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  1. Alan

    Inverness CT -V- Dundee

    Passing atrocious, shooting shambolic but goalkeeping superb. Must agree with the previo8us posts re Daniel Mackay. The only shot on target in the entire match - what could he have done if given more than five minutes on the pitch. Surely the management must give him an extended run as the other so called "forwards" couldn't hit a barn door holding it by the handle.
  2. Alan

    Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Polworth Man of the Match!! I must have been at a different game. Apart from a couple of decent passes he continues to give the ball away far too easily and gives up when beaten ,. How he gets a game every week beats me. His booking sums up his attitude
  3. Alan

    Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    A vast improvement - you could actually hear everything clearly without having to turn to the person beside you and ask "what did he say?" Let's keep this announcer
  4. Alan

    Robertson Out

    Robertson admits himself that he is perhaps on borrowed time. Wouldn't it be better if he left of his own accord rather than the humiliation of being sacked?
  5. Alan

    Raven not again

    Couldn't agree more - well said
  6. Alan


    Spot on RIG. Raven is better than most of the newcomers with the exception of Seedorf. To keep a player who wants to remain with the club on the bench when we are crying out for a decent left back is surely madness. He us still here and being paid so why on earth not play him. We seem to have adopted a policy of quantity not quality. We could have done without half the new signings and kept Raven and Fon Williams despite the latter's less than perfect performances on occasions. I'm afraid Ridgers doesn't fill me with much confidence and Calder just lacks the all round ability of Raven
  7. Alan

    The Last Post ?

    Well said. Real supporters will follow their team whatever Division they are in
  8. Alan

    Inverness CT -V- Hamilton

    A solid midfield performance without Vigurs and Polworth - hopefully they will both me missing against Kilmarnock
  9. Alan

    Stadium Announcer

    I was at the Under 20's v Arbroath and the stadium announcer was clear and articulate. Every word could be heard. Compare that to the normal Saturday situation where the voice is not projected very well and is normally drowned out by background music. It is almost impossible to hear a word the poor announcer is saying. Most supporters just shrug their shoulders and say "what was that". Please can the club do something like turning up the announcer's microphone and turning down the music.
  10. Alan


    Well said Kingsmills. Entirely agree with your comments
  11. Alan

    Summer Transfer Window Thread

    Horner in - Raven out. How can anyone at ICT tell the fans that this is a forward thinking move. Why don't the board or the manager come out and tell the fans what exactly is happening.and why has Raven been shown the door when he is the best right back at the club and wanted to remain unlike some of the other prima donnas who are holding out on re-signing.
  12. Alan

    January transfer window.

    Definitely agree. The defence is no problem but we really need another striker and someone with pace who can supply the crosses from the wings
  13. Alan

    Ryan Christie

    Well said Doofers Dad. Couldn't agree more
  14. Alan

    Graeme Shinnie

    What happens when we next play Aberdeen? You could have the situation that a win for us would guarantee European football and defeat for the Dons would leave them out in the cold. Can you honestly expect Shinnie to put the boot into his future employers?
  15. Alan

    Can Yogi maintain our momentum ?

    Well said CaleyD. Some of the rubbish games on TV from south of the border are as entertaining as watching paint dry - and that includes the Premier League. Why do so many people run down the game in Scotland - I've seen numerous cracking encounters at the stadium and hope to see many more