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    Player of the Year 2017-2018

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      The hectic April schedule meant we could not publish our player of the year results earlier but with two games to go the CaleyThistleOnline Player of the Year has been decided and it should come as no surprise that Iain Vigurs is the 18th recipient of the title.  

    Players of the Month

    Month   Player
    July 1718_seedorf_collin.jpg Collin Seedorf
    August 1718_vigurs_iain.jpg Iain Vigurs
    September 1718_bell_connor.jpg Connor Bell
    October 1718_vigurs_iain.jpg Iain Vigurs
    November 1718_donaldson_coll.jpg Coll Donaldson
    December 1718_donaldson_coll.jpg Coll Donaldson
    January 1718_donaldson_coll.jpg Coll Donaldson
    February 1718_polworth_liam.jpg Liam Polworth
    March 1718_ridgers_mark.jpg Mark Ridgers
    April 1718_vigurs_iain.jpg Iain Vigurs

    2018-04-24_13-48-42.jpgStarted back in season 2000-2001, the CaleyThistleOnline Player of the Year award is one of only two external supporter awards recognised by the club and also recorded in Ian Broadfoot's official club stats. We take great pride in that and seek to ensure the voting process is handled with fairness and integrity.

    The results over the last 18 years have usually been a pretty good indicator of the season that had just passed and this season's votes seem no different than previous years in that respect.

    From reading the forums and the supporter assessments of the players on a weekly basis, I would hazard a guess that most fans would easily be able to rhyme off the top 5 names quite easily. 

    Because we allow 7 days voting on each game we still have to add the last 3 games to the tally (Saturday's game V the Pars plus tonight's game at Livi and the game at the weekend in Greenock) and we will update this article when that is done ... but with Iain Vigurs as the runaway leader there will be no change to the final table regardless of any voting permutations. So without further adieu, lets get to the names and stats and stuff ....

    There were a total of 2428 votes cast (so far) for a total of 24 different players over the course of the season. The season covered 10 months and two players each won 'Player of the Month' three times with 4 other players taking it for a single month.  

    Over the course of the season the player with the highest number of votes cast for them (regardless of the value of the votes 5/3/1) was Iain Vigurs with 468 votes. In second spot with 338 votes was Coll Donaldson, next up with 248 was Liam Polworth with Mark Ridgers and Connor Bell completing the top 5 with 192 and 173 votes respectively.  

    The dominance of Iain Vigurs in the monthly voting not only saw him pick up 3 Player of the Month wins but he is one of the few players over the last 18 years to earn points in each month of the season. Most seasons even the eventual winner spends some time out of the team or goes off the boil a bit but this year he racked up points in each of the ten months of the season. 

    There has to be a few special mentions this year too. Jack Brown did not pick up any Player of the Year points but he did pick up some votes in the Falkirk game in January and that's unusual for one of our youngsters. However Daniel Mackay eclipsed that and not only picked up some votes in 4 separate months but that translated into POY points in October and January courtesy of good performances against Peterhead and the same Falkirk game as Jack. 

    The final special mentions have to go to Coll Donaldson and Mark Ridgers. Viewed by many as liabilities before a ball was kicked, and not having the greates of starts, they both turned things around and have been stalwarts this season. Coll easily finished second in the voting and Mark was fourth which no-one predicted in the dark days early in the season. 

    The final points totals were as shown here: Well done Iain Vigurs 




    Edited by Scotty

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