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  1. Great fighting display especially coming back twice from a goal down. hit the bar and the post and Fox had a couple of good saves. Five brilliant penalties at the away end into the bargain. Good crowd making plenty of noise resulting in a cracking cup tie.
  2. Alan

    ICTFC Dissertation Survey

    Completed. Very easy to answer the few questions
  3. A shocking performance with Brad Mackay at fault for both goals.Never looked like winning this game. No pass marks for anyone except goalkeeper Mackay who had a couple of great saves
  4. Got to agree. Chalmers had his best game yet. A good all round performance but how on earth did White and Doran miss those sitters?
  5. Reasonable display in the first half but dire in the second. Dundee United looked as if they wanted to win the game whereas we were content with a draw. Defended far too deep and only had two shots at goal in the entire game!
  6. Uninspiring first half with too many misplaced passes. Fortunately a vast improvement after the interval especially when the substitutions were made.
  7. Alan

    Inverness Ct -V- Falkirk

    Dreadful defending and a needless foul right at the end sums up a shocking afternoon of lacklustre play from a team hoping to at least make the top four at the end of the season. No chance on this performance L
  8. Alan

    U18's Season

    Isn't it about time some of these young lads were given a chance in the first team? They couldn't be any worse than some of current squad particularly in midfield and up front
  9. Alan

    Alloa -V- Inverness CT

    Our problem is the lack of decent midfielders. Forwards need a good supply of balls and this is not happening
  10. Alan

    Inverness CT - Morton

    Every time Calder comes on the pace improves and we look far more dangerous. Why does he not get on from the start?
  11. He was definitely more mediocre than the majority
  12. Alan

    Inverness CT -V- Dundee

    Passing atrocious, shooting shambolic but goalkeeping superb. Must agree with the previo8us posts re Daniel Mackay. The only shot on target in the entire match - what could he have done if given more than five minutes on the pitch. Surely the management must give him an extended run as the other so called "forwards" couldn't hit a barn door holding it by the handle.
  13. Alan

    Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Polworth Man of the Match!! I must have been at a different game. Apart from a couple of decent passes he continues to give the ball away far too easily and gives up when beaten ,. How he gets a game every week beats me. His booking sums up his attitude
  14. Alan

    Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    A vast improvement - you could actually hear everything clearly without having to turn to the person beside you and ask "what did he say?" Let's keep this announcer
  15. Alan

    Robertson Out

    Robertson admits himself that he is perhaps on borrowed time. Wouldn't it be better if he left of his own accord rather than the humiliation of being sacked?