think Baird is due a goal (he'll score next week I bet) he seems to be doing most things right. Even more encouraging that we have won our last two games without Trafford, who before then seemed to be one of the few positives, looks like we have some depth on the bench
  8. Robertson Out

    In football some truisms remains as ever they were....it takes time for a new manager, with a new group of players, in a new league to become a cohesive unit and find an effective style. Robbo appears to have found a balance between roughing up players in public, when they have let themselves and the fans down, working out who responds to what, and who fits in where, and praising where praise is due. We've clearly got a step on the ladder climbing up, matches against Livingston and St Mirren, will tell if we can match the best, and keep climbing...we have a nice run of games to the end of the year that could see us in a good place.
  9. Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    In successive weeks we have beaten two sides in the top four who had previously beaten us (in the Pars case convincingly) kept our 5th clean sheet in a row, and seem to have found both attacking threat and a solid back line....progress in anyone's book. Bell rapidly becoming a bit of a hero? I'm up (and buzzing) for the Livingston match next week which I have a good feeling about...it'll certainly give us a hint of whether a run to the play-offs is a possibility (it's a long season I know!)....crowd of near 3000 as well. And my weekend was made all the more happy by a 97th minute equaliser for my other team
  10. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Takes a bit of time doesn't it, new gaffer, loads of new players, who is any good, who works well with whom, who will settle in? Definitely some green shoots there, and that 2nd goal is a thing of beauty...If Man City had scored that it would be on SkySports all weekend, the ball was moved so quickly it caught all of Dundee's team out. Looked like a great away crowd btw! As an aside loving the new shop and the work of the Stadium Development Project, feels like the club is going in the right direction
  11. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    So good to see some of the new guys starting to make the difference...some confidence is starting to flow. I've heard good things recently about Chalmers, Trafford, Bell and Donaldson (and Oakley and Cooper to a lesser extent, not sure what happened to Seedorf but he sounded a prospect as well). Of last seasons signings Mulraney at last sounding like a half decent player. Was watching some old video today of a game a few seasons back when Partick beat us at home 1-2....in that game Doran looked a real threat, be great to see him back in decent form in the new year to add some momentum, it would be like a new signing
  12. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    A great result, another clean sheet, great to see Bell on the scorecard, it does start to feel like John Robertson has found some balance in the side and players are starting to step up to the mark
  13. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    Well we certainly got a good write up in the Scottish Sun https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/1701143/falkirk-0-inverness-0-bairns-lucky/
  14. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    Can I sit next to you next time I come up (it'll be March though) ...I'm very much a glass half full guy, and always appreciate a good bit of work recognising if players were really that consistently good they wouldn't be playing for us (and I have that same view at Palace, even though they're paid considerably more). I don't think the Tulloch stadium is very conducive for creating a great atmosphere, being so open, coupled with the fact we're still a young team in terms of existance (and thus tradition), and of course get pretty small crowds. When I come up I sit in the main stand and have plenty of people around me that moan for moaning's sake because they've paid the fee to come in. That said it does tend to be a vicious circle, fans want to see honest compentent players putting in a shift, and tend to get behind them when it happens, likewise Players need encouragement and also often surprisingly fragile flowers (but then who enjoys going to work and having people slag you off from the sidelines) so can both be raised up by positive vibes or hide due to negative comments (which are easier to hear in a quiet stadium). However this in not confined to a club like ICT, look at Arsenal their atmosphere at home games is terrible, whereas I also support Palace a team with allegedly the best atmosphere in the EPL (certainly yesterday the atmosphere against Chelsea gave me goosebumps) and is often cited by players as a factor in a good result. Anyway as for yesterday, in many ways i'm quite happy with that result, Falkirk were in those group of teams I saw challenging for promotion, and it seems we were well worth the point orn deserved more. More encouragingly we are slowly sorting a team out of the collection of players we have. Guys like Trafford and Bell, coupled to the guys like Vigurs, Polworth and Tremarco, starting to show their worth, good to hear Donaldson having a decent game... The Pre-season games seemed to indicate that Seedorf and Oakley were useful acquisitions, potential not yet fulfilled, and it sounds like Mulraney's international duty had a positive effect. It will be interesting to compare the points tally over the next 9 games...who knows we might see more Danial Mckay a bit more or find that the lesser spotted Zak Elbouzedi is a real player. I'm up for the away match at Livingston soon, and looking at their form, could be a real gauge on any improvement
  15. CLUB STATEMENT : Supporter Behaviour at Brechin

    From the board statement "The two ladies that run the supporters’ trust and the buses have been vilified by these fans online. (Using) abusive language and expletives and they should never be put in that position. We feel we’ve taken the right action. "They raised a charter against us and said they weren’t coming back. I believe the following week, a number of them went to Ross County and were ejected again. We know who the ringleaders are and they’ve not been discreet online." These aren't real Caley fans are they?...they're idiots (and somewhat unpleasant ones at that) who've attached themselves to the club, and make trouble. Sounds like a very small group, who need to be kept out until, and if they learn some commonsense and good grace. The rest of the young supporters in the group should be actively encouraged to come and make the noise they do.