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  1. Dreadful camera work. Dreadful game. Lucky to get a poimt
  2. Ridgers and Harper for me
  3. First class statement. It's just a pity some of the Premiership clubs don't have the same sense of responsibility as ICT
  4. Congratulations to the club in their efforts to help out their older season ticket holders by distributing packages of foodstuffs and household essentials. I have just received a delivery of several items for which I am very grateful
  5. Just an observation but I have just watched a live Super League match between Salford and Wigan. It seems that the rugby league powers that be have decided to continue with their fixtures for the time being. The crowd seemed to have enjoyed the fixture and there is another live match on Sunday.
  6. Inept performance and once again thanks to Mark Rodgers for two excellent saves which kept us in the game. The Alloa keeper didn't have one decent shot on target to worry about apart from our solitary goal and a last minute header off the bar. We desperately need someone who can shoot straight and on sight.
  7. Without a doubt the cup final victory - something we may never witness again.
  8. Competent display without ever moving out of second gear. We had Ridgers to thank for keeping us from going behind in the first half but Dunfermline never threatened much after tbat. A good result with a deserved victory. Excellent displays from Trafford and Doran particularly in the second half but my MOM would be Ridgers for three saves when it looked easier to score I
  9. A great all round performance. with no failures. It was probably the best we have played all season so let's hope we can keep this up. I thought Carson and Trafford were particularly strong in midfield with Keatings and Storey not far behind. Well done everyone
  10. Must agree with the comment about Trafford - he was the only one (apart from Ridgers) who showed a bit of passion and effort. Unfortunately their teammates lacked both in another gutless display
  11. Good all round performance in a game in which we never looked like losing. Should have been four or five nil but I'll take the two nil any day
  12. Three points but not much else to enthuse about. Dreadful defending for the Arbroath goal but at least we fought back to win. When Storey came on it made a difference and he took his goal well albeit with a bit of assistance from the Arbroath goalie! Robertson must surely have a good look at his starting line up especially up front - we were toothless until changes were made.