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  1. I very much doubt the Club would be so reckless
  2. Both me and my wife are season tickets holders and one of the reasons was to sit at home and watch the game in comfort at 82 would you freeze your balls of at the game, so anyone moaning about attendances should think about we are not all teenagers,another draw back is parking since they closed the home parking ,the other away parking spaces are limited and certainly not for the fainted hearted and by the way I can’t afford a £60 fine for parking in the street
  3. Nowhere terrible performance did the Morton goalie have a save to make
  4. If there was a gem why do you think he is not playing them,because we certainly need one to lift the team
  5. We need more than one player.if Mackay gets injured which is very likely who is going to score the goals,I don’t think this squad will give us promotion.How many of our present squad could play in SPL.? if we are lucky to get promoted we would require 7 or 8 players and this would take half the season to gel Just my thoughts
  6. our loss Kilmarnocks gain it might just come back and bight us in the arse,sign Lafferty on loan
  7. We will have to up our game if we are going to get close to the top first half yesterday was abysmal they looked like they couldn’t care less no tempo second to every ball if that continues we will be third or fourth,some players need a good kick in the arsr
  8. Think Doran days are coming to an end,giving ball away to opponents,and running into trouble on wing most of the time,
  9. Club is very secretive never divulges bugger all to the fans ,they must forget we pay there wages,
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