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  1. Thanks. Don’t have Sky so will resort to refreshing the BBC latest scores page. That’s entertainment!
  2. Is tonight’s game on TV? Can’t see it listed on BBC Scotland or ICTTV. I’m housebound and can’t get to games. It’s been a delight seeing the games lately it’ll be a real disappointment if I miss the many goals we’re bound to put past Zander Clark this evening!
  3. Regarding streaming, I’m an example of a former season ticket holder now disabled and housebound. Getting to see my team on a Saturday again has been a real treat and I do hope it continues. Not sure about coughing up £18 to aid Ayr’s coffers though!! If it were a home game I’d have no hesitation!
  4. Then there'll be dancing in the streets of Sneck
  5. It's just been pointed out to me that there won't being dancing in the streets of a Raith tonight.
  6. Could we start the season with two from two? Minutes to go...
  7. They’re wrong. I bought the copy myself. It came out a few weeks after the game and featured “The famous Inverness Caledonian Thistle” coming over the horizon to help some struggling team who were the subject of the comic strip. I do think it was the Beano not the Dandy but couldn’t swear it.
  8. I gave my copy to the Forres ICT fans' group - along with my match ticket and programme - for a fundraising auction. Not sure what happened to it.
  9. Went to Saturday "game" by train with Raymond Biro the late Gordyfromsneck and heard about the cancellation in the taxi we were taking to Parkhead. Spent the afternoon in various art galleries with Gordy then home. I was the only one who could make the Tuesday game so had the trip by coach and the game in a solitary dwam. I was tempted by the bookie's offer of 22 to 1 against Barry Wilson scoring the first goal but walked on much to my subsequent regret. My dwam state included a soundtrack on the way back and when I went into Tesco to get a drink around midnight I wanted to shout out the news.
  10. Loved both episodes. Thanks again. Interviews would be great, especially former players I think. I enjoyed that Ian Black one. Also how about Board members - Gordie Fyffe? Alan McPhee?
  11. Really good listen. Well done and thanks.
  12. iHE dropouts and drugs in Elgin? Like the love - it's all around. Mind you, in Dr Grays hospital it's easier to get Morphine than Gaviscon unless you know your way around the protocols. Am learning more about NHS than footie.
  13. in hospital in Elgin but managed internet connection to get BBC commentary continually interrupted by dropouts, drug rounds and the like. But heard the final penalty. Have'nt felt so high footie-wise since making it to Parkhead on the Tuesday night all those years ago. Scottish Cup eh? Supercaleygo.........??
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