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  1. Loved both episodes. Thanks again. Interviews would be great, especially former players I think. I enjoyed that Ian Black one. Also how about Board members - Gordie Fyffe? Alan McPhee?
  2. Really good listen. Well done and thanks.
  3. iHE dropouts and drugs in Elgin? Like the love - it's all around. Mind you, in Dr Grays hospital it's easier to get Morphine than Gaviscon unless you know your way around the protocols. Am learning more about NHS than footie.
  4. in hospital in Elgin but managed internet connection to get BBC commentary continually interrupted by dropouts, drug rounds and the like. But heard the final penalty. Have'nt felt so high footie-wise since making it to Parkhead on the Tuesday night all those years ago. Scottish Cup eh? Supercaleygo.........??
  5. I was at the Joopie Mitchell memorial game against Celtic. I was in the stand with my dad and remember Tommy Gemmil amongst others. It was at Telford Street and tickets were hard to get but my dad worked alongside Alec Main so we must have got tickets via him. A memorable occasion for a young schoolboy. This is my first post by the way though I was around in the early days with the late Gordy from Sneck. I have been a lurker though and appreciate all your posts keeping me up with the news. Thanks.
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