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  1. http://www.astragiurgiu.ro/stadionul/
  2. Two of us here. Anything to avoid the car crawl home.
  3. Bramble 5


    Panorama of Hampden 30th May 2015
  4. Bramble 5


    ICT players, Chairman and Scooty & the Skyhooks
  5. Recording with ICT and Skyhooks
  6. Card display ready and waiting.
  7. After James Vincent's goal.
  8. Bramble 5


    Players, Kenny Cameron and John Hughes join Scooty & the Skyhooks on stage.
  9. Any information about departure point for the Culloden/Smithton bus? Ta.
  10. Enjoyed the day and the posession football, but we need a main striker for Billy to play off. David Raven and Shinnie were great, but need more up front.
  11. Pos Team Pld W D L F A Pts 1. Celtic 14 7 4 3 24 13 25 2. Inverness CT 16 6 7 3 31 28 25 3. Hibernian 15 7 3 5 26 21 24 4. Aberdeen 16 6 6 4 22 17 24 5. Motherwell 16 6 6 4 24 20 24 6. St Johnstone 15 6 5
  12. My throat hurts from the shouting, but hardly anyone does. Please make some noise. Shane can be such a good player on his day, but is looking lost to often, and doesnt seem to know whether to be wide, forward, back, and looks frightened to make his own decisions. Find a front role for him and build his confidence. We need him. OTJ was IMHO man of the match up till the head butt. Does he not know you can end up in the Bar L for that up in SPL? We will certainly miss him, and need Foran to to cover his match bans. Ryan Esson is MAGNIFICENT. What a double penalty save. Nick Ross looked th
  13. Can't travel down this weekend, but had been hoping to be there. No trouble the last time we [family] went to Ibrox [iCT won again!], but we did take off our scarves before joining the long subway queue just in case. The best one was after a midweek cup game at Parkhead [iCT narrowly lost] and afterwards 2 Glasgow polis motor cycle cops escorted our supporter buses up to the motorway, clearing the traffic along the way, and then at the last traffic lights, got off their bikes and saluted us as we passed. Soooperb feeling!! [Probably Highland bobbies, but even so.]
  14. We have to start playing either Rooney or Barrowman up front regularly with Foran. I don't rate either of them, but who else is there? Give one of them a run in the team and play Sanchez from midfield. No point in having Duncan in the team if he keeps missing our players with his passes [by a mile!]. Give young Ross a chance for a few weeks. Good to see Tokely and Imrie back but please, to the midfield, just get the basics right first and stop trying those pretendy match winning threaded balls which never come off. You cannot do them, so don't try. In the transfer window, see if Bay
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