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  1. Relegation

    Pretty much all of those teams mentioned come from the big cities or towns with larger populations, or have a longer established footballing history, so to some extent it's to be expected. In Scotland TV money has a lot less bearing on club finances and most clubs are more reliant on how any come through the turnstyles....yet look at Bournemouth down in the EPL, their capacity is 11,360, which is sold out most weeks, but they get around £100M minimum from the TV. Of the other Scottish teams probably only Falkirk strike me as having the attendance levels (in the SPFL) that would compare with the others. I'm not too worried about a relegation play-off, given how many games we've not played recently. And I stil think we have the makings of a decent team, with just a few gaps to fill, it wasn't that long ago in games we were looking up, and at the prospect of getting into the play-offs. Robbo just needs to get back to the formula that was working around the New Year
  2. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Imagine how I feel about my other club...with Christian Benteke basically treading water until he sod's off to somewhere like China at the end of the season....he gets £120K per week! By comparison some of Caley's player would merely be doing a bit of shoplifting....at a sweetie store! It's one of the mysteries of football that the same bunch of players can be both inspired and up for it, in one match and insipid, half-arsed and disjointed in another
  3. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Yes, things do seem to have unravelled at the back with the shunting of Mckay over to RB due to Raven's departure, accommodating Warren. I guess Seedorf isn't quite the finished article yet. Not surprising really. Never really been convinced by Mckay at RB either...it'll be interesting to see whether Robbo will be tempted to drop Warren and return to the our most effective pairing once Donaldson is back fit ( I suspect Robbo is like many managers who tend to err on the side of experience regardless of real form, so it may take til the end of the season to see this one out). Tremarco is clearly one of the better LB's in the division so we should really have a pretty strong backline. I agree with the Bell/Oakley front pairing, we should be able to rotate one of Doran/Mulraney?Elbouzedi to attack down a wing...the only question then is should Trafford be playing more?
  4. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Oops...thats what happens when you typing whilst pretending to be working!
  5. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Hold on chaps....this is only the 2nd league match we played since Falkirk (and lost, I know) on the 27th January. Before then we had only lost to St Mirren (Champions-elect) or when we had had a man sent off. We've clearly lost some momentum, and I think the Irn Bru farce has been a distraction, but we've also recently been without a key man in Coll Donaldson. I wonder if Baird going has been a surprising factor, but Austin hasn't made much of a mark due to being a bit of a sick note already. Dunfermline are hardly pushovers either. Dundee Utd away will be difficult, but hopefully by the time we get our next home game the pitch will show signs of recovery, and we have a shed load of games at home so a good pitch will suit Doran and Mulraney. We have games in hand over the guys above as well. It might be a tall ask to get into the play-off positions, but I still think there is more than enough to stay above 11th place. After last season, this one was always going to be an interesting one, but Winters gone, Spring is coming keep the faith (even after a ***** midweek loss) COYC
  6. Livi v ICT - GAME OFF

    Blimey...if we still have any injured players, they should all be fit by the time we play again (hopefully that includes Donaldson, and Austin) It'll definitely test the depth of the squad...but if we get some momentum going we actually want games to come fairly quickly.

    Following on from the perverse logic of the SPFL. they should play the game at Crawley Town FC...just 15mins from Gatwick Airport, and thats just an hour and a half from Inverness, would be one of the quicker away trips Just £42 return at the mo on Easyjet
  8. Inverness CT -V- Crusaders

    Vigurs had to wait a long time..their goalie had been very good, Vigurs obviously realised that if he guessed the right way, Jensen might reach it, so was trying to get it as close to the post as possible. he just screwed it wider than intended. I was surprised the ref didn't blow for full time when the kick had been taken. Can't see why the Crusader player was so upset at Polworth, he had two goes at taking him out. A really good game (for a Neutral), after the initial opening 5 minutes Caley took control in the first half and played some good stuff, almost men against boys. We should have been 5 up.....Calder impressed me alot, as did Mulraney and Polworth. Great cross from Oakley for our second goal. Bell was surprisingly anonymous tonight. 2nd half we came out a bit complacent, and they had mixed it up....our defence was all over the place, almost Keystone Cops...their first goal was inevitable, and strangely so was our sending off, although it was a pretty soft one in two parts. We were hanging on for dear life, it was the sort of game when anything could happen...I one stage I though 4-3 to Crusaders after extra time, but we held out. And we got to see the lesser spotted Elbouzedi! Anyway we've got to the final, let's hope we can finish the job whilst working our way up the table. BTW what's happened to Austin, and as for Tremarco, I hadn't realised he was that badly injured, we haven't seen him for a while.
  9. Inverness Courier

    I kinda find that surprising given that we have recently given Donaldson and Tremarco improved/extended contracts, and signed Austin
  10. If it's your 18th, have a drink...

    Yes that was nice to see...I had someone come up to me this week on the day of the anniversary talking about it, there was something on the BBC website....that was nice too
  11. If it's your 18th, have a drink...

    The start of my relationship with Caley
  12. Susan

    If you think this guy is bad or money has been wasted....my other team Palace signed Jordan Mutch from QPR about 3 years ago for nearly £5million and very good money, he's had a handful of games, rarely impressed, not scored a goal, not been injured so far, but has been pretty much consigned to the U23 side under various Managers...doesn't seem to play even there, despite being named in our 25man first team squad, and we can't seem to get rid of even on loan, he still has another year and a half on his contract. I know that in the moneybags EPL we shouldn't be bothered by money constraints but we are, to the extent that we keep haggling to hard in transfer windows and missing out on players. Such is football I guess
  13. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    We got Austin in pretty early and have tidied up the squad with 'big wage' earners David Raven and OFW off the books plus obvious deadwood/no-hopers Eldson, Cooper, and 'Susan' released or leaving. Coll Donaldson has been secured with a longer contract. Interestly some had Calder marked for an exit but he seems to have really up his game in January. With Daniel Mackay getting some game time and his first goal that is a plus along with Doran's continuing rehabilition. Presumably Zak Elbouzedi will come back from Elgin City have had some game time. Overall I think we have done a decent job over two windows trimming the squad to suit income and rebuilding. Ross County do seem to have snapped up a lot of players (fairly average ones though?) in an effort to stay up...but could cost them later, and so far doesn't see to be having any affect
  14. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    Actually the play-offs are no further away than when we kicked off today, and that includes 2nd place, just one less game to achieve it....the red cards are a problem and are costing us points, JR and the club need to sort this quickly without losing the competitive spirit.
  15. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    We have to be careful now... from the BBC text it looks like we're losing our heads as a team... need to avoid more suspensions and limit goals against