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  1. Sir C the 3rd

    January signings

    Having a quick look on google, there is an ex-Warrington striker who is 25 and has been of late at the Jamie Vardy V9 academy. His name is Jamie McDonald. I’d guess it’s him.
  2. Sir C the 3rd

    Ross County -V- Inverness CT The same Brian Graham. The guy is an absolute tool and should have got 2 reds on Saturday. One for the initial elbow and the 2nd for punching Rooney.
  3. Sir C the 3rd

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    I’d rather we keep him certainly, but he’ll get replaced and we’ll carry on. Can’t blame him for wanting more money. But, there is a very slowly unfolding car crash in Dingwall at the moment. McGregor has had to cover 2.5million in the last 2 season and now they are relegated. Less crowds, astronomical wages, large squad, less sponsorship/tv money etc. If , as some people suggest they are going to gamble and throw everything at getting back up, then if they don’t what sort of position will they be in then? Rumours floating about suggest that mcgregor has been advised numerous times to step back from it. Even he can only afford to lose so much. The thing that amazes me, is that the County fans don’t appear to be remotely concerned. Having been in a false financial position for so long and their laughing at our problems has probably led to the assumption they are untouchable. They certainly aren’t.
  4. Sir C the 3rd

    Recruitment Policy?

    Maybe we could team up with a business who need loads of admin staff on eye watering wages. Someone like, just picking a company completely at random, like the ‘global energy company’ for example.
  5. Sir C the 3rd

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Some folk are starting to sound like old firm fans. If it wasn’t for the refereeing conspiracy we’d be in the champions league!! The fact is, the league doesn’t lie. However admirable this run has been recently the damage was done earlier in the season. Some dreadful results near the start. We’ve had the ability to get into the playoffs, even challenge at the top. But too many poor performances, especially after losing the first goal in games have done us in for this season. Discipline was also questionable for half the season. I’d be optimistic for next season though, if we can keep the vast majority of the current squad. But we’ll have to wait and see what we can afford. It isn’t looking good in that regard either sadly.
  6. Sir C the 3rd

    Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    VAR, more officials etc etc. Yes, the refereeing isn’t great at times but the players don’t help at all anymore. Constant diving, cheating, claiming, time wasting, feigning injury, screaming. How Lewis Morgan wasn’t booked on Saturday i’ll Never know. But no wonder the ref’s get conned. Its cheating the fans ultimately and that’s the worst part.
  7. Sir C the 3rd

    This season's refereeing

    I don’t agree he should have been booked but I think Vigurs was booked for giving verbals after getting off the ground. If you consider he’s been pushed to the ground and the queens player has given as good as what he’s got, then perhaps that should have been 2 yellows for him. But it’s much easier for the ref to give a card each. For Donaldson, the ref spoke to robbo not long after the incident. I’m fairly certain that afterwards robbo turned to kellacher and said ‘studs up’ while shaking his head. But I might have that wrong.
  8. Sir C the 3rd

    This season's refereeing

    Some of the referees have been woeful. Home to st mirren and away to Morton spring to mind. But there’s no conspiracy. The players are the ones constantly diving, pulling shirts, claiming for everything. That’s the way the game is now and when that is happening for 90 minutes In just about every game then referees are going to get things wrong.
  9. Sir C the 3rd

    CLUB STATEMENT : AGM & Annual Report : 23/11/17

    Unfortunately this is what football in general has now become. It’s just business now. The game has been hijacked by already rich business people to make more money. Forget about the fans. They don’t matter anymore.
  10. Sir C the 3rd

    David Raven

    I agree with most of what you say except ‘holding the club to ransom’, that’s pretty poor I think. I can’t imagine Dave has been anything but reasonable in most contract negotiations and doubt he is earning a fortune. He is probably a lower spl/1st division wage earner and would most probably take a further slight drop. But if it’s not financially viable for him to take a drop of what we’re offering then that’s absolutely fair enough on his part. He’s made it clear he wants to stay without making a fuss about it. Unfortunately we’re not in the position to offer him what he’d like (and deserves). He goes with best wishes and total respect for what he did at the club. I hope he gets a good club down south and gets the coaching badges he wants as well.
  11. Sir C the 3rd

    Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    The referee, the referee, the referee. Bottom line is We didn’t take our chances when we had them and couldn’t score any goals. If we’d played for another 4 hours on Saturday we still wouldn’t have scored. Mckendrick was poor but sadly you have to accept that’s part of the game. Vigurs should’ve been experienced enough after a very dodgy 1st yellow to not put himself in that situation. Samson took a chance and it paid off for him. He got our player sent off. He should’ve gone too but got away with it. St Mirren did a right number on us throughout most of the game. Almost all our players got wound up by McShane and they all fell for it. In regards to mckendrick I actually think he knew he got the penalty decision wrong then fell apart after that. I thought Robbos interview was totally embarrassing as were some of the ‘official’ tweets after the game. We sounded like very bad losers.
  12. Sir C the 3rd

    Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Deserved win. Solid defensively which makes a huge difference. Chalmers strolled through the game, smokin joe. There’s not a chance we’ll be near the bottom of the table come May.
  13. Sir C the 3rd

    Robertson Out

    We obviously won't sack Robertson as we can't afford it, so that's the end of that. On a completely unrelated matter I'm Looking forward to seeing Stevie Aitken take over Falkirk and March them up the table.
  14. Sir C the 3rd

    Transfer in and outs

    He's injured is he not?
  15. Sir C the 3rd

    Transfer in and outs

    Absolutely embarrassing folk complaining about OFW not leaving. He is under contract and if he doesn't receive an offer he fancies then quite right that he stays here. He had a decent first season, 2nd not so good but then he was playing through injuries. Yes, it's frustrating that we're paying him a large wage but then we did take in a large bonus for him for being at the Euros. Give the guy a break.