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  1. If your buying tickets today the road under the Kessock Bridge is currently closed. Access to stadium at Longman roundabout. Then all the way up to Raigmore roundabout on way out. not sure when it reopens
  2. Dodds, Welsh. Duku and Sutherland missing today but no exclamation from club as far as I am aware
  3. Inverness Thistle FC site on Facebook has a couple of team photos with Charlie in them
  4. Not all good news for us It’s back to more years of watching and hearing about 1966 🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. It’s true I was told when I picked up my season ticket. They are hoping that 2000 fans will be allowed in by end of July so probably just a couple of games. This will probably let all our season ticket holders in unless we have a miraculous increase in numbers.
  6. McCann has someone to call him Big man at last 😃
  7. Episode two will feature a bald Dick Campbell
  8. Someone joked about the camera following the linesman’s bald head . Maybe it’s true
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