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    Administration pending unless...




    The Board of Directors are in discussions with potential new investors into the club and remain hopeful of finding a new investor or new owners.

    However, in the circumstances we currently find ourselves in following the loss of the Statkraft contract at Caledonian Stadium which was worth 7 figures to the club and given the new financial position of the club, it is also prudent to approach a suitably qualified insolvency practitioner to advise on how we may proceed should our efforts to find new investment fall short.

    For clarity, on the football front, we have decided to remain training at Fort George for the foreseeable future. (can someone message Kelty to let them know)


    After all the cloak and dagger secrecy going on in the boardroom at Inverness Caledonian Thistle since relegation was confirmed on 18th of May, the club chose to have a three day media silence before Chairman Ross Morrison spoke, revealing nothing. Another three days passed before they announced this little gem and exclaimed their delight in a 'training deal' they had allegedly brokered with Kelty Hearts. This one stirred the fans somewhat more than being relegated. However, stubbornness and alienation knows no bounds and Scot Gardiner still lurks around the club, defiant til the end. Morrison then resigned his position on the 3rd of June, using the local press, citing his belief that the Kelty Hearts move was the only way forward. In keeping with the current trend, the official site has just given lip service to address some things, however, no mention of Morrison, Gardiner, player contracts, do we have a club etc etc. Their transparency is invisible.

    What an omnishambles!


    How can we go from SupercaleygoballisticCelticareatrocious in the year 2000, to Scottish Cup Winners in 2015, playing in Europe and just 9 years after lifting the Cup; Administration. Mismanagement and our demise was hastened by the appointment of Scot Gardiner. Ever since then, ludicrous decision making has seen our stock plummet whilst 'shady' dealings were investigated. The failed Concert Company, the Battery Storage, the Statkraft contract have all ended badly leaving the club facing insolvency.

    That's another fine mess you've got us into.

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    I urge people to go look at what happened to Worcester Warriors Rugby Club and the same shady stuff happened to them. WE HAVE BEEN ASSET STRIPPED! Gardiner is ruthless enough to hang about on the chance of getting his lawyers involved to claim breach of contract and launch a legal battle that will bury the club. Meanwhile, the land next to the stadium has been sold to Morrison which was part of the Statkraft deal. He now owns the land as far as we know, and I bet you any money he won't be returning ownership to the club. Ladies & Gentleman - we have been truly stitched up. I would hope that forensic accountants will be utilised by the administrators and they can find something to pin on them both. As the old saying goes ... there is no loyalty where money and riches are concerned.

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