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  • tm4tj

    Kilmarnock -V- Inverness CT -SPFL

    Disappointment at Rugby Park

    Inverness went down 2-1 at Rugby Park as Kilmarnock scored in each half to continue their resurgence and halt Inverness in their tracks. Greg Kiltie scored right on half time and Josh Magennis added a second as Inverness wilted, with Killie running out deserved winners in the end.

    Johndo will have a full report for us in due course...........and here it is

    Well that was my first venture since the trip to Romania. Have to admit that Kilmarnock ain't Bucharest and the Portmann ain't the Old City but at least I remembered the game this time. Another enjoyable Juanjo Awayday, only spoilt by a tepid performance and a very disappointing scoreline. It wasn't that we actually played that badly but it was a case of looking good but with no end product. That was Killie's first clean sheet of the season and no wonder Jamie McDonald had a wry smile at the final whistle as he applauded the away support who had been goading him most of the afternoon. "You won us the cup" ditty evidently fell on deaf ears. The possession stats were 50/50 and only eight shots with five on target throughout the game pretty much sums it up.

    But it really could have been so different if we had pressed home our domination of the first 20-25 minutes. There was a lot of possession but of the tippy-tappy, Ray Wilkins variety. Killie threw seven men across the pitch and limited us to chances from crosses or dead ball situations. Perhaps it might have been different if either Devine, Draper or Meekings had placed their headers in the back of the net - but as was the case throughout the game - our final touch or attempted pass was atrocious. I haven't really criticised Yogi too much but I felt that he was at fault this time. Why he allowed Draper to stay on the pitch until half-time baffles me. Sure Draper is determined and did not want to go off but he was a passenger for the last 20 minutes and all that was probably accomplished was to make his injury worst. Yogi should have hooked him and took Vigurs on earlier. And then Mutombo for Williams was a strange decision. I thought Williams was having a good day and his pace was worrying Killie. Mutombo to me is a forward version of Djebi-Zadi. And the introduction of Sutherland was also too late. To me the difference in the sides was Magennis. I have never really been impressed by him but his mere physical presence appeared to upset Devine and Meekings. The second half felt far longer than 45 minutes and we appeared to rely on big punts looking to capitalise on the pace of Storey who had little if any support.

    So perhaps it was just a bad day at the office. Perhaps the Tannadice farce left its mark. At least ours wasn't the only surprise scoreline. And I ended my time in Kilmarnock visiting a hostelry whose name resembled some of the players on show earlier.

    Fon Williams 6/10 - Never really had that much to do. Thought that he could have done better with the first goal, sadly in added on time.

    Raven 4/10 - Thought that he had a shocker - was he fit ? Watching trying to chase a ball down the wing in the second half reminded me of Marius Niculae at Motherwell.

    Tremarco 4/10 - He was fit so he has no excuse. Sooner we get Williams ensconsed in that position the better.

    Devine 6/10 - Actually looked the best of the defence which sadly was not too difficult to achieve.

    Meekings 5/10 - Bad day at the office. I always feel that he is not as good without Warren beside him.

    Polworth 6/10 - Didn't really do anything particularly wrong but did little to impress either.

    Draper 4/10 - Well you simply cannot perform with an injury but you can come off when you have one.

    Tansey 4/10 - Again 2-3 lovely touches but otherwise anonymous. Played far too deep

    Christie 7/10 - The only one who actually looked like changing the game.

    Williams 6/10 - Not sure why he was hooked as he was beginning to look like a danger, especially if we had pushed him forward.

    Storey 7/10 - Full of running and determination but he is simply not a target man or a centre forward. Let him play off somebody and we have a real winner.

    Vigurs 8/10 - My MOM for his 45 minute contribution. He may look lazy and he may not be all action but he has a head for the game and some of his passing was one touch and inspirational.

    Motombo 3/10 - Headless chicken impersonation

    Sutherland 4/10 - No time to make any type of impact

    Yogi 4/10 - Tactically his poorest selection and poorest tactics - 4-5-1 with what looked like 3 holding midfielders played right into Killie's hands.




    Date: 17/10/15  Venue: Rugby Park, Kilmarnock Attendance: 3234
    Referee: Stephen Finnie
    Kilmarnock: 2

    • Lineup: MacDonald, O'Hara, Balatoni, Findlay, Smith, Slater, McHattie, McKenzie, Kiltie, Higginbotham, Magennis
    • Subs (not used): Ridgers, Hamill, Connolly, Boyd, Obadeyi, Ashcroft, Frizzell
    • Scorers: Kiltie (45), Magennis (66)
    • Booked: none
    • Sent Off: none

    Inverness CT: 0

    • Lineup: Fon Williams, Raven (Sutherland 81), Devine, Meekings, Tremarco, Draper (Vigurs 46), Williams (Mbuyi-Mutombo 53), Polworth, Christie, Tansey, Storey
    • Subs (not used): Esson, Wedderburn, Horner, Sutherland
    • Scorers: none
    • Booked: Miles Storey (69)
    • Sent Off: none

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