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  1. Are you calling Aberdeen and Partick ugly sisters.? 😀
  2. Just tried changing location to Scotland and it shows Sportscene so you should be ok on the wrong side of the border
  3. As it’s freezing watching games at the Longman maybe Iceland would be a suitable name sponsor ☃️
  4. Poor Dougal the fish are not biting 🤧
  5. Beating Stenny 1-0 then watching the next round draw in their social club and getting Rangers. The look on their faces was priceless
  6. White wins a lot of balls in the air with his back to goal but when crosses come into the box he seems stuck to the ground. He could still be a prolific scorer for us yet so I am not going to slag him of like a lot of posters on here. Time will tell
  7. The three day week and two general elections
  8. Send your answers on the back of a postcard to Robbo
  9. All the top teams play this way only difference they have players of a higher standard
  10. If we got rid of the duds we would have to sign another 5 or six players
  11. I remember being at the Elgin v Arbroath game. Crammed in like sardines