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  1. McCann has someone to call him Big man at last 😃
  2. Episode two will feature a bald Dick Campbell
  3. Someone joked about the camera following the linesman’s bald head . Maybe it’s true
  4. No sharing sweeties either 😁
  5. Thanks tried that logged in to account etc but no sign of my season ticket listed anywhere. Will probably have to go down to shop to sort it out.
  6. Could you tell me how to extend last season’s ticket please
  7. 200 tickets at £15 equals £3000 + another possible £1000 for streaming games will be hard to turn down by clubs who are struggling financially.
  8. Wishing our former striker Scott ‘Trigger’Mclean a full recovery as he recovers in hospital after suffering a stroke
  9. The result is a dream but the photo is a nightmare.🤭
  10. All this goes out the window if we were promoted. We would need at least five or six new players at least . Where the money would come from is another story.
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