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  1. Dundee United had three shots on target and scored with two of them. We could scarcely manage one decent attempt until the last few minutes. Why will Robertson not introduce some of the youngsters? They surely cannot be any worse than some of those players masquerading as footballers who he plays every week!
  2. Did not disgrace ourselves but when will we learn to defend cross balls and stop giving away silly penalties? If only McCarts goal had counted and Chalmers free kick had gone in instead of being saved who knows what the result might have been.
  3. Maybe the first team players should have a look at the Under 18 squad. Three penalties awarded in their last two games and ALL converted!
  4. Must agree with all the comments about the shocking refereeing decisions. It was so one sided that it became laughable. How he ignored numerous fouls against us but managed to blow anytime we got near an opponent beats me and every home supporter. He ruined the game which was pretty even despite the officials. Unfortunately we gifted County both goals due to poor defending and never really looked like scoring despite plenty possession. Our midfield struggled to create much going forward and if Polworth spent more time using the ball instead of losing it and blaming everyone but himself then we might have managed to look more like scoring.
  5. White was no worse than most of the side. Playing with no support up front is a hard task
  6. Dreadful performance all round.Do they really want promotion? One pathetic shot on target in 90 minutes says it all. Play like this on Tuesday and we will get hammered.
  7. We do not half like to make things difficult for ourselves. Coasting three goals up and then the dreaded defensive lapses left us clinging on for the final whistle. Stupid penalty and a weak deflected shot made the last few minutes dreadful to watch
  8. Where was the passion shown on Tuesday night? A rather inept performance especially from our midfield who seemed unable to pass the ball to their own team. Thankfully the opposition was pretty poor up front and did not trouble Ridgers. Good result but not a great game to watch.
  9. Great fighting display especially coming back twice from a goal down. hit the bar and the post and Fox had a couple of good saves. Five brilliant penalties at the away end into the bargain. Good crowd making plenty of noise resulting in a cracking cup tie.
  10. Completed. Very easy to answer the few questions
  11. A shocking performance with Brad Mackay at fault for both goals.Never looked like winning this game. No pass marks for anyone except goalkeeper Mackay who had a couple of great saves
  12. Got to agree. Chalmers had his best game yet. A good all round performance but how on earth did White and Doran miss those sitters?
  13. Reasonable display in the first half but dire in the second. Dundee United looked as if they wanted to win the game whereas we were content with a draw. Defended far too deep and only had two shots at goal in the entire game!
  14. Uninspiring first half with too many misplaced passes. Fortunately a vast improvement after the interval especially when the substitutions were made.