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  1. Just received a large goody bag of foodstuffs courtesy of ICT Community Trust delivered by Craig Masterton. A big thank you to all at ICT and all the best for 2021
  2. Great to be back watching a live game. I would like to see the offside decision as it was impossible to view it from the North stand. I was quite happy with the exit procedure as I was sitting in the furthest away section!! Should have won but I'll take the draw.
  3. Thanks to lizi I ended up having to phone the stadium where a very nice lady sorted out my ticket so now I am all set for the game
  4. Told I was successful in the ballot but still waiting for ticket details
  5. Happy chappy as I got my e-mail saying I had been successful. Replied as requested and am looking forward to receiving my ticket
  6. I am a season ticket holder and am getting the same message
  7. Camera work was dreadful but at least we didn't have to listen to an even more dreadful commentary. Well done the stadium announcer for giving us the scorers and substitutions. Surely things can only improve!!!
  8. Dreadful camera work. Dreadful game. Lucky to get a poimt
  9. First class statement. It's just a pity some of the Premiership clubs don't have the same sense of responsibility as ICT
  10. Congratulations to the club in their efforts to help out their older season ticket holders by distributing packages of foodstuffs and household essentials. I have just received a delivery of several items for which I am very grateful
  11. Just an observation but I have just watched a live Super League match between Salford and Wigan. It seems that the rugby league powers that be have decided to continue with their fixtures for the time being. The crowd seemed to have enjoyed the fixture and there is another live match on Sunday.
  12. Inept performance and once again thanks to Mark Rodgers for two excellent saves which kept us in the game. The Alloa keeper didn't have one decent shot on target to worry about apart from our solitary goal and a last minute header off the bar. We desperately need someone who can shoot straight and on sight.
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