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  1. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Stopping at Broxden to pick up some passengers on the way to the game.
  2. Pre-season

    Maybe that the work previously done by Big Don is now being appreciated now he's gone?
  3. Supporters Bus for Elgin 21st Jan

    Jagster I take bookings with proper names please, and a contact phone number to confirm and if there are any changes. Thanks John Horne 07951 309504
  4. Best part of the day was going in to Dunkeld with the Supporters Bus on the way home - we might repeat that again. We looked good going forwards but we took too long get backwards to provide cover when we eventually lost the ball - in my mind Cole has not really learnt how hard we work our midfielders in Inverness. I was impressed with Iain Vigurs work-rate and general approach to the match, Carl Tremarco also gets pass marks, as does Lonsama Doumabaya, the rest rest average. Was it some just me or were St Johnstone players a wee bit prone to going down too easily? The referee was poor.
  5. Hamilton Away - 1st October 2016

    Usual time: 9.45 from the Social Club then on to the Stadium for 10.00.
  6. Aloa Away Supporters Bus

    Also there are seats available for the first league match of the season - Partick Thistle this Saturday, leaving the Caley Social at 9.45 a.m. and the stadium at 10.00 a.m. Seats will cost £20 per person. Book your seate by text on 079751 309504 or message us via facebook.
  7. Buses for Upcoming Away Games

    Bus to Partick Thistle leaving at 9.45 social club and 10.00 from the stadium. Usual prices apply - £20 and £10 for under 14s Pick up at Aviemore, stops at Broxden Services on the way down, Perth Bus Station on the way back. Text me on 07951 309504
  8. Buses for Upcoming Away Games

    Bus to Dundee United Leaving at 9.45 Social Club and 10.00 from the Stadium. Usual prices apply - £20 and £10 under 14s Pick up at Aviemore, stops at Broxden on the way and Perth Bus Station on the way back. This may our last trip to Tannadice for some time! Text 07951 309504
  9. Buses for Upcoming Away Games

    We are running to Ross County. Leaving from the Social Club at 1.15 and the stadium at 1.30. Price £5 round trip, no concessions. Tickets will be on the sale in the Supporters Bar before the Hamilton game and before the Hibernians replay.
  10. Buses for Upcoming Away Games

    Scottish Cup Quarter Final v. Hibs on Sunday 6th March (2 p.m. ko) 8.45 Social Club 9.00 Stadium The first two buses are full and it will be first come first served on the third (& final) bus. St Johnstone Wednesday 9th March 4.00 Social Club 4.15 Stadium For booking phone (preferably text) 07951 309504
  11. Buses for Upcoming Away Games

    Please don't post to here - this is meant be for information only. Any questions post a new topic or phone 07951 309504
  12. No more Merger talk

    On the name, the original was Caledonian Thistle F C. The Inverness was added when Inverness District Council gave money from common good fund (around £900k) to help fund new stadium.
  13. Gellions Bar ICTFC Supporters Buses

    Happy to see the Gellions running a bus - there's enough demand out there. Would be happy to get together when we run low: say this Tuesday to Hearts - we have less than 20, but with your numbers, we would have enough to run a bus. I may bump into you, Ross, at Dundee on Saturday.
  14. Game V Aberdeen on Boxing Day

    There are still seats available on the bus - leaving from the social club at 11.00 and from the stadium at 11.15. Pick ups will done if pre-booked. Phone or text 07951 309504
  15. Hearts Away

    CJT bus is going by Stirling, bypassing bridges, so we are unlikely be affected other than a shorter than usual stop at Broxden. Anyone wanting to discuss this can phone 07951 609504.